Arda En' Estel

  • **Region Name:** Arda En' Estel

    **Brief Region Description:** A place of Equality, where the people elect the admins and there are no bad ideas... Playful Banter and People who can act annoying but are actually awesome (See: The Fox) 
    **Nation of Region's 'Leader':**  We elect our leaders, but our founder nation is The Republic of Arda en Estel
    **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one):**   Certainly, Good Friends:
    **Other important details:**  We are a growing region, very active and lively.
    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?** Yes please, and I would like a truck load *chuckles posh-ly*

  • Did I put this in the wrong place? Sorry if I did


  • Apologies for the delay in responding to this application. ((Usually Embassy Apps would be placed here (click), but no worries :D))

    Your brand new embassy can be found here.

    I will soon get in touch to set up an embassy in your region!

    Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Eric Hitchens

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