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    "We're on East 42nd and Park, watching an incredible scene developing in front of Grand Central Terminal's southeast entrance. Rioters have come out by the thousands and there is a wall of Verington police lined up protecting the building. The rioters have bricks, molotov cocktails, I think I saw someone with a butcher knife, I think this is going to get ugly in a hurry."

    "Yeah, Adam, this scene is getting really dangerous. Folks, if you've watched the Eurovoice results, we understand that you are angry. Please STAY OFF THE STREETS! There is nothing to gain by rioting tonight. Don't become a statistic!"

    "We're going to take you to our overhead view from the chopper, Linden, what do you see?"

    "Hey Jill, the crowd is continuing to grow and expand beyond 42nd Street, there's people coming out on east 43rd, there's a separate crowd blocking traffic on Madison, there's now more people on Lex and east 45th - OH THERE'S CONTACT ON EAST 45TH! Tear gas has been deployed! Officers are getting pelted with bricks in front of the Post Office...there is fire on East 42nd, the main mob is attacking the Terminal!"

    "We're leaving our position on Park Ave, it's too dangerous to stay here any longer. We'll continue to film as long as we can."

    "If you're just tuning in, you are seeing a massive riot in progress in front of Grand Central Terminal, we think it was sparked off by the Eurovoice results."

    "The police are getting beaten back badly! Tear gas has been deployed all across East's not working, they are going to break through..."

    "I am getting word that MTA is shutting down the Verington Metro. This is unprecedented! I don't think, in the history of...SHOTS FIRED, SHOTS FIRED!"

    "The mob has broken through the doors and is fighting with police inside the Terminal!"

    "At least 8 shots rang out near the front doors, a truck has arrived with water cannons, the rioters are being deluged with water cannons."

    "Linden, what do you see at East 45th?"

    "Utter chaos. The police line is holding, however. Sparks....power flashes...East 45th has gone dark from 5th Ave to 2nd. There is a new mob forming at West 34th and 7th, that's right at Penn Station!

    "There is fire and water all over East 42nd, I'm trying to zoom in on the windows at Grand Central, but it's difficult to see what's going on with the smoke."

    "The crowd is being scattered by police on East 45th, but more rioters are gathering further up Lex."

    "There is a wall of police in front of Penn Station, they've shut down and blocked off West 34th. The crowd there is dispersing."

    "The new crowd on Lex has just been flanked by police from East 47th! They're running south!"

    "Rioters have been attempting to throw bricks through the windows at Grand Central on East 42nd, but the windows are too high and the bricks are falling short!"

    "Several cars have been set on fire on Park, the power has flickered several times."

    "I am going to switch to cell phone video, this is live from a viewer inside Grand Central Terminal's lower level, rioters have broken into the Apple Store, several restuarants, but note that they aren't looting, they are just smashing everything."

    "Lexington has been cleared of rioters, the police are charging them with a shield wall."

    "VPD has cleared the Verington Library and is advancing up East 42nd. The rioters at the Terminal are going to be flanked!...They are running!"

    "This is Linden, broadcasting from Chopper 4, I am seeing people assembling on Hadden Bridge, this is the bridge that carries 8 different rail lines over the East River...and there's a new crowd forming on East 46th and 3rd Ave...rioters on Hadden Bridge are trying to cut the overhead wires! Hopefully that guy knows they carry 11,000 volts of electricity..."

    "SHOTS FIRED on Madison and East 41st, we are going to have to move again." The crowd has been broken in half, some of them are coming down Madison. THERE IS AN OFFICER DOWN ON MADISON AVE."

    "A firefighting boat has arrived just south of Hadden Bridge...they are going to try and blast the are seeing live footage from DTV's Chopper 4 over Hadden looks like someone made contact with the wires! A burning body just fell into the East River!...a train is pulling up onto the bridge and rioters are encircling it...rioters are throwing objects at a train on Hadden Bridge!...THE TRAIN IS FULL OF NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS!...Rioters are fleeing Hadden Bridge!"

    "Rioters are fleeing Grand Central Terminal at East 42nd...everyone is leaving, no one is going in anymore...something is happening inside the Terminal! There are rioters pouring OUT of Grand Central!"

    "The crowd from Hadden Bridge is about to be sandwiched between VPD and National Guard units! Oh, they see it now! They are breaking north and south!"

    "National Guard troops are coming out of Grand Central Terminal! How did they get there? Must have arrived on trains? I don't think the rioters saw that coming!? East 42nd has been retaken!"

