Os Corelian Elections Special 2016

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    Elections night is here an bringing you coverage of results is Os Cos TV live across the nine states bringing you the results as they happen. With the electoral college approving not only a tripling of the number of seats on offer but also the addition of an adit iona member system we can expect surprises across the night. Alongside the fight to control parliament is the vote for Viscount see by many as a straight battle between Mitrij Kolm of the Gree Bloc and Nathiela Shybek of the Os Corelia Party. We expect contituencies to be declare first and then state list of additional members followed by the state results for viscount expect in the early hours. I'm your host Artie Dietrich and I'll be joined throughout the night with guests. We've come on air later than usual to ensure we ca get results off the bat and I believe the first seat is ready to declare.

    No sprites there we have an Os Corelius hold from Maleeka Perimnt one of the longest serving parliamentarians. She has see a decrease in her majority but holds nonetheless. A strong second place for the Green Bloc coming within less than 6,000 votes for victory. I can now speak to Ms Perimnt about the result congratulations on your election are you pleased with the result.

    Perimnt - Thank you Artie I'm elated to be reelected as the MP for last point and thrilled to rejoin parliament. I feel like we are going to have a good night for the party with a strong showing and a few gains! I'm hearing good things in other parts of westfallon and hearing the Green Bloc worn do as well as they expect.

    Artie - Interested words there early in the night from the former regional decrement and parliament minister who feels there will be some gains to come as the night goes on. The first result is out and it is an Os Corelius hold.

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    We have some more results coming in as the night progresses and next we ca hear from Fala dor capital Haladon Province:

    Green Bloc candidate for Prime Minister Julika Keltor has held onto her seat won in a by election last year and increased her majority to make this almost a green bloc safe seat. Riis Older male had hoped to win back what used to be Viscount Xaviers traditional seat but couldn't get any progress. And now I've bee told we are quickly heading south for some big news coming out of Lehrerdrad. We got to Ilya David, Ilya?

    Ilya - we are hearing suggesting that former science and technology minister for the Os Corelius party Libitia Kolvek may have lost her seat here. There's been a recount but confirmation is set to come.

    Artie - There we have it confirmed the first gain for the Green Bloc and a major victory for Tsaul Anderson beating Libitia Kolvek by 634 votes. Kolvek was favourite to be chancellor but is now out of a job!

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    The results are flying in now across the country. We head to Kaldoon the capital of Fallieja and the major port city where all embassies are based to see the result there:

    As expected the Os Corelius party hold this seat with immense ease as the secretary of state for internal affairs Maleeka Karpathia-Xavier retains her seat with a whopping majority giving her 75% of the vote share. She is the most popular politician in the nation at the moment. This will be some consolation to the earlier loss of Libitia Kolvek.

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    We are now getting more results rolling this time from the capital state where it looks like the Gree Bloc couldn't quite take one of their target seats:

    This result will give great solace to the lib dem who werrecited for electoral extinction in polls but in reality can still win seats. A decreased majority but Hanhannah Gurriguy holds onto the seat of Far Reach Why she is a popular local mp and that has dug in to keep her in office. And now news of a shocking result across the statenine the Aeolian Downs:

    This is a huge surprise a gain for the lib dem taking put former praetor of the foreign affairs senate and Os Corelia councillor to Europe Elder Trilstrea. This seat was polling at a safe hold but the lib dem have campaigned hard and now Meikel Heiliger is the MP. We were expected battles from lib dem in defending their current seats but gains were not in the table, they are now. Could Aerodimus be strong territory for them?

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    As predicted a hold for Os Corelius in Rytrad upper as Khayn Krimtak holds his seat with a comfortable majority of just over 4,000 votes. He is likely to be a key negotiator in coalition talks if as predicted we go that way

    Lets look at the Tally so far:

    Os Corelius - 30

    Green Bloc - 30

    Lib Dem - 7

    State Index - 5

    Corelian Civic Union - 3

    So if we didn't have the electoral changes this would be your parliament with a tie in seats but things are set to change with AMS seats coming up in the early hours of dawn. The lib dem may be on course to buck the trend tonight but who will they stop?

