Sitanovan 2016 General Elections


    Some 2.7 million voters go to the polls to elect the Prime Minister and members of Parliament. What results Sitanovans expect ?, Witness the development of these elections in our special coverage that the media alliance Sitanova (National Media Association), will conduct. Stay tunned

  • June 11th, Sitanova. 8:00 pm (1 hour after the Voting Stations closed)

    P.H: Good night, thank you for watching the National Media Association Electoral Coverage. I´m your host, Patrick Hudson from RTE NEWS.And this is my co-host, Patricia Gerald, from the Journal. Let´s get started.

    P.G: Thanks Patrick for the Presentation and Good night for everybody, Today is a great day for Sitanova as millions of citizens went today to the Polling stations to decide who will be our next Prime Minister.

    P.H: As well, this has been a historical election, as today, Sitanovans Choose, 400 members for the House of Commons and 350 for the Senate or House of Lords. This after a referendum approved last month by parliament, that stipulated the returning of the old parliamentary system which ceased of existance in 1945.

    P.G: Also Patrick, we must say this has been a very intresting and controversial election, don´t you think?

    P.H: Why Patricia?

    P.G: Well, for the first time since Sitanova returned to democracy in 1945, a PM who was seeking re-election, didn´t even manage to pass the Primary Elections, which is the obvious case of PM Sarah Poschenko, who later on announced that although she lost the Primaries, she will still support her former Minister of Education and now Chrisitian Democrat Candidate for PM, Maxwell Lindtt, Then later on she separated from the party, created her owm party, the PP and then launched herself as candidate of PM.

    P.H: Well, you do have a point there, and other intresting thing, was that Sarah Poschenko had more than the 60% of support from Sitanovans when the Campaing started 3 months ago, and after she separated from the CDP and launched her own party, in polls she has been able only to have a 10% of support.

    P.G: This move may cost her the election and will favour the now two favorite candidates, Harold Marks of the Social liberal Party and Michelle Johnson of the Conservative Party.

    P.H: Well, also today we will count witht he Political analyst and Columnist of the Sitanovan Herald Sun, Helmut Riechter, who will respond some questions we have about the possible forecast for this election, let´s recieve Mr. Riechter

    P.G: Mr. Riechter wellcome to our show and thanks for passing by

    H.R: Thanks Patrick and Patricia for the warm welcome

    P.H: It´s always a pleasure to have you here Mr. Riechter. And now, let´s get started with the questions, How have you seen the Election Day up until tonight?

    H.R: Well see, a month ago, the council of elections appointed me as head of the polling station in the Conventions Center of Saint-Therese and let me told you that from all the elections, in which I have been head or observer of a Polling Station, I had never seen so peace and respect, than today, and i don´t mean that elections here are a mess, because in all the elections of course citiens behave according with the ocassion, but today I can proudly categorize it as a peacefull day.

    P.G: I´m in agree with you, but I have another question, as you have seen in the resent polls, the two favorites candidates are from right wing political parties and the present-day goverment is headed by a centre left party, why is there a radical change in the voters decision, when 3 months ago, this two parties weren´t expected to win?

    H.R: well, that´s easy, look, Sitanovans, always have the tendency to vote for the Candidate without looking which Political Party the belong. Because i assure you, that many of the ones, that today are voting for the Social Liberals or th Conservative, voted for Poschenko or another Centre left Political Party. Though, i may recognize, the political scenario was differet 4 yeara ago, when only 5 parties were in the content, but today we have around 10 political parties seeking the PM position. As well, he have to recognoze that there are fewer Right wing parties and it makes it easier for voters to decide, if they have right wing ideals, and that´s another, problem as there are more centre left parties, the people with centre left ideals, tend to vote divided.

    P.H: So Basically, what you are saying, is that if maybe the centre left have all gone into a coalition, the scenerio may have been different?

    H.R: That´s right. But is a I told you, Sitanovans tend to vote more for the candidate and his or her proposal rather than for the Political party affiliaiton.

