Foundation: 1880
    President: Helmut Kofman
    Leader: Baroness Michelle Johnson
    Ideology: Conservatism-Right-wing
    Seats in Parliament: 133/500

    The Conservative Party, is a right wing-conservative party of Sitanova and the oldest political party of Sitanova. Throught history, the Conservative Party has been one of the three main political forces in in the sitanovan political scenario, as well as has been the party that has ruled most time the country. Inside the party beliefs and what the conservative goverments have always characterized, is the idea of an sitanovan economy based on a market economy, the idea of more privatizacion, as well as to preserve the traditions and cultural herritage of Sitanova, as well as they have always considered themselves as pure nationalist.


    Foundation: 1880
    President: Ivan Freund
    Leader: Maximilian Oats
    Ideology: Centre-left wing
    Seats in Parliament: 26/500

    The Liberal Party, is a centre-left political party, as well as the second oldest party of Sitanova. Throught the Political Scenario, the Liberal Party has occupied different positions, from being the main politcal force to one of the less important. As well the Liberal Party, has ruled the party in two ocacions from 1948 to 1956. Inside the party´s beliefs, is the nationalization, less regulations to enterprises, a mixed economy system and more openess to new traditions and beliefs inside the country.


    Foundation: 1984
    President: Vladimir Nero
    Leader: Harold Marks
    Ideology: Social Liberalism-Centre-right wing
    Seats in Parliament: 109/500

    The Social Liberal Party, is a centre-right wing political party of Sitanova. Throught the Political scenario, is considered as the third political force of the nation and has never ruled the country. Inside their belief, is the creation of a mixed economy, with more openess to privatization and more support to business Inovation, as well as a less radical theory of Liberalism in terms of culture and traditions.


    Foundation: 1964
    President: Maxwell Lindtt
    Leader: Maxwell Lindtt
    Ideology: Christian Democracy-Centre wing
    Seats in Parliament: 198/500

    The Christian Democrat Party, is a centre wing political party of Sitanova. Inside the Political Scenario has occupied different positions in different times, for example from 1972 to 1984, it was the main politcal force, but, from then until 2012, it was a minority inside parliament. One of the main achievements of this party, was to manage have the first women Prime Minister, although some weeks ago, she created her own political party. Inside the beliefs of the CDP, is of more nationalization, more regulations to companies and often take socialist ideals in certain topics.


    Foundation: 1960
    President: Thomas Miller
    Leader: Caroline Mertz
    Ideology: Social democracy
    Seats in Parliament: 14/500

    The Social Democrat Party, is a centre wing political party of Sitanova. Has been one of the main political forces in Sitanova since the 1960´s, although in present times is a lesser-important party. Inside it´s beliefs, is the desire of social justice, better wages for workers, as well as a better labor code. Although, this party has some times played a more left side of the bench, the SDP, supports a less socialist and more capitalist economic system y and has been a main ally of the Conservative Party.


    Foundation: 1972
    President: Helena Bertlet
    Leader: Gustav Chamberlain
    Ideology: Brauer province nationalism-pro independence, right wing
    Seats in Parliament: 11/500

    The BPA, is a right wing political party of Sitanova. The characteristic of this party, is that they advocate for the independence of the Brauer Province, which is considered the most well economically stable part of the country. Although, this belief has been reduced, since the panorama of Sitanova is getting better. Among the beliefs of the party, is the creation of a republic, without a monarch within the borders of the Brauer Province. The , they also beleive that there should be a more capitalist economical system and less power to the monachy.


    Foundation: 2016
    President: Robert Hertz
    Leader: Marie Charlaix
    Ideology: Sitanovan Nationalism, Extreme-right wing
    Seats in Parliament: 0/500

    The NNP, is a extreme right wing political party of Sitanova. The party emerged from the defunct National Alliance of Sitanova Party, of the actual jailed PM Ivan Gabrilov, Although it emerged from the gabrilism, the party has perspective more different from the NAS, and more radical than the Conservative Party. Inside their strandards, is the massive expulsion of the muslim and asian minorities and a more closeness toward new traditions and cultures.


    • Foundation: 1922
    • re-foundation: 1)1950, 2) 1980, 3)2016
    • President: Daniel Lee
    • Leader: Joseph Valley
    • Ideology: Marxsism, Extreme left
    • Seats in Parliament: 0/500

    The Communist Party, is a extreme left political party of Sitanova. Inside the political history of the country, the ComP has existed in different times, and has ruled the country in one occasion from 1922 to 1945, under a failed Communist and authoritarian regime. Inside their beleifs, is the elimination of social classes, to outlaw religion and provide a centralized economy, as well as to provide a welfare state.


    Foundation: 2016
    President: Sarah Poschenko
    Leader: Sarah Poschenko
    Ideology: Centre-left wing
    Seats in Parliament: 6/500

    The Patriotic Party, is a centre-left Sitanovan poltical party. It was created, after the actual PM Sarah Poschenko didn´t managed to achieve the Christian Democrat nomination as PM candidate to seek a re-election. The party is partly composed of former Christian Democrats, including their leader and actual PM Sarah Poschenko. Inside their beleifs is a centralized economy,a less radical view of liberalism and a little opneness to new traditions, cultures and ideas toward the country, as well as an idea of social justice.


    Foundation: 2015
    President: George Lucas
    Leader: Caroline Bennet
    Ideology: Green Politics, Centre-right to Centre-left wing
    Seats in Parliament: 1/500

    The Green Party, is a ecologist, usualy centre-right, sometimes centre-left political party of Sitanova. It emerged, from the ecologist and centre wing sectors of the Liberal Party. The Party, defends the environment and ask for more regulations on explotation of natural resources and the preservation of wildlife, as well as believes ain a centralized economy adn on a tax on all the bussines to preserve environment, as well as petitions to have ecologic energy sources.