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    And so the results continue to roll in and big news coming our of Northseaholm and our correspondent Yantish Raeger

    Yantish: Big news for the Green Bloc tonight, despite the lib dem looking like they'd buck the trend they've lost their leader in parliament Arrico lindstrom as the seat goes to the Green Bloc's Yanaeda Vonréal a former member of the local seaboard who has pioneered fishing quotas in the industry. The fisherman association campaigned hard against her but lost this battle. Big gain for the Gree Bloc.

    Artie: This was big news but a bigger story develops in Seacove capital Port Harbour let's go to Hanii Naemyaïm

    Hanii : Could this be the start of a green surge? Another big gain for the Green Bloc here in the capital of Seacove with former European commissioner Karolinasz Jaedala taking the capital seat off former chancellor Keldar Limmenat, that's two chancellors in one night! Will Nathiela Shybek be the third, here is Seacove it's looking like that pattern will continue in the viscount vote with sources point to a significant count lead for Mitrij Kolm.

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    Big news coming put of Old Taloshiin for the right wing battle we ca go to Enrika Honeher, Eniker?

    Enrika: the results are in for the clash of the right wing titans as the historical seat of Old Taloshiin and Holders Petersson has managed to take the seat for the civic union with an astonishingly slim margin of only 234 votes. His competition the young conservative upstart Holtei Keitszon couldn't convince the city his youth could offer experience it would seem and has lost the seat for the Corelia conservative Alliance for the first time. It is also believed the CCU capitulated to the far right element this city follows.

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    Lets look at the Tally now:

    Os Corelius - 35

    Green Bloc - 41

    Lib Dem - 10

    State Index - 6

    Corelian Civic Union - 4

    The Green bloc are starting to pull away let's see how this will develop with 54 constituency seats and 75 regional seats to go

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    With more results rolling in let's look at the Tally now:

    Os Corelius - 48

    Green Bloc - 53

    Lib Dem - 17

    State Index - 8

    Corelian Civic Union - 4

    The lib dem fightback is continuing holding the strong as the third party but still a sizeable group of state index and they could benefits from list voting but the fight is between Os Corelius and the green bloc with only 5 seats in it.

    20 constituency seats to go and 75 list could change the dynamics quickly.

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    We are in the final stretch of results we have had a slight clerical error and view have quite rightly corrected us in that parliament has been 72 seats not 75 so there's actually only 14 constituency seats ot go. And we can go live to Mossgardt for the announcement of Mossgardt Forest constituency and Elim Neil

    Elim - Thank you Artie well the results speak for themselves, despite a strong challenge from the Green Bloc, Zadish Mosio has held onto her seat for the State Index Party. She is favourite to become leader of the State INdex Bloc in Parliament. Not a bad night for the party so far but their hopes rest on a strong list result which may shift a balance of power around in a few states.

    Artie - Thanks you Elim, interesting result as the Green Bloc fail to win a target seat but in the grand scheme of things this doesn't seem to matter the way the night has gone. More seats coming in being called for the Green bloc and Os Corelius party now.

    Os Corelius - 52

    Green Bloc - 59

    Lib Dem - 17

    State Index - 10

    Corelian Civic Union - 4

    Still a close run down to the final two seats both in northern Xantosia and expected to be easy Os Corelius wins. Lets go over to the counts in the city of Stolleromst for both Stolleromst and Seleto seats and Mikel Herdersson, Mikel?

    Mikel - Well we have been waiting a long time for these seats ot be declared but we are getting reports that there have been 5 successive recounts for the seat of Seleto where it was expected ot be an easy win for Prime Minister candidate Ragodan Indoren. He is expected still to win but by a decreased majority from what we've been hearing. COming first is the Stolleromst seat in which former viscount Miltok Hargadoon is running to be returned to parliament.

