The Union of European Football Associations

  • The Union of European Football Associations

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    The Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA, is the central organization for association football in the European Union and is responsible for international games and competitions in the region. UEFA organizes the associations and leagues of different nations for intra-regional play and championships, including the UEFA Nation's Cup, and the Champion's League.

    How UEFA will work in this third iteration is that UEFA will begin holding the UEFA Champion's League, before testing the waters to return to the old UEFA Nation's Cups. Nations will submit bids to host either competition, before being voted on by the UEFA Congress where each Association receives one vote. This Congress will also elect the UEFA President (who will remain me pending the popularity of this project).

    The difference between the Champion's League is that the winning club of each National League will be sent to compete, while in the Nation's Cup it will be the official teams of those associations competing. For now, pending results from games all teams will be given a score level of 80 in the Scorinator ((OOC Side Note; the Scorinator if its ever mentioned will be this betting website which gives odds for teams based on their "estimated skill level)). Noting that there is a required of sixteen teams to enter each cup, and expecting not all the teams will qualify on the various UEFA requirements (OOC: You apply for each cup, and until this grows too popular to warrant legitimate qualifiers, if you apply you get in), various teams will be selected by automatic lottery ((OOC: I will select various nonapplied countries and automatically input them with 'generic' information; teams who actually applied will be given base scores of 80, lotto teams will receive a base skill socre of 70, and the team hosting the tourtnament will receive a base score of 81)).

    Teams will be given higher skill levels as they are seen performed ((OOC: the more you roleplay your team the higher your skill points. News articles, game results etc. Another person who will be UEFA Vice President will help me decide how skill points go up or down. Yes they can go down, so be careful!))

    Some real quick facts are that the current President of UEFA is David Blatter of the Second Serene Republic of Aalen, the next competition is the Champion's League Cup in Inquista which will be very soon! Bids for the next Nation's Cup will begin in August.

    (((OOC: In regards to players, you can use images all you want, and names. However, RL skill does not translate into RP skill. Player Skill levels do not impact team skill levels unless you do some amazing character RP with a certain player. All games will just be given a score for, if you want to RP the game figure it out among yourselves. Any games that are RP add skill points to the two teams if it is done correctly.)))

    Association Membership Application
    Association Name:
    Year of Establishment:
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?:
    Historical Summary (Optional: may encourage me to add skill points in the future


    Head Coach:
    Historical Summary:
    Other importance information? (If you wish to have a historic win at the Nation's Cup PM me for details) :

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  • Nation:The United Kingdom of Davishire and Buckinghamshire

    Association Name: The Joint Football Association of Davishire and Buckinghamshire (Referred to as "The Football Association")
    Representative: Sir Geoffrey Marshall MEDM
    Year of Establishment: 1866
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 89
    Historical Summary (Optional: The Football Association of Buckinghamshire was one of the regions first football associations. Having been set up some 150 years ago. Football 
    Over time moved to become the most popular sport in Davishire with hundreds of smaller clubs developing around the country. It is estimated that at
    least 1% of the national population is involved in some way with grassroots football. In Davishire the higher echelon football leagues are segregated by the old countries of Davishire and Buckinghamshire. This helps to create a
    healthy sense of rivalry but at national level the new (early 20th century) Joint Football Association has led to a single national side.
    Upper League - Davishire - Division One Buckinghamshire- Premier Division One 2nd Tier League Davishire - Division Two Championship Buckinghamshire- The League
                             On average a first or second tier football match attracts a capacity stadium crowd and a television audience of upwards of 1 million viewers with <br />                              more on radio and online. A national game has upwards of 10 million television views. <br />                            <br />                             At the end of each football season the winners of each upper echelon league go head to head in the national stadium to be crowned the Davishirian <br />                             Champion with a capacity crowd and millions watching online. <br />
                           <br /></pre><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p>Champions League application- </p><pre>Nation: The United Kingdom of Davishire and Buckinghamshire