    P.G: Well, that clearly respond our question. It´s time for a comercial, we come quick, stay tunned

  • P.H: We're back, Unfortunately our dear guest had to leave, because he had to participate in ballot counting in his assignated polling center.

    P.G: But fortunately, they inform us that the Council elections will give a press conference to publicize the first results of the elections, Let´s go there

    The screen shows the Chairman of the Board of Elections

    Dear Sitanovans, Today we have made history, our indicators estimate that there was a massive turnout of citizens to vote, but not all centers have finished counting vote their ballots. While we are waiting for the final results, we announced that after t2 hours of the closures of polling stations, we have the results of all constituencies of the Province of Alonzo for the election of members of the House of Commons and the Senate, so I proceed to read:

  • The Screen heads back to the studio

    P.H: Well Patricia, the results in this province are interesting not you think?

    PG: Absolutely Patrick, especially because in every election since the decade of the 70s, most of the seats allocated in this province have been won by the Christian Democrats, which is todat is a different case , because for the first time since 1950's the Conservative Party won the majority of seats here.

    P.H: It is clearly a defeat for the Christian Democrats, however worth mentioning that the most voted candidate to Parliament was former PM and husband of our current European Councillor, Alonzo Coppola, who won the deputation under the banner of the Christian Democratic Party.

    P.G: Well dear viewers and Patrick, the studio is telling me that we will link to the board of elections, because they have apparently already the results of the Federal District.

    The Screens Shows the Board of Elections press conference.

    People of Sitanova and the people who tune us throughout the European Union, it´s 11:47 pm, and we have the final results of the voting in the Federal District for the election of Members of the House of Commons and the Senate, so I proceed to read:

  • P.H: Well these results were to be expected the Federal District, as the ruling party, the Liberal Social have done a great job in the city and I think people have realized this and has therefore given most representatives of the Federal district to the National Parliament.

    P.G: Also Patrick, the most voted candidate in this province was the candidate for MP, Harold Marks Social Liberal.

    P.H:Speaking of the election for Prime Minister, two other candidates who ran in this province were Sarah Poschenko the Green Coalition Patriot and Maxwell Crisitano Lindtt the Democratic Party.

    P.G: And according to the official results of the Electoral Council, Maxwell Lindtt, managed to get his seat in Parliament, although we can not say the same of Sarah poschenko, who failed to keep his position as MP, since he lost by 0.3% below the Social Liberal candidate Gregory Mills in District 1.

    P.H: And it is that as stated in our electoral law, candidates for Prime Minister run under a single division, as the Prime Minister is also elected to be a Member of Parliament, so the only way now that Sarah Poschenko can become PM is that his coalition achieve a qualified majority, what is quite imposible ,so we can almost say that we have our first candidate for PM removed.

    P.G: Now we head to the Board of Elections conference room, where they will be giving the results of the Brauer and Northern Sitanova Province election results.

    The Screens Shows the Board of Elections press conference.

    With deep happiness, at 1:00 am in the morning, we announced that we have the final results of the Provinces of Brauer, North and South Sitanova, so I proceed to read:

  • P.H: Well, Patricia these are interesting results, especially because almost is defined who could be our new Prime Minister. Could it be Michelle Johnson of the Conservative Party, Harold Marks of the Social Liberal Party or Caroline Mertz of the Social Democrat Party? What do you think you Patricia?

    P.G: About who might be the new Prime Minister , I think so far this hard-fought first place, but I honestly do not think Caroline Mertz has a chance to win, I think this more between Harold Marks and Michelle Johnson, whose parties are allies in Parliament, so the win over the other would not change the big picture, and we could say that right now we are capable of saying that after four years we will have a right-wing government in Sitanova.

    P.H: You're right about that. However miracles exist and there is still a province to be defined, in which 80 members of Parliament are elected and may be that the Social Democratic Party came in second place, which would bring a different picture of the political situation which is believed submit .

    P.G: Of course that can happen, but now let's talk about the Council of Elections. How would you describe the work of this council Patrick?

    P.H: Honestly Patricia , I think they are reproved, because it´s 2:00 am and we still not have the results of the elections. In the past, other electoral councils could we give us the final results in an average of between 11: 30-12: 20 pm.