    I think I'm a little bit speechless here Artie, a bloody nose with that announcement as Hargadoon scrapes through to election with a shockingly low majority of only 224. A strong Green Bloc challenge motivated by the criticisms swirling around the former Viscount. He has still managed to be elected but with such a low mandate. Ok looks like they're ready to declare the final constituency seat of the night now in Seleto.

    I thought Hargadoon scraped by election would make me speechless but this result is incredible possible the most exciting I've ever witnessed in Corelian politics. The man who was standing to be elected as Prime Minister and expected to keep his seat with safety intact has lost it to Seneya Beyot of the Green Bloc by 41 votes! This is rather astonishing. This means if Os Corelius can win parliament they will be without their intended Prime Minister. The electoral college have just released a statement confirming they are happy with the conduct of the recounts which according to them provided this consistent result all 5 times. This is stunning I'll hand things back to you Artie!

    Artie - The best result til last on constituency seats in seems as the Prime Minister in waiting, as a some though, has lost his seat to the Green Bloc, Ragoden Indoren is out in Seleto and Seneya Beyot is in. Not the result any Os Corelina politican will be wanting tonight. We have in the studio former Corelian Vice-President and EU councillor Kairos Jelesnian, Kairos what are your thoughts on what is unfolding tonight. Before that lets put this in context:

    Os Corelius - 53

    Green Bloc - 60

    Lib Dem - 17

    State Index - 10

    Corelian Civic Union - 4

    Kairos - Well that last result is unfortunate and not welcome news for us we expected Ragoden to be returned and read to go as prime minister. I think it's a wake up call to the party to review it's policies an dprocessess. I think this is a bloody nose to Hagadoon's viscouncy and shows us more should've been done earlier. But the night isn't over yet!

    Artie - Indeed it isn't regional seats are being locked in as I speak expect the results shortly.

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    Right this next bit is the interesting one regional seats we will hand the programme over to the results channel system by the Electoral College and provide ytou with and ongoing tally and interject with some commentaries. So lets head to Falador.

    Os Corelius - 54

    Green Bloc - 61

    Lib Dem - 20

    State Index - 12

    Corelian Civic Union - 5

    It's Westfallon next:

    Os Corelius - 55

    Green Bloc - 62

    Lib Dem - 23

    State Index - 14

    Corelian Civic Union - 5

    Now Starliousa:

    Os Corelius - 56

    Green Bloc - 63

    Lib Dem - 26

    State Index - 16

    Corelian Civic Union - 6

    Now to Seacove:

    Os Corelius - 57

    Green Bloc - 64

    Lib Dem - 28

    State Index - 19

    Corelian Civic Union - 7

    As you can see this list vote is filling up space in Parliament for the state index and Lib Dems to quite a strong position. Now we go to Xantosia:

    Os Corelius - 59

    Green Bloc - 65

    Lib Dem - 29

    State Index - 21

    Corelian Civic Union - 8

    The capital is next to declare as the sixth state:

    Os Corelius - 60

    Green Bloc - 66

    Lib Dem - 30

    State Index - 24

    Corelian Civic Union - 10

    Things are close at the top but we can more of less declare a hung parliament now to Taloshia:

    Os Corelius - 60

    Green Bloc - 69

    Lib Dem - 32

    State Index - 25

    Corelian Civic Union - 12

    Now to Falleija the penultimate state:

    Os Corelius - 60

    Green Bloc - 71

    Lib Dem - 34

    State Index - 27

    Corelian Civic Union - 14

    And now to the final state of Pietros:

    Os Corelius - 61

    Green Bloc - 74

    Lib Dem - 35

    State Index - 30

    Corelian Civic Union - 14

    There we have it a fully declared a notified parliament is formed.We have a HUNG PARLIAMENT.