    Association: The Football Association Club Name: Chelsea Football Club Head Coach: Bartosk Kesek Historical Summary: Chelsea Football Club was founded in 1905 in the centre of Sandford. They have played in all leagues of Davishirian football since then winning the Davishirian u
    Division One in 1938,1955, 1956,1960,1975, 1979, 1990, 1995, 2005,20006,2007,2012, 2013,2016. They have also won a significant number of other domestic terophies.
    They are an incredibly strong team , working well and playing fairly (most of the time) with only 14 yellow and 1 red card recorded during the entirity of the
    15/16 season. There home kit is all blue with white socks and their crest has a lion on it. Other importance information?:

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    Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    Association Name: Premier League
    Representative: Greg Dyke, Chariman
    Year of Establishment: 1863
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 90
    Nation: England
    Association Name: The Football Association
    Representative: Greg Dyke, Chariman
    Year of Establishment: 1863
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 90
    Nation: Ireland
    Association Name: Irish Football Association
    Representative: Jim Shaw, President
    Year of Establishment: 1880
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 85
    Nation: Scotland
    Association Name: Scottish Football Association
    Representative: Alan McRae, President
    Year of Establishment: 1873
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 70
    Nation: Wales
    Association Name: Football Association of Wales
    Representative: David Griffiths, President
    Year of Establishment: 1876
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 98
    The top league in the United Kingdom is Barclay's Premier League with teams from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The following teams are participating in the 2016-2017 Premier League season.
    1.	Swansea FC
    2.	Cardiff FC
    3.	The New Saints FC (Wales)
    4.	Celtic FC (Glasgow)
    5.	Rangers FC (Glasgow)
    6.	Heart of Midlothian FC (Edinburgh)
    7.	Bray Wanderers FC (Dublin)
    8.	Galway United FC
    9.	Derry City FC
    10.	Chelsea FC
    11.	Arsenal FC
    12.	Crystal Palace FC
    13.	Watford FC
    14.	West Ham United FC
    15.	Manchester City FC
    16.	Manchester United FC
    17.	Leeds United FC
    18.	Liverpool FC
    19.	Southampton FC
    20.	Burnley FC
    21.	Sunderland FC
    22.	Tottenham Hotspur FC
    23.	Leicester City FC
    24.	AFC Bournemouth
    25.	Newcastle United
    26.	Norwich City
    27.	Stoke City 
    28.	Middlesborough
    29.	Sunderland
    30.	Everton

    Champion's League Application for July 2016- OPEN

    Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

    Association: Premier League (UK) Club Name: Chelsea Football Club Head Coach: Antonio Conte Historical Summary: Chelsea Football Club are an English professional football club based in Fulham, London, that competes in the Premier League. Founded in 1905, the club's home ground since then has been Stamford Bridge. Chelsea had their first major success in 1955, when they won the league championship. They then won various cup competitions between 1965 and 1996. The club's greatest period of success has been during the last two decades, winning 17 major trophies since 1997. Chelsea have won five national league titles, seven FA Cups, five League Cups and four FA Community Shields, one UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cup Winners' Cups, one UEFA Europa League and one UEFA Super Cup. Chelsea's regular kit colours are royal blue shirts and shorts with white socks. The club's crest has been changed several times in attempts to re-brand the club and modernise its image. The current crest, featuring a ceremonial lion rampant regardant holding a staff, is a modification of the one introduced in the early 1950s. The club have the sixth-highest average all-time attendance in English football. Their average home gate for the 2014–15 season was 41,546, the seventh highest in the Premier League.

    Its rivals include the Davishire Chelsea FC in what is known as the Battle for Chelsea, as the two capitals of the two nations both have football clubs for areas of their cities named Chelsea. As a result, whoever wins this exhibition match retains bragging rights as "The Chelsea" for the year. Other rivals include Arsenal F.C., Leeds United F.C., Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, and the Queen's Park Rangers.

