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    Fellow Councillors,

    I would like to raise an issue that, in light of a speech given last month by Ken Frobisher, the former Chief Justice of the ECoJ, has been discussed at length in Angleter. Though Mr. Frobisher spoke on a broad variety of possible enhancements to the Constitution, I would like to focus discussion here on the issue of sovereignty and jurisdiction. As Mr. Frobisher pointed out, sovereignty, though a buzzword in this region's affairs, is pretty much entirely undefined. We have no concept in our Constitution as to what constitutes sovereignty, what constitutes a breach of it, and what should be done in such cases. And regardless of what it means, we have no concept of where sovereignty applies - on air, on land, underground, and on the high seas.

    In light of the importance of the issue, and the lack of success of previous efforts to establish maritime law, I think it prudent that we have a region-wide discussion first. My first question in that would, quite simply, be whether we would agree in principle to a new Article in the Constitution defining sovereingty, delineating the jurisdiction of member-states, and dealing with issues relating to places outside any member-state's jurisdiction?

    Cllr. Gisela Stuart

  • The Speech of His Honourable Ken Frobisher had reached the Rosebourg Royal Court and had prompted some reflection within the European capital's policy makers. Rosebourg's elite, perhaps more than their own population, wanted to see a strong Europe capable of defending its interests, and led towards an ever closer union within its territories. The days of small European states being able to push their way around the World and capable of imposing their worldviews had long been ended. Rosebourg knew this intimately and had its full intentions of protecting its interests through the region's own.

    Josephine Charlotte de Riviere glanced at her diplomatic brief outlining the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs' perspectives. The issue of sovereignty has always informed and inflamed the borders of the European continent and Rosebourg like the other Member States had suffered through the centuries in bloody wars that had cost many young men's lives. Rosebourg's ambitions to see a long-lasting peace that enabled all of its constituent parts to grow and benefit from that Peace was a paramount mission entrusted to her and her team. The Rosebourg ambition to play a strong role in supporting efforts to achieve greater European integration would now have to play its full parts in proposed debates.

    "The proposals of Councillor Stuart, and indeed His Honourable Ken Frobisher are absolutely worth considering in line of the challenges faced by the European Union. We believe it always wise to consider how to improve what exists today and to look towards the future with optimism and promise. Our Government is of the opinion that a discussion over sovereignty must also invariably consider the question of subsidiarity to ensure that our Citizens are served best by the Governance level most suitable to address the challenge that they face. A Member State must be loyal to the Cause of our great region, and the Region in turn must be loyal to the Member State and protect Citizens' right to self-determination. But can such a vision be discussed in the confines of a single Article of the Constitution remains to be seen."

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