    "Penn Station and West 34th are all quiet."

    "I don't see any more rioters at Grand Central on East 45th, East 42nd, or Park Ave. VPD and National Guard have retaken the Terminal and the streets around it."

    "Verington Police are moving up Madison and Lex...the rioters are scattering!"

    "I just saw two groups back into each other on Lex...the crowd is trapped...they are surrendering."

    "The National Guard has secured Hadden Bridge. Search and rescue is being performed on the East River for the people who fell off the bridge."

    "Verington Police are going building to building on Lex, people are fleeing into any door they can reach."

    "A bus just unloaded a bunch of police at East 42nd and Lex. They are using the mass transit system against the rioters!"

    "The riots are really breaking up now, a remnant mob just ran into National Guard on East 46th."

    "I see a lot of people lying on East 47th with their hands up."

    "A crowd moving down Madison Ave has seemingly evaporated in the past 3 minutes."

    "There is a new, smaller crowd gathering south of the World Trade Center. They won't get far though, VPD has that area barricaded."

    "The Maelir has declared curfew. All people other than law enforcement and emergency personnel must be off the streets by 10 PM tomorrow night."

    "The riots near Grand Central appear to have been successfully broken up, I don't see any new crowds forming anywhere in Midtown. Linden, do you see anything new from the bird?"

    "Nothing from up here. The crowd at the World Trade Center has dispersed on its own. It looks like the riots are over."

    "This is still a developing story, stay tuned in to DTV for coverage of the damage and potential casualties."

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    "...If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours, seek medical attention immediately. Other side effects include headache, upset stomach, back pain, nausea, indigestion, and death. Talk to your doctor about Viagra! Viagra, when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight!"

    *Fade to black*

    "Aaaaaand we're back! This is Politics Live, and I am your host, Alex Grant! Tonight, we have a special guest on the show, meet Marc Grenouille of Miraco, a candidate for Premier of the European Union!"

    ALEX: Many young Duxburians in university and entering the workforce are intriqued by your plan to cross-recognize foreign credentials. How would country-by-country differences in education and trade rank be reconciled?

    MARC: In terms of cross-recognition of foreign credentials I want to cite the success of the European Healthcare Accreditation Act which allowed for medical credentials to be recognised throughout the EU provided the meet a certain standard. What I want is to expand this act and generalise it so we can establish minimum set guidelines for what we can and cannot accept and all programmes in the EU conforming to these standards or exceeding them can be recognised throughout the EU. Countries are still free to determine their own curriculum and secondary institutions can do what they want, essentially I want post secondary institutions to work much like K-12 education where students can transfer between member nations without having to start over through complicated procedures, equivalent programmes will be recognised and those that are not can have a special testing procedure that will be much faster than having to get a new certification completely. We also want to create an EU ranking system so we can recognise prestigious institutions which do conform to these standards we will agree upon.

    ALEX: Many Veringtonians are concerned about a drop in wages and salaries in the city if immigration controls are relaxed. How do you plan on balancing enhanced freedom of movement across the EU with wage and salary stability?

    MARC: In terms of immigration control let me assure you that I am not in the business of telling each member state how to determine their immigration policy, they are free to do themselves. We are simply going to work on making it easier for people to get jobs with foreign credentials provided they meet a certain standard, we want to unify terms and definitions related to legislature to ease mobility, help countries with refugees by providing aid packages to ease integration into the new host country. We want common visas for students to help exchange programmes. We want to broker talks to have open border programs such as those that exist in western Europe between Miraco, Icholasen and the UK but we will not force anyone to open up their borders against their will. So to the people of Verington we realise your concerns and assure you that our immigration policy will not override your own nor will they affect wages and salaries in the negative, if anything with additional jobs and resources we can create a better EU for everyone.

    ALEX: What is your vision for how European member states could work more closely together, without giving up their diverse cultures and laws?

    MARC: Our vision for the European union is not one where all laws are derived from Europolis but rather we wish to strengthen our weakest members and work to stabilise a region that has been plagued by stagnation and instability. We want to harmonise our definitions and common legislative language so that we can effectively plan with each other and coordinate our efforts. We need to push to recognise each other and work together rather than to hide away and pretend other members don't exist, but with opening ourselves up we don't have to lose our diversity. I view the EU as a sort of internet of nations where we can set up standards and regulations that will help us become usable by different browsers but at the same time maintain our freedom to do what we want.