  • Association Membership Application

    Nation: The Commonwealth of Australia
    Association Name: Football Federation Australia
    Representative: Steven Lowy, Chairman
    Year of Establishment: 1911
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 80
    Historical Summary (Optional):  

    Champion's League Application for July 2016- OPEN

    Nation: The Commonwealth of Australia
    Association: FFA
    Club Name: Adelaide United (A-League)
    Head Coach: Guillermo Amor
    Historical Summary: 

    Other importance information?:

  • Nation: Democratic Republic of  Sitanova
    Association Name: 
    Sitanovan Football Federation
    Representative: Reinhard Grindel
    Year of Establishment: 1900
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 93
    Nation: Democratic Republic of Sitanova 
    Association: Bundesliga 
    Club Name: Bayern Munich
    Head Coach: Pep Guardiola
    Historical Summary:
    -Created in 1901, was the first Sitanovan Football club and  one of the world's oldest     Teams 
    - Has won 30 titles in the BunBundesliga and 19 trophies in the Sitanovan Cup

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    Nation: Iunio Dairghazburiano
    Association Name: Dominion of Football
    Representative: Kris Jenson am Latham
    Year of Establishment: 679
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 95
    Historical Summary:
    The DoF was founded in 679 by a set of 8 football clubs. The Dominion expanded to 16 clubs in 693, 24 clubs in 725, and finally to its current 32 club roster in 772. The DoF operates two association football leagues with 16 clubs in each. The Blackstone League is the upper level and the Whitestone League is the lower level. Club teams move between the leagues depending on their records from the previous season. The top 8 in the Whitestone League move up, the bottom 8 in the Blackstone League move down.

    The 825 Blackstone League contained the following clubs and venues:

    Aurimere Titans, Celestial Beach, Aurimere
    Golden Cobras - Death Valley, Laatzalveria
    Blackstone Warriors - The Citadel, Dairghazbury
    Brenner Huskies - Wolfpack Wilds, Kaumbrennia
    Chirez Stormlords - Cyclonic Park, Chirez
    Hasilthecian Revolution - Fort Defiance, Hasilthec
    Kendrevaria United - Challenger Stadium, Varia
    Laatzenian Grizzlies - Summer Stadium, Laatzen Valley
    Laatzenian Royals - Imperial Colosseum, Laatzen City
    Lamington Valkyries - Lucian Heights, Lamington
    Linden Flood - Riverside Stadium, Linden
    Norimere Sharks - The Roundhouse, Norimere Race
    Suez Marauders - DNS Victory, Alverez Harbor
    Underground Devils - The Void, Dairghazbury underground
    Verington Thunder - Grand Central Stadium, Verington
    Western Destroyers - The Seaport, Westeria

    The Blackstone League has an elimination, bracket playoff and a championship called the Landry Cup. The trophy is a golden cup named in honor of the legendary striker Jeremy Landry am Varia, whose prolific scoring records still stand today and have not even been approached by contemporary Duxburian players. The Cup bears the names of all past winning teams and their players etched into its body. When space runs out, the top ring of the Cup is retired and moved to the Hall of Fame, with a new blank ring added to the bottom of the Cup.

    In the 825 Landry Cup Final, the undefeated #1 Blackstone Warriors took on undefeated #2 Kendrevaria United at The Citadel in an epic showdown between archrivals that drew over 200 million viewers, a ratings record. The Warriors ekked out a victory, 4-3, in an extra time nail biter, capping off a perfect record for the first time in 39 years.

    Nation: Iunio Dairghazburiano
    Association: Dominion of Football
    Club Name: Blackstone Warriors
    Head Coach: Avery en Lamark
    Historical Summary:
    The Blackstone Warriors Football Club was founded in 678 and is one of the 8 original clubs in the Dominion of Football. The Warriors have a rich history with many intense rivalries with other top Duxburian clubs. With a victory over archrival Kendrevaria United in this year's Landry Cup, the club has won 16 championships, the most in the DoF by 1 (KU has 15). Coach Avery Lamark has now won 3 championships in the past 7 years at the helm of the club. The club's kit is black shirts with green shorts and white socks. The insignia features a black castle with cannons and white highlighting.