    Green Bloc - 74

    Os Corelius - 61

    Lib Dem - 35

    State Index - 30

    Corelian Civic Union - 14

    To have a majority a party needed 109 seats. The largest party the Green Bloc is 35 seats off this target so cannot govern alone as it would be difficult to run a minority. Conveniently the Lid Bems have 35 seats so a clear deal could be struck. We have news from Leodis Square from Leidi Castel, Leidi

    Leidi: Upon declaration of the result immediately Prime Minister Katrushka Milios has gone to resign as Prime Minister to the county hall where she will meet the emergency convening of the chamber. The county hall will then formally declare a Lycéean government where the electoral college and the civil service will ensure government is ticking over. In an odd turn of events because parliament is declared first Miltok Hargadoon is still Viscount until the swearing in, he will appoint the facilitator of the new government at the advice of the Lycéean government. This will be Julika Keltor who is the parliamentary leader of the largest party the Green Bloc. If she fails then the Os Corelius party will have a try and if they fail a new election will be held as smaller parties are deemed insufficient for government.

    Artie: Thank you Leidi we can now talk to High Lady Julika Keltor who is a heartbeat away from the Prime Minister's role, Julika congratulations on the result, obviously a hung parliament who will you meet with.

    Julika: Thank You Artie we are overjoyed at winning the most seats tonight, the AMS system has allowed for all views to be shown and we think this ushers in a new age of coalitions so I can clearly say to you now we will not be pursuing to minority govern with confidence and supply, we are ready for a coalition.

    Artie: With who?

    Julika: Well the maths provide us with some interesting options it seems we only need one partner to reach a majority, two parties can provide us with these figures. We have to examine what is in the best interest of the nation, and whether or not a clear message has been sent about a change of governance.

    Artie: Surely the maths point out a clear coalition with the Lib Dems?

    Julika: That is an option we will explore but as I say we have to do what is in the national interest and resolve to whether it will be with one group or another. I can clearly state now we will not be working with the civic union.

    Artie: What about the state index party?

    Julika:We want to explore all options but we will start with what the seats give us in terms of numbers

    Artie: How is the party feeling about the Viscouncy race due to be announced next?

    Julika: Mitrij Kolm has inspired many on the streets of Os Corelia to given an alternative view of the position she will certainly do well but we are feeling after this results confident that she will be our next Viscountessa.

    Artie: Thank you Julika. So you've heard it there no deal with the Civic Union and they expect Mitrij Kolm to be Viscount. I'll turn to Corelia Today's political editor Leit Kreiff for your views on what will unfold

    Leit: The maths to me say a deal with the lib dems is most likely but they will take serious value to the thoughts of a grand coalition. The Os Corelius Party will probably lement to remain in government but they may walk with hubris and screw negotiation up we shall have to see. I think a solid predition can be made that they will go with the lib dems and keep Os Corelius out of government. In the Viscouncy race I think it's goign to be close but opinion polls, sadly for Julika Keltor, predict a Shybek win.

    Artie: lets see as the night continues!

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    Right now we can go live to Leodis Square elections centre at the Electoral College to hear the result for the Viscouncy race. It has been decided to announce a centralised result and following we will publish the state by state results. Let's go to Prof Dysal Faragoza for the result...

    Dysal Faragoza: I Prof Dysal Ermentinica Faragoza, national returning officer of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia by appointment of the Electoral College of the New Parliamentary republic do hereby announce the results of the election for Viscount of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia, Head of State. I was announce the result in reverse order of those candidates who have kept their deposit and were on the ballot in every state. Candidates on the ballot for less than the 9 states may be included if they have won a state at the returning officer's discretion, although I can confirm no candidate is in such a position. The number of rejected ballots 26,392. I will announce the results in reverse order:

    Ionnak, Hol - 2,345,678

    Zevester, Ianni - Corelian Liberal Democrats - 4,562,342

    Shybek, Nathiela - Os Corelius Party - 19,432,567

    Kolm, Mitrij - Green Bloc - 19,562,398

    I hereby declare that with all results validated, corrected, and given legal consent by all those involved in election that Mitrij Kolm is duly election Viscount of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia.

    Artie: Wow winning the popular vote in the parliamentary elections makes all the difference for the Green Bloc as they take the Viscouncy aay from the Os Corelius party for the first time in the history of the New Republic. An astounding result.

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