Foreign Commissioner By-Election VOTING

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    It is now time to vote for the unfilled Foreign Affairs Commissioner in Commission XXI. One vote per PLAYER; please vote by ranking as many or as few candidates as you want in order of preference.

    The candidates are as follows:

    • Anastasia FRIEDMANN, Sitanova
    • Eric HITCHENS, Inimicus
    • Allele INE am Acennon, Duxburian Union

    Voting started yesterday and ends at 18.10 GMT on 21st April.

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    The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter votes thus:

    1. Allele INE am Acennon

  • Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus mandates His vote to be cast in the following fashion:

    1. Lord Eric Hitchens

  • The United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks votes as follows,

    1. Eric HITCHENS, Inimicus
    2.Anastasia FRIEDMANN, Sitanova

  • The Democratic Republic of Sitanova votes as follows:

    1. Anastasia FRIEDMAN, Sitanova
    2. Eric HITCHENS, Inimicus
    3. Allele INE, Duxburian Union

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    The Duxburian Union votes as follows:

    1. Allele INE
    2. Eric HITCHENS
    3. Anastasia FRIEDMANN

  • The Republic of Turkmenbaijan votes as follows:

    1. Anastasia FRIEDMANN, Sitanova
    2. Allele INE am Acennon, Duxburian Union
    3. Eric Hitchens, Inimicus

  • The Kingdom of Fremet submits its vote as follows:

    1. Eric HITCHENS, Inimicus

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    Voting is over. Turnout was seven. Results:

    Congratulations to Commissioner Hitchens. Commiserations to the other candidates.

  • I would like to thank everyone who cast a vote in this by-election. The very fact I am now following up on the shortest Commission term ever, with the previous incument resigning only hours after being appointed, is a sad one indeed. However, it is good to see so many voters have turned out to cast their ballots in this by-election. I promise you I will not abuse your trust.

    I have a proven record in the Commission, stressing activity and a capable foreign policy above all. This is the trend I aim to continue over the coming few months. Therefore, I have set up a number of goals:

    • First and foremost, I am immediately scrapping any notion of Cultural Ambassadors. Though an excellent idea when the Union had a more active and numerous member body, this system has become a tool for Foreign Affairs Commissioners to sit back and relax while others solve their problems for them. Former Commissioners Bennett and Barrington laid the foundations for an excellent system, however it had become obsolete in current circumstances. Should these change, I might reconsider reintroducing the programme. For now, I will undertake any ambassadorial actions myself.
    • Monthly updates have lacked. These provided comprehensive overviews for our friends and allies, but also for our own member states, and they are essential for understanding the Union. I am not one for making unbending promises, but I do pledge to produce monthly updates for the remainder of my Commission term, starting in May.
    • These updates will be posted to our allies. In order to do this, I will in the coming few weeks review our embassy programme and publish my findings to you all. Embassy reviews are a necessity for keeping healthy relations with our neighbours.
    • Embassies to other regions will be renewed and reactivated. If there is anything I blame preceding Commissions for, it is letting down our friends.

    These are not promises, but rather aims. I will attempt to achieve as many of these aims as possible, and I hope you will continue to support me throughout. Once again, thank you for voting for me as your Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

    Commissioner Eric Hitchens

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