    The club's home venue is "The Citadel", a unique property that is part sports arena, part historic military park. The Citadel was the site of a major fortress at the highest point of Dairghazbury's capital promontory. It commanded the Great River, the lower city, the port, and supported Fort Lamington. Military records indicate that the central parade grounds have served as football pitches for off-duty soldiers for centuries.

    In one of the great embarrassments of Duxburian history, an ongoing budget crisis in the late 670s forced the federal government to sell The Citadel. The city and its residents were unable to muster enough funds to buy out the developer, who began to demolish the central structures. However, a partnership with the newly formed and well funded Warriors FC was able to secure the property and space in the underground levels immediately below it.

    The partnership came with compromises - the football club would get to build a stadium in the central grounds, but agreed to restore and preserve the remainder as a public park. Additionally, the club took great care to match its design with the architecture of the fortress, including real blackstone, original statues, and period-accurate grand columns. The stadium was countersunk into the underground, greatly reducing its profile and increasing its throughput efficiency, with all seating levels able to be entered/exited simultaneously. The result was a high capacity arena, capable of seating over 100,000 people, yet one that cannot be seen from outside the fortress, as its profile does not rise above the ancient walls. The Citadel has become an important cultural landmark in the city, with the club opening it up to host other events outside of football season.

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    Association Membership Application

    Nation: Inquista

    Association Name: Football Federation of Inquista (FFI)

    Representative: Jordon Ellinson

    Year of Establishment: 1919

    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 92.275

    Historical Summary: The FFI was founded in 1919 by 8 Saint Dominico football teams. The teams originally played at an amateur level, but quickly solidified themselves into professional teams that expanded across Inquista. Now, the FFI serves as the sole governing body of football in Inquista. The FFI has full jurisdiction on the Inquistan football league system and it also is in charge of the men's and women's national teams. The FFI oversees four professional Inquistan leagues (All-Star League, League I, League II, League III) along with hundreds of semi-professional and amateur leagues. In total, there are over 15,000 clubs within the FFI, and there are more than 6 million members.

    Champion's League Application

    Nation: Inquista

    Association: Football Federation of Inquista (FFI)

    Club Name: Saint Dominico City Saints F.C

    Head Coach: Charles Canon

    Historical Summary: Saint Dominico City Saints Football Club was founded in 1918 by eighteen football players from Saint Dominico, Inquista. It was among the first Inquistan football clubs, and it was a founding member of the Football Federation of Inquista. The City Saints have won sixteen Inquistan championship titles throughout their existence, making them the most succesful team in Inquistan football history. Since 2015, the City Saints have relocated to the Stadium of the Angels, one of the stadiums built in preperation for the 2nd UEFA Championchip held in Inquista. The stadium is the largest in Inquista has the highest average attendance of any association football club in the country. The City Saints's colours are white and yellow. The current coach is Charles Canon, who took over as manager of the club in 2013.

    Other importance information?: N/A

  • Nation: Turkmenbaijan

    Association Name: National Football Association-AMF
    Representative: Mr. Burak Daman
    Year of Establishment: 1993
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 40
    Historical Summary: 2 years after declaration of independence from the USSR, the new state has begun starting to promote different types of sports and cultural activities.
    In 1993 the AMF was founded by Mr. Yarek Meganyev, former minister of sports and healthcare for two specific reasons: 1. structered way of working between different clubs and controlling on abuse;
    2. promote Turkmenbaijan as a modern, healthy and sportive nation.
    Football is the 4th sport in Turkmenbaijan after Hockey, horseback riding and swimming

  • Association Name: Royal Marrakechian Federation of Footbball (RMFF)
    Representative: Nizhar Aaliane
    Year of Establishment: 1900
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 90
    Historical Summary: Marrakechia is well known for promoting youthhs in terms of sports including football which has benefited
    Marrakechia in both club and international level.

