Motion of Impeachment

  • Later on this week I shall be leaving this position to allow Nicola Heaven to return to her post as a result of having recovered from serious illness. I therefore propose the following motions,

    Motion One

    "In order to keep an active commission it is necessary for the council to take action in order to ensure the smooth running of regional government. It has been noted that the Premier Commissioner, Anja Emerett, has failed in her duty to lead an active European Commission.Therefore the council does remove said person from the office of commissioner.

    I also table a second motion of impeachment,

    Motion Two

    "In order to keep an active commission it is necessary for the council to take action in order to ensure the smooth running of regional government. It has been noted that the Internal Affairs Commissioner, Richard Dawson, has failed in his duty of being an active commissioner. Therefore the council does remove said person from the office of commissioner."

    debate starts now and ends at 21;27BST (GMT +01:00) o Sunday 9th July 2016 with voting starting after and ending 72 hours later at 21:27BST (GMT +01:00) on 12th July 2016.

  • Admin

    As I am one of the charged defendants in these motions, I think it is only reasonable that I be able to make a stand for myself. Although, considering that no particular point or evidence has been provided along with these motions, I am not entirely sure what I am defending against. But I will have my say nonetheless. I will only address the motion against myself in this statement, as I have the utmost confidence in Commissioner Dawson to be able to make his own case.

    The accusation that I am not leading is entirely false. In fact, I think the totally opposite of this motion is true. I believe that is a belief that all of my fellow Commissioners can vouch for, and you will probably find that they will all be equally against this motion. One of the biggest things that I emphasized during my campaign was that I planned to lead a Commission that would actually work together as a team - one that actually communciates internally, helps each other out, and has each others backs. While it is not an overtly obvious course of action, it certainly has been one of the things that this Commission has followed through with. I guess we ought to be sharing our meetings publicly so that people like yourself can see what happens internally. I have had multiple sessions with my Commissioners, most of them are one-on-one, but many of them have also been as a group. I have been active with brainstorming ideas with my Commissioners, offering them advice, and even lending a hand in their operations. As an example, I have offered to help the Commissioner of Economics propose our next budget, while also holding talks on reforming some of our institutions. Regardless of the commission portfolio, I've prodded all areas of the Commission to get a move on, and I have offered to help them or, at the very least, I have advised them. All of my Commissioners can vouch for me on this.

    However, I will agree that this Commission hasn't been as active as we had hoped. Even I haven't been able to do much as I had hoped that I could. I will admit that I have also been slow on holding talks on Commission reform, which is something that I had promised. But frankly, I haven't started a discussion on that subject yet because I find it entirely pointless to do so during a time in which many of my fellow colleagues are inactive, especially those who voiced strong interest in being part of that process. Why hold it when nobody will participate? Why hold it when those who want to take part in it most are not even here? Let's also face it: inactivity has plagued virtually all aspects of the region, and it goes way beyond the Commission. You may be able to charge this Commission for being inactive, but you would also have to equally charge the entire European Union, all of its instutitions, and most of its member states as well. Taking it out on the Commission will not only do nothing to solve this, but you will be actively discouraging those who are trying to make things active again. This is reckless scapegoating.

    Impeaching any member of this Commission, and especially its Premier, will only cause it to come to a complete gridlock. Seeing as past Commissioners, many of whom were completely inactive, were allowed to finish or nearly finish their entire terms, during times far more active than these, I find myself confused as to why I am a particular target. I won my seat as Premier fair and square, so please atleast give me a chance to finish it, before then evaluating it.

    Regardless, considering that Commissioner Solomon hasn't even been seen once since she announced her Commission campaign - which is a shame - the fact that she has been omitted with this motion, while Commissoner Dawson and I are not, shows that this isn't even about bringing justice against those who are supposadly inactive, but it's obviously about some other intention.

    This motion against me is without evidence, it is reckless, and it without consideration. I ask that it please be struck down.

    Thank you for allowing me to have my say, and for allowing me to defend myself. I am proud of my Commisison team, and I love them all dearly.

  • "As perhaps the most veteran of the Commission team, I feel as though I need to support Mrs Emerett, whose conduct these last months I appreciate greatly, as leader of this Commission. Though I cannot in any way defend Mrs Solomon or Mr Dawson - their conduct has, I think I can say, been lacking, the Premier's leading of this team has in fact been formidable. Her conversations with each of us as Commissioners have been as motivating as they could, and it is up to us as individual Commissioners to answer the question of our inactivity. I have found myself motivated by another one of the Premier's 'pep talks', just a few days before this obviously uninformed motion was proposed, to finally refire our embassy programme and restart talks with our neighbours. My lacking conduct was my own fault, not the Premier's.

    I cannot defend Commissioner Dawson, that is, as the Premier stated very wisely, up to himself. However, I can sincerely say the Premier is the last person to deserve impeachment. The omission of Commissioner Solomon from the Davishirian Councillor's list is also a clear indication the move is not thoroughly thought-through. Moreover, what will we achieve by impeaching my colleagues? We will have yet another by-election, which won't produce anything worthwhile at all. So much for efficient governance."

    Foreign Affairs Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • And , slightly delayed, both motions are now open for voting for 72 hours. Therefore voting shall end at 20:45 BST (GMT +01:00) on 16th July 2016.

    I vote FOR both motions.

  • I, John Oliver, on behalf of the Second Serene Republic of Aalen, vote AGAINST the first motion, and FOR the second motion.

  • Admin

    I vote AGAINST both motions.

    Edward Firoux

    Councillor of Inquista

  • Admin

    On behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, I vote AGAINST the first motion and FOR the second.

    Iain Duncan Smith

  • In the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos, I vote AGAINST both motions.

    Alexander Strathclyde

  • Admin

    I, Gisela Stuart, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote AGAINST both motions.

  • Admin

    Councillor Devoy is away on business in Australia. I, Wesley Greene, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote AGAINST both motions.

    Wesley Greene
    Intern of the Duxburian Union

  • "For administrative purposes, with permission from the Speaker I shall declare the result of these Impeachment Motions:

    Motion 1, with 1 vote in favour and 6 votes against, has FAILED

    Motion 2, with 3 votes in favour and 4 votes against, has FAILED"

    Alexander Strathclyde

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