An Open Note Regarding the Future of My Participation in the EU

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    Dear all,

    At this time, I will be taking a short break that (outside of finishing RP I have engaged in with Aalen and the Duxburian Union) take a couple weeks away from RP-ing in the European Union. I've been going pretty non-stop since mid last year, and I need to take a small break away from it all.

    I will be evaluating my own future in the European Union as a role player at this time, a European Union that I started role playing in in 2007 on and off until now, with varying levels of commitment. I want to make sure I am doing this for the right reasons, which is my own enjoyment of the role playing community that I am a part of. I have enjoyed having a formative role in the modern European Union, including pioneering the idea of a European budget with some people who have also been role-playing for a long time in the EFP.

    It is also apparent to me that in this current iteration of the European Union, some people cannot handle who I am as a person. These same people also feel it is their privilege to talk down to others in a non-RP discussion, and feel the need to "bring unity" to the region when in all reality they are peddling cliquish behaviours. They feel perfectly fine acting in one way to a person to their face and doing and acting a different way, extending it to their own RP interactions. There is a premium for watching out for friends rather than dedicating themselves to true RP in which you may disagree with nations that are controlled by people who may have a good relationship. This is not the RP experience that I signed on for in my participation from 2007 to now.

    I call on those people to state their true opinion on me as a person rather than hide behind computers and distance. I also call upon those people who feel it necessary to police the Skype chatroom for opinions that do not match their own, and then kick people out, to look inside themselves and address this censorship. We all largely come from countries that believe in an open, democratic forum and throwing people out of a chat because you disagree with their ideas all in the name of "playing nice" is not a principle we should be standing on as a region. Voluntary leaving of the chat in order to ensure that you are in a place of calm vs. being thrown out when presenting opinion and evidence that backs up an opinion are two different things.

    To those who I have come to befriend over this long period of involvement, thank you for becoming people I have come to enjoy and rely upon for discussion and support.

    Thank you.

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