    Champion's League Application for July 2016- OPEN

    Nation: Marrakechia
    Association: RMFF (RAM Premier League)
    Club Name: Kawkab de Marrakech
    Head Coach: Mikael Lamzarak
    Historical Summary: 15x Premier League champions, 12x Throne Cup winners 13x Dragon Cup winners
    Other importance information?: Stadium capacity of 80,000 (Grand Stade de Marrakech)

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    Association Membership Application

    Nation: The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter

    Association Name: Royal Angleteric Football Association (RAFA)

    Representative: Mr Ray Hodge

    Year of Establishment: 1915

    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 85

    Historical Summary:

    Football was introduced to Angleter in the late 19th century, and quickly became popular among the country's rapidly growing working class. Socialist, religious, and ethnic minority civic institutions pioneered the establishment of football clubs in this era, channelling sectorial and political tensions into football rivalries, many of which continue to this day. It was through the sport's association with the Catholic Church that it gained the attention and appreciation of the Angleteric Establishment, which in turn kick-started the process of establishing provincial football associations. These institutions federated to form RAFA in 1915, and the first National League followed in 1915-6 (won by Dominicans FC). The National League split into two divisions in 1935, as Angleter's reincorporation of lost territories brought new teams into the League system, and since 1981 the League has been split into four divisions of 20 teams each. The bottom-placed team in the Fourth Division is relegated out of the National League altogether, and replaced by the winner of a knockout tournament fought between the winners of the provincial leagues. In the three higher divisions, the three lowest teams are relegated, to be replaced by the top two teams in the next division down, plus the winner of a playoff tournament fought between the teams who finished between 3rd and 6th. In addition to the National League, RAFA also operate the Cardinal's Cup, a knockout tournament that started in 1920 under the patronage of Cardinal Gregory Withe, Archbishop of New Birmingham.

    Football nowadays is popular throughout Angleter, and is something that transcends the country's class and ethnoreligious divisions, although old rivalries and allegiances still, to some extent, persist. Owing to the sport's working-class roots, most top-level teams are based in the heavily industrialised south of the country, as well as in the New Birmingham area. First Division teams have, especially since the advent of pay-per-view television in 1995, seen an influx of cash that has turned them into multi-million pound businesses with strong corporate ties, wealthy owners and investors, higher ticket prices, vast transfer sums, and exorbitant wages. Though this has angered purists, it has allowed Angleteric teams to compete at the highest level across Europe.

    The current First Division teams are as follows:

    Asten Villa (Villa Park, Asten) - founded 1894 as an offshoot from a cricket club; play in claret and blue; champions 2015-6
    Bagratuni Tigranakert (Hay Park, Tigranakert) - founded 1901 and favoured by Armenian Apostolic Christians across Angleter; play in gold and red; 13th 2015-6
    Bashan United (Wall Road, Bashan) - founded 1945 as a merger of four local teams; play in light blue; 4th Second Division (promoted) 2015-6
    Benedictines (St Benet's Stadium, Neomantua) - founded 1888 and closely tied to Neomantua's Catholic trade unions; play in black; 7th 2015-6
    Bromwich Albion (The Hawthorns, Kingswinford) - founded 1917 by employees of a British-owned spring factory; play in dark blue and white stripes; 17th 2015-6
    Buissera (City of Buissera Stadium, Buissera) - founded 1976 as a merger of two local teams; play in navy blue; 15th 2015-6
    Cradley (Molineux, Cradley) - founded 1905 by Sunday school students; play in gold with black trim; 2nd 2015-6
    Damaszka (Crusaders' Park, Damaszka) - founded 1898 at the behest of the Archbishop of Damaszka; play in white with gold trim; 8th 2015-6
    Dionysias (Onslow Park, Dionysias) - founded 1937 as a merger of two local teams; play in orange; 1st Second Division (promoted) 2015-6
    Dominicans (St Dominic's Stadium, New Birmingham) - founded 1914 by friars; play in white with black trim; 4th 2015-6
    Edessa University (University Park, Edessa) - founded 1927 as a university team; play in dark blue; 16th 2015-6
    Fishborough Athletic (Egwin Road, Evesham) - founded 1930 as an offshoot from a local athletics team; play in mid blue with white trim; 14th 2015-6
    Fitzon (Sir Godfrey Askey Stadium, Fitzon) - founded 1988 by local businessman Sir Godfrey Askey; play in turquoise and white; 5th 2015-6
    Ittihad (Tawhid Stadium, Damaszka) - founded 1895 by the local Muslim trade union; play in green with white trim; 9th 2015-6
    Maien Province (Sophia Ground, Maien) - founded 1966 as a merger of three local teams; play in red; 3rd 2015-6
    Neomantua (Birdborough Stadium, Neomantua) - founded 1890 and closely tied to Neomantua's socialist trade unions; play in red with white trim; 11th 2015-6
    St Cajetan (Newhall, St Cajetan) - founded 1924 by local machine parts factory workers; play in red and white; 12th 2015-6
    St Maron (Levant Ground, Hermel) - founded 1910 by the local Maronite trade union; play in burgundy with white trim; 10th 2015-6
    Small Heath Alliance (Muntz Street, New Birmingham) - founded 1895 as an offshoot from a local cricket team; play in blue with white trim; 6th 2015-6
    Ter Zor City (St Barbara's, Ter Zor) - founded 1913 as an offshoot from a local cricket team; play in black with gold trim; 2nd Second Division (promoted) 2015-6