    ALEX: With the rise of networking technology like Ripple, the Duxburian government concluded that taxing income was now technologically infeasible, and switched to taxing consumption. How would you control the flow of capital between increasingly digital borders?

    MARC: In terms of taxing income, we recognise that it's not feasible in certain areas, and let me assure you that by cracking down on this action I do not mean punishing those who are guilty, we simply want to incorporate transparency and traceability in these shady activities and allow member nations to take action. We want to expose those who use shell corporations to offload millions and billions of Euros to another EU nation to avoid taxation and leave it up the various member states to take action.

    ALEX: Duxburian electors are very unfamiliar with the Internal Affairs platform of your down-ballot pick, Mezlir Josephine-Charlotte De Riviere. What are her plans for the Office?

    MARC: In terms of my choice for internal affairs Mezlir is an excellent candidate with experience in legislature and pushing for change which are essential in trying to push forward our agenda. In terms of what I would like to see happen I would like to see the commissioner working on protecting minority languages, establishing committees for shared languages such as a Francophonie where we can discuss curricula set our objectives for learning and debate grammatical rules. I would also like to see some more work on cultural events such as a Museum exchange programme so that we can showcase the EU's diverse culture throughout various nations. I would love it if we can have her speak for herself but I hope this gives you a clue into what we hope to achieve.

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    ALEX: Next up on Politics Live is Antony Nemiro, a seasoned expert on Duxburian elections. He is here to give us a detailed analysis of tomorrow's Commission election.

    ANTONY: I'm Antony Nemiro, CEO of Nemiro, Ltd. I'd like to discuss a possible electoral map based on polling data and computer model runs of the election. Due to several unique factors in this Commission cycle, it may produce an electoral map unlike any I've ever seen.

    Three dominions should really stand out. The first is Laatzalveria. This is consistently the most conservative dominion, so to see it breaking hard for Grenouille is extraordinary. However, it becomes easier to understand why when you take the now-repealed Nuclear Weapons Act into account. That was a piece of Commission-sponsored legislation, and it crashed the Dominion's economy. For two quarters, Laatzalveria endured economic depression, and still remains in recession. Throw in an oil strike and military budget cuts hitting the dominion's other major industries, and you get one of the most broken places in Europe. A turnout rate over 90% and an abstention rate over 90% two Commission elections ago was an unprecedented show of disapproval. Unfortunately for Grenouille, much of Laatzalveria's vote is still going to Abstain this time, so his advantage may be less than it otherwise could have been. This Dominion is bad for Whiteford, but it does not sink her. Laatzalveria is the largest Dominion by land area, but is depauperate in comparison to most others.

    The next is Hasilthec, which is in a literal tie. This populous Dominion could go either way - it's the most diverse one, with a bit of everything. This makes Hasilthec notoriously difficult to predict. Winning Dominions has no formal impact in a European Commission election, but there's a strong psychological one. Hasilthec is the 4th most populated Dominion and one that you want in your W column.

    I saved Verington for last. This Dominion is trending heavily for Whiteford, which would be an absolute disaster for Grenouille. Verington is the beating heart of the Duxburian economy. This is the most populous Dominion by far, and vote totals are what matter in a Commission election. It's also a stronghold of Emerett voters, who carried her to Duxburian victory last cycle. I've called Anja Emerett the ace of Whiteford's team - she can excite this Dominion's massive, massive millennial base and bury Grenouille. Grenouille actually leads Whiteford among millennial voters nationally, so without Emerett, I'm not sure that Whiteford even carries this Dominion!

    There are several other surprises. Westeria is trending toward Grenouille and Linden could go to Whiteford. Given their political positions, this is the opposite of what you'd normally expect in a Duxburian election. Westeria is a fairly conservative Dominion, Linden is a heavily industrial Dominion and should naturally go strongly in Grenouille's favor. The City of Linden itself does overwhelmingly favor Grenouille. However, Linden includes Dairghazbury and Lamington - and that's Emerett territory. Like with Verington, I don't think Whiteford would actually take Linden if it weren't for Emerett.

    With polls giving Whiteford 51% and Grenouille 49% of the non-Abstain vote, I continue to consider this race too close to call. Whiteford may be in trouble if Grenouille can turn out big numbers in Laatzen and Westeria. However, Emerett-fueled Verington and Linden will bury Grenouille unless his own millennial vote shows up in force. Overall turnout is projected at 50-60%, a big improvement from the record low numbers of the past two cycles. It will be an interesting election to watch for sure!