    P.G: It is true, and the most ironic of all is that only certain and very few districts were voting with ballot and not with electronic voting . It is assumed that the electronic vote, as the same council said, would give faster results because after polling stations closed, the information is immediately transferred to computers electoral council to process the votes.

    P.H: That's right and it is not the first time that electronic voting is donehere. The truth is, it´s in existence since the 1996 general elections and moreover this is the first time since the electronic voting was established that not at all polling stations has this system available, but it had to use the old system of voting with ballots.

    P.G: Because according to them it did not reach the budget as it had to re-schedule the elections once and for the cost of sending electronic voting machines to embassies for citizens abroad could and let me tell you something of the Electoral Council. since its inception it has had political overtones, because when Sarah Poschenko appointed it´s members, according to the law it should be composed of officials without party distinctions, and instead she appoint Sir Bauhaus, who was MP of the Christian Democratic Party, and then when she left the CDP and changed her cabinet, she appointed the former treasurer of his new Patriotic Party, Lord Henry Tollens.

    P.H: And even more when the entire election process stop by Mrs. PM wanted to register their coalicon and participate in the elections, in which not even became Member of Parliament.

    P.G: including Patrick, in the last elections, electronic voting was as much in the country as polling stations for citizens abroad.

    P.H: Well but now no more to wait for the results of the vote abroad Citizens and Marie Therese Province....

    P.H: Sorry to interrupt you but the Broad of Elections is again going to reveal more results, Let´s see.

    The Screens Shows the Board of Elections press conference.

    Sitanova, we, the board of elections want to offer apologies for the delay in reporting the results. This is because our system fell by a technical failure, but fortunately, we have the results of the elections in all districts of the Province of Marie-Therese and votes abroad, so I proceed to read:

    We will proceed to the release of final results in 30 minutes thank you very much for your attention.

  • P.H: Wow, I am shocked at these possible outcomes, and specially that some parties may win more than it was expected.But at the same time something happened as expected,and is that the Conservatives be possibly again be the ruling party.

    P.G: Although we can not openly celebrate victory Patrick , especially because polls tell us that in this election the Conservatives did not get the qualified majority in Parliament, so they must negotiate a possible coalition with other parties.

    P.H: And is clear and it was expected that if they reached this situation, possibly the Social Liberals and the New National Party, will go in alliance with the Conservative Party.

    P.G: It is to be expected. But also remember that this is a hypothetical case, but if it were to happen, the parties will have 1 day to agree an alliance, and it is clear that the post of PM would not be defined today,

    PH: Also remember that although the Conservatives may manage to have the largest number of MP's, the position of Prime Minister, is given to the coalition, that passes the qualified majority, which also opens the possibility that a coalition of Left parties, and by that I mean the Social Democrats, Liberals, Christian Democratic and Patriotic -Green coalition.

    P.G: But also remember that although you mentioned all have leftist tendencies within these parties not all are friends, such as the Green Party and the Liberals, and the Patriots with the Christian Democrats. And also there are often occasions that the Social Democrats take a neutral role to the situation, as happened in the last elections.

    P.H: Then will just have to wait for the final results, but wait, they´re telling me that we are going to link to the Broad of elections radio and TV national Chain for the Final Results, let´s see:

    Finally Sitanovans, after technical problems, at 4:00 am we are able of giving the Final Results so I proceed to read:

    After reading the final results, I come to report that no party achieved the qualified majority in both chambers to form a government . So the parties will have to pass to the procedure of creating political coalitions to define the government, for it has 24:00 hours, the counting to create alliances will start in an hour. If the case was that no party won a majority under coalitions, it would proceed to retake theelectoral process, only this time with the three politcal parties with the highest won number of seats to Parliament. Good luck.

    P.H: Well, that was quite expected, don´t you think Patricia?