    Champions League Application for July 2016- OPEN

    Nation: Angleter

    Association: RAFA

    Club Name: Asten Villa

    Head Coach: Ron Atkinson

    Historical Summary:

    Asten Villa FC were founded in 1894 by members of a local church cricket team seeking a winter activity. Unlike many early Angleteric teams, it never had a sectarian appeal, and quickly emerged as the best team in Asten, and one of the strongest in the New Birmingham area. It won the New Birmingham Provincial Cup seven times in ten years, before joining the first National League in 1915. Since then it has won fourteen First Division titles, the most of any Angleteric team; and eight Cardinal's Cups. Its success has come in occasional bursts, with trophies in the late 1910s being followed by three decades of decline and stagnation. The club returned to success in the 1940s and 1950s, but suffered a lengthy spell out of the top tier in the 1960s and 1970s, until it resurged again to enjoy three consecutive League victories in the early 1980s. Relegated for a single season in 1987, the club has now been a member of the top flight for 28 straight seasons, and is a frequent title contender, having most recently won in the 2008-9 and 2015-6 seasons. The club, which plays in a distinctive strip of claret and blue, is commonly known simply as 'Villa', and its nicknames are 'the Villans' and, less commonly, 'the Lions'. Its main rivals are other local and non-sectarian teams, especially Small Heath Alliance, from New Birmingham; and Bromwich Albion, based in Kingswinford.

    Other important information?: The club's stadium is Villa Park, in Asten. Capacity 62,660.

  • Nation: Aalen
    Association Name: The Serene Football Association 
    Representative: Lord Samwell Slynt
    Year of Establishment: 1901
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 97
    Historical Summary (Optional: WIP Following finishing General Aalenic history

    Association: Club Name: Killstock F.C Head Coach: Harold Raynor Historical Summary: WIP Following Finishing SFA History; Freehold Cup Champion's x9, Aaron Cup Champions x11 Other importance information?: To be added

  • Association Membership Application

    Nation: Icholasen
    Association Name: Nicootball
    Representative: Jesus Christ
    Year of Establishment: 1969
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 2%
    Historical Summary: In 1969, some people did some weed, and decided to play a peculiar game called football. The End. 

    Champion's League Application for July 2016- OPEN

    Nation: Icholasen
    Association: Ichootball
    Club Name: Saint Regina Goats
    Head Coach: Peedo McSaville
    Historical Summary: Dicks. 

  • Association Membership Application

    Nation: The Sahrawi Union

    Association Name: Sahrawi Football Association (SFA)

    Representative: Mejdan Othmani

    Year of Establishment: 2015

    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 80

    Historical Summary: The Sahrawi Football Association was created in 2015 following the full-independence of the Western Sahara from Marrakechia. The association remains quite small, and only features 12 teams in its professional Sahrawi Championship League.