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    *Generic political stock track plays*

    ALEX: We're back with special election day coverage! Voters head to the polls today to decide between Eilidh Whiteford or Marc Grenouille for Premier of the European Union. Adam, break down what we've seen so far.

    *Camera pans to Adam Lansk standing beside interactive studio map*

    ADAM: This is what we are seeing based on exit polls. I just want to note that it's still very early, the polls will not close until 10 PM. We still have a long way to go and things may shift considerably. That said, Grenouille currently leads Whiteford, 53% to 47% among non-abstain votes. I'm going to zoom into some spots of interest.

    Of particular interest is the Dominion of Linden. Grenouille leads, 50.4% to 49.6%. The 15-20 demographic is breaking heavily for him. Look at the City of Linden! Backing Grenouille by a 4 to 1 margin! WOW! However, the 21-30 demographic is going 3 to 1 for Whiteford in Dairghazbury and Lamington. Turnout is fairly light, but it is still early.

    Now, let's examine Chirez. The interior is Whiteford country, but the coastal cities are turning out for Grenouille in huge numbers. Whether that's enough to flip the dominion remains to be seen.

    On to Kendrevaria, which is going 55% to 45% for Whiteford. This is better than expected, we'll see if that margin holds up.

    And here is Hasilthec, currently 53% to 47% in Grenouille's favor. That is not good news for Whiteford.

    Hasna is interesting, it's leaning 52.2% to 47.8% in favor of Grenouille. It's expected to be an easy Whiteford victory.

    And, like Nemiro last night, I have saved Verington for last. Verington is projected to be a landslide for Whiteford, but she currently leads by only 51.8% to 48.2%. However, if we look at the head to head matchup numbers from yesterday, we get this:

    VOTE %
    EMERETT (EPA)70.5
    DE RIVIERE (IND)29.5

    So, Verington's exit polls are consistent with the opinion polls, if voters are primarily voting for Whiteford. However, if they are primarily voting for Emerett, that margin could explode. The Nemiro and Blackstone University projections are pretty confident in this outcome. For now, all we can do is wait and watch. All eyes are on Verington!

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    ADAM: We have new results to discuss! Here is our current best guess of where each dominion stands as of 6 PM:

    Again, as before, it needs to be noted that this map is based off exit poll responses and could still shift greatly once actual votes start being counted. There's still 4 hours to go, so anything could happen.

    At this time, only Laatzalveria, Alveran, and Laatzen are actually progressing as projected by the major players. Westeria is going stronger for Grenouille than projected, Kaumbrennia is going stronger for Whiteford than projected.

    I want to draw your attention to Kendrevaria, Linden, and Chirez - all three of these dominions have become a virtual tie. They are all exit polling Grenouille 50%, Whiteford 50%, out of the non-abstain votes.

    Grenouille still leads in Hasna and is just barely clinging to Hasilthec.

    Steward Maximillian's endorsement of Grenouille is clearly helping his numbers, even in Verington, which continues to not show signs of breaking out for Whiteford. It's looking like the election will be made or broken down in Verington.

    We're going to take a commercial break, and then we'll be back with more news!

    *More corny political-themed stock music plays*

    *Fade to black*

    *Fade in to just a fairly youthful man in a button down and jeans standing in front of a window with the Verington city skyline in the background*

    "Good evening, Duxburian Union! I'm Brandeus Devoy, the real one, and I bought out the entire ad block, so I could talk with you about a very important issue. While you're at the polls voting in the Commission election, have you stopped to wonder what happened to our own election? This is a "5" year, we are due for a general election. Where is it? Long story short, the Steward doesn't want to call one. If the 312th passes without a general election, he'll be in power for another 5 years. Think about what has happened since Maximillian took power, are you better off than before? You out there in Laatzalveria, are you better off? You struggling along at the bottom of Dairghazbury, are you better off? Don't you want change?

    I recently presented a Citizen's Challenge that would get the general election rolling right now! But, it needs your help in order to become reality - it needs 1 million signatures. If you want change, real change, if you want your voice to really be heard, please go to citizenpower.du and add your name! It will only take a minute of your time, I promise.

    Before I leave you, will you also consider voting for Anja Emerett in the Commission election? She understands what it feels like to be frustrated, forgotten, and ignored. Emerett has energy and passion that the other candidates lack. She has a well-thought out and comprehensive platform for Internal Affairs. I'm endorsing her because she fundamentally understands what's broken in Europe, and she might actually be the one who finally turns it around. Let's stop protest voting and start reform voting. Won't you give her a chance?

