Economic System Trials

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    Hello everyone

    I've recently figured out a new economic system but before unveiling this magnificent piece of work, I want to have more countries in the database first. As such, I need some information from you guys:

    1. How much it costs for transportation, food, housing, etc. ANNUALLY. This includes average rent price or mortgage price, grocery bills annually, petrol costs & car insurance costs or transportation system costs.

    2. Savings as a % of GDP

    3. Government spending as a % of GDP

    After that, I can spit out appropriate numbers in a chart that we can all see, and we can evaluate the results.

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    Note: The United Kingdom (myself) and Angleter have already given me this information!

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    Upon further reevaluation and the new population system being in place, I have come up with a much more workable, fairer system.

    What it involves is average wages. That, according to what I have seen, does not change whether or not you have a free government, dictatorship, etc.

    The math initially is simple, but then gets complex. To find out your RP average wages, take your NS average wages and divide them by 6. From there, you subtract that from your average living expenses on an annual basis to get remaining income. From there, we determine by how much of a percentage of that remaining income people put away as savings and subtract that from remaining income to get disposable income, to be spent in consumption.

    I can use the GDP formula (sans trade, because there is no way to quantify trade in a manner that wouldn't radically change due to how often nations come in and leave) of GDP = consumption + savings + gov't spending in real terms in the economy to come up with the GDP for each nation in their home currency.

    To transform it into Euros, I take the Euro exchange rate (fixed at $NS1.3) and divide it by exchange rate as found on NSEconomy to get a currency to Euros exchange rate.

    Here is the result.

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    Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this, @The-United-Kingdom. I'd like to propose that we adopt this system into the RP. I'll allow three days (until midnight on 6th October) for questions, comments, and queries; and then we'll have a voting period of four days (until midnight on 10th October). Obviously things can be extended if necessary.

  • Good to see this is finally materialising. I do, however, have one or two main concerns which I'm sure you can address.

    First and foremost, I would still argue this system is extremely difficult for new players to get into if they want to start economic RP. As someone who has been here for almost four years I am still baffled by some of the figures that have been conjured up, especially because many players - including myself - have never done any economic RP whatsoever and never intend to at all. Although for myself this isn't of great concern - I'm not planning on doing any economic RP - I think, with our focus on attracting new members and integrating them quickly into the region, it would deter some who are new to the region, just like the war system.

    I know certainly I wouldn't have been encouraged to continue RP'ing four years ago if I suddenly had to come up with the average living costs in my country. As a matter of fact, I still have absolutely no idea at that level those would be, simply because I have never spent any attention to economic RP and most likely never will. So, they have been arbitrarily made up.

    I'm totally not denying all the work that has been put into the system, and I think everyone appreciates it. All I'm doing is asking for some recognition for those of us, and there are many, who have never done economic RP, and are very unlikely to do so in the future. Also, I think we should keep the introduction of new members in mind. Moreover, there's no clear way or indication as to how one can improve or worsen one's economic stats.


  • I have to agree with Inimicus on this one. I have done no economic RP and I am unlikely to do so in the near future. The system itself does look quite complicated and if I was just starting out I would probably look at this and the war system before just closing the tab and not looking back. Again, I emphasise that I am sure everybody appreciates how much work you have put into this. Additional information on how ones economic stats could be improved may also make the system better if it is possible to fit that in.

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    Two things:

    Average income comes from the average income on your NS page, divided by 6. The other things like savings as a % of remaining income and living expenses are preset. The user has the ability to set those two themselves and consult.

    This is some thing far too complicated to just let people use without any help, and if the system is adopted, I will be there with all users working with them on this. Additionally a form can be created for each user to input average income, savings as % of GDP and annual living expenses as a % of GDP and I will then be able to consult and provide examples from RL.

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    OK, I'll start the vote now. Voting ends 16th October at 17.00 GMT.

    I vote FOR the new system.

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    I, probably without shock, vote FOR the new system.

  • Purely due to the complexity of it, I will be voting AGAINST the new system.

    ((I shall leave the post here for thread clarity, but this vote has been withdrawn.))

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    ((OOC: Not to be that guy, but if you're leaving, could you please not vote on this. This should only be for people who will be using.

    As such, I will not be letting people do this on their own anyway because this greatly affects a lot of things. So voting against something just because it is difficult is not a responsible way to decide anything. Of course I will work with people on this.

    Anyway, I got off topic. If you're going to stay, great. I'd love to have you. If you aren't going to stay, then please rescind your vote.))

  • I am yet to finally decide whether or not to stay, and as I am still a member of this community I am entitled to vote.

    (It clearly says in the constitution, withdrawing a councillor is not the same as leaving)

  • I vote FOR this system, and encourage others who may be afraid of the "complexity" to vote for it as there is a guide inbound.

  • Vote: FOR

  • Vote: Fo

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    I vote FOR the new system.

  • Release the guide first @Aalen

  • New Sarai ABSTAINS

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    @Davishire said:

    I am yet to finally decide whether or not to stay, and as I am still a member of this community I am entitled to vote.

    (It clearly says in the constitution, withdrawing a councillor is not the same as leaving)

    ((Well, I'm just saying....decide before you vote whether or not you're going to stay. You should not be holding a system in limbo, one that you personally disagree with for more than just "it's complicated", ransom. One that has been one entire year in the making of my time, monitoring, researching and trying to condense a complicated field of study like macroeconomics into a palatable manner we can use for our RP. In this system, you do not need to know monetary policy and so many other things which made it something we could not use. All you need to know is three things: your average income (found on your NS page and divide it by 6), average living expenses (in which you can Google if you're looking for a comparable country), and savings as a % of GDP (which is able to be found on Google if you want to take a RL example for your nation).

    If you're not staying, then none of this applies to you and your vote should not be deciding something that people who WILL actively RP. I'm not referring to your RP of withdrawing your Councillor. I am simply asking you, as a person who as said multiple times now that you are not sure whether or not to stay, to make up your mind before you vote. As I've said, I personally would like you to stay but it's ultimately up to you. What should not be allowed is for you to try and influence things that will not apply to you once you leave for the rest of us who are actively committed.))

  • (OOC )i feel bad for abstaining now lol @The-United-Kingdom