    Champion's League Application

    Nation: The Sahrawi Union

    Association: Sahrawi Football Association (SFA)

    Club Name: People's Sahara F.C

    Head Coach: Saleem Demsiri

    Historical Summary: The People's Sahara F.C is a team founded by Supreme Councillor Nadia Ali-Sayed herself, which she personally sponsors. The squad heavily features some of her personal guards, many of whom had previously played professional football in Marrakechia before joining her forces. People's Sahara F.C is by far the best team currently in the Sahrawi Championship League, and it also makes up 3/4 of the country's national team. Their coach is Saleem Demsiri, who is the twin brother of Saden Demsiri (who coaches the Saharwi national team).

    Other importance information?: N/A

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    Nation: Miraco

    Association Name: Fédération Miracan de Football 
    Representative: François Turcotte
    Year of Establishment: 1904
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 80

  • Thanking the UEFA Director for the extension provided to Rosebourg. Our football association has been kept busy with the match fixing scandal and are pleased to have resolved it!

    Association Membership Application
    Association Name: Roseburgse Voetball Verenigen / Associations de Football de Rosebourg [RVV/AFR] 
    Representative: Mr. Johan de Cruiffe 
    Year of Establishment:1895 
    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: It is the country's most popular sport followed by 85% of the country. 
    Historical Summary: Rosebourg has a long tradition of football, despite its small size, Rosebourg's national team's attacking and total football style has always served it well in football tournaments. The largest cities produce excellent football teams and particularly good strikers, although defensively Rosebourg's defence can sometimes be lacking. Additionally, because of the presence of high-quality strikers, team unity can sometimes suffer due to the egoes on the pitch.   

    Champion's League Application for July 2016

    Nation: Rosebourg 
    Association: RVV / AFR
    Club Name: Arnou Royals 
    Head Coach: Richard Tuffs 
    Historical Summary: The FC Arnou Royals was amongst the founding teams of the Rosebourg national associations in the late 1800s. The team has acquired over the centuries many victories, heart-breaking losses, but has always been an excellent side well regarded in Rosebourg and abroad. The Royals have a long-standing rivalry with the Wouterke and Melanies football teams. Despite the Rosebourg national league's budgets eclipsed by some of the larger European countries, the three top teams of Rosebourg have always been able to hold their own in tournaments, with the Royals having 8 titles to call their own in the last half-century. Its golden age was particularly in the 70s where the Rosebourgs were perfecting strong attacking football. 

    Other importance information?: The Rosebourg national football league was rocked earlier this year with a match-fixing scandal leading the suspension of several coaches and top players for 5 years including some on the Arnou team, this may affect their performance on the pitch.

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    We wish to extend our thanks to the UEFA director for extending a personal extension to us so that we can send out of team to the championship. Below are our details.

    Nation: Miraco
    Association: Fédération Miracan de Football
    Club Name: Mertz Saint-Germain F.C.
    Head Coach: Emery Claude
    Historical Summary: Mertz Saint-Germain FC is the most prominent team in Miraco, founded in 1906 
    shortly after the inception of 
    the FMDF the team has been under the patronage of Miracan royalty ever since and has been home to some of the most prestigious players in Europe.

  • Association Membership Application

    Nation: The Kingdom of Fremet

    Association Name: Royal Football Association of Fremet

    Representative: Thomas Gürn

    Year of Establishment: 1908

    Scale of 1-100 how popular is Football in your country?: 76

    Historical Summary: The Royal Football Association of Fremet was founded by His Majesty the King Johan III, who was fond of the sport, and established many football clubs throughout Fremet, including Trondheim Küste. The RFA changed its name to the Fremetian Football Association in 1918 following the removal of the monarchy from Fremet’s government. When the monarchy (which never truly went away) was officially reestablished in 2016 via a referendum, the name was reverted back to its previous form.

    Champion's League Application

    Nation: The Kingdom of Fremet

    Association: Royal Football Association of Fremet

    Club Name: Trondheim Küste F.C

    Head Coach: Isak Johansson

    Historical Summary: Maneeesh

    Other importance information?: N/A

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