    Think your vote doesn't matter, think you don't make a difference? You're wrong. Every Duxburian has the power to change the world. You have the power to put a team in Europolis that can fix the Commission. You have the power to tell the Steward to screw off so we can elect new leadership. When we come together and unite our voices, there isn't anyone who can stop us, ignore us, or deny us the world we want to see. Stand up for the world you want, or sit down for the world you have. Will you stand and help?"

    *Brandon extends his hand to the viewer, slowly fading to black*

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    ALEX: We're back, and a lot has changed in only two hours!

    ADAM: Just when we thought Grenouille might pull this one out, the ever mysterious Brandon Devoy shows up and drops an endo on Emerett! He bought out a whole block of air time and just talked....I've never seen anything like that in my 38 years watching Duxburian politics. The Steward's endorsement is powerful, but Devoy's is like matching a key with the lock that it opens. Devoy has a serious, serious cult following in the tech world and among millennials - the people in the places that now hold this election in their hands.

    ALEX: Let's go out to Jill on the streets of Verington. Jill, what impact has the Devoy talkmercial had upon turnout?

    JILL: ...It's incredible, thousands upon thousands of 20somethings and 30somethings have come out of the woodwork. In the past 2 hours, the line at Verington's 24th Electoral District has blossomed from just outside the doors to 5 blocks down the street. I got to talk to several, and the sentiment was very similar, they were lukewarm about voting, but Devoy was the nudge they needed to get out the door. By a show of hands, there are some Grenouille voters, some Whiteford voters, and then the rest are all Emerett or actually Devoy voters. Both of the latter translate to Whiteford votes, so yeah, this is the moment we've been anticipating. This is the landslide in Verington. And, we still have 2 hours to go before the polls close!

    ALEX: Let's show our viewers the updated map:

    As you can see, Verington has gained much darker shading on the map. It's currently going 58% to 42% in favor of Whiteford, a huge swing from the 6 o' clock update. Grenouille is still ok, but needs to stay above 40% to have a good chance of winning the election. If Grenouille were to fall to 35%, it would be very difficult to win, and under 30% would be certain defeat. The Dominion of Verington has that much population.

    Also a huge concern for Grenouille is the swing in Kendrevaria back to Whiteford's column, along with Linden, Hasilthec, and Hasna. Brandon Devoy has unexpectedly shaken up the narrative in the City of Hasilthec - that was his ancestral home. The burning question is whether the city will start trending hard for Emerett (Whiteford)...

    Chirez has swung back Grenouille's way, but it's little consolation. Chirez doesn't have the population to balance out big turnout in Verington, let alone swings in the other population rich dominions. After a strong start, Grenouille is definitely faltering.

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    ALEX: We have a new update as polls close. To all our viewers out there who are still trying to vote, as long as you get into the line by 10:00 sharp, you will not be turned away. No matter how long that line is, you will still be allowed to vote. Local police should start to move to the end of the line to ensure that everyone there can vote and no one new can join. If you are standing in line and the cop is behind you, you're good to go!

    ADAM: This has become a previously-unexpected issue, we are getting reports of huge lines now across many of our big cities. There are many more last minute voters than projected. Here is the last exit poll map:

    The election has taken a hard turn against Grenouille in its final 4 hours. You can see that Verington is even darker blue than it was at 8 PM. Whiteford now leads 66% to 34%.

    Margins in Kendrevaria and Hasna have mostly held steady, but Linden and Hasilthec have made moves in Whiteford's direction. She leads 54% to 46% in Linden and 55% to 45% in Hasilthec.

    Laatzalveria appears to have actually lightened a bit in shading, which is fascinating! We think some of the voters favoring Abstain have been swayed to vote Emerett (Whiteford).

    Whiteford now leads Grenouille, 55.8% to 44.2% nationally. At this time, we here at Dominion TV are calling the Commission election in favor of Whiteford.

    We do not believe that Grenouille can make up the gap. The population base in the dominions favoring him is tapping out, while that Whiteford/Emerett/Devoy storm in Verington, Linden, and Hasilthec continues unabated. There is still significant population waiting on line in the City of Verington, Dairghazbury, Lamington, and the City of Hasilthec.

    ALEX: Dominion TV's final projection is between 57% and 60% for Whiteford and between 40% and 43% for Grenouille. We will bring you the final map once results are announced in the morning.

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