    P.G: Of course, unfortunately, our time has expired. I´m Patricia Gerald

    P.H: And i´m Patrick Hudson, and this was the National Media Association Special Electoral Coverage

    P.G: Thank you for watching us. We´ll see you in 24 hours when the winner is proclaimed by the Broad of Elections

  • P.G: Welcome to our special coverage of the Proclamation of the Winner of the General Elections of Sitanova. I´m Patricia Gerald and this is my Co-host Patrick-Hudson.

    P.H: Thanks Patricia for the warm welcome and greeting to our audience. Now let´s remeber the steps that brought us to this situation.

    P.G: Well, first let´s remeber that the Broad of Elections proclaimed that there wasn´t any party able to obtain a qualified majortity and so there had to be an space of 24 hours, like our electoral law proclaims, to create a coalition with other parties to form a government.

    P.H: After this, the Conservative Party made a call for the Social Liberlas, New Nationalist, Social Democrats, and suprisingly the Liberals( who has been their main rival since the 1940´s) and the Christian Democrats to form a Great Coalition under the Leadership of Michelle Johnson as PM.

    P.G: Then, the Liberlas and the Chrisitan Democrats, hardly announced they didn´t had any desire in forming part of it, while the rest of the parties, including the Social Democrats, accepted to meet with the Conservatives to see their proposal.

    P.H: Then the Green-Patriotic Coalition, made also an invitation for all the Centre-left and Left wing parties, as well as the pro-independence and right wing Brauer Province Alliance Party, to also form a coalition with them under the leadership of Sarah Poschenko as PM.

    P.G: After all the parties gathered, they made up the coaltion proposals and submitted them to the Broad of Elections.

    P.H: Finally, the Broad of Elections gathered at a non-press metting 8 hours ago, with what is believed were two proposals of coaltion and then 2 hours ago, gladly announced that they will tell the final verdict tonight....

    The Screen shows the Broad of Elections TV Chain

    Sitanovans, people of the European Union, welcome. Tonight, we can gladly announced that after 24 hours, we have the winner of the Sitanovan General Elections. As well, we announced that there were two proposals for coalitions presented to form a goverment, as well as it´s worth to mention that the decision was not so easy, but we finally managed to reach a final verdict and subsequent mind under an oath of confidentiality, we announced to all the political parties, the National Parliament, the Government of HM King Mark and PM along with his cabinet who the winner was and got their official positions. Now i´ll proceed to read the Final results and the positions each party is going to take in respect:

    COALTION #1: ( United for Sitanova)

    Conservative Party-Social Liberal Party-New Nationalist-Social Democratic Party
    Candidate for PM: Michelle Johnson
    Candidate for Vice-Prime Minister: Harold Marks
    President of the House of Commons: Caroline Mertz
    European Councillor Candidate: Marie-Therese Charlaix
    Total of seats in the House of Commons: 380
    Total of seats in the Senate: 299

    COALTION #2: (United Way)

    Patriotic Party-Green Party-Liberal Party of Sitanova-Communist Party-Christian Democrat Party
    Candidate for PM: Sarah Poschenko
    Candidate for Vice-Prime Minister: Maximilian Oats
    Candidate for President of the House of Commons: Maxwell Lindtt
    European Councillor Candidate: Joseph Valley
    Total of seats in the house of commons: 52
    Total of seats in the senate: 48

    After this, it´s clear and I want to Congratulate the United for Sitanova Coalition and specially Mrs. Michelle Johnson for her triumph in the Sitanovan General Elections. Now I proceed to read the Position of Every Political Party in what respects the new government:

    Conservative Party-ruling
    Social Liberal Party-ruling
    Social Democrat Party-ruling
    New National Party-ruling
    Liberal Party of Sitanova-opposition
    Chrisitan Democrat Party-opposition
    Green Party-neutral
    Patriotic Party-opposition
    Communist Party-opposition
    Brauer Province Alliance-neutral

    Thanks for your attention.

    The Screen returns to the National Media Associaiton Studio

    P.H: Well, firstly congratulations for Mrs. Johnson and her coalition

    P,G: Congratulations!!!

    P.H: Before we end our coverage we announce that tomorrow HM the King will give a TV Chain to accept or not the winner, godnigth