A Secret Agenda

  • "Sir, General Webel has arrived"

    "Allow him in"

    Somewhere in the south of Davishire a group of generals were meeting, unofficially, in a secluded farmhouse. Located some 50 miles from the nearest town it was the perfect spot for Dangerous talk away from the prying eyes of the Government and the world renound Davishirian Intelligence and Security Services. Generals Webel and Farbel and Colonel Mantern

    "General Webel, thank you for coming. I am sure you are aware of what we discuss here"

    "Indeed sir, Operation Proton is ready sir.

    Webel passed the dossier to Farbel who read it...

    "so we have three units currently operational?"

    "Indeed we do sir, three units operational with a further 5 under construction due for completion within weeks. We could have a grouping of some 100-200 units within 12 months sir"

    "Very good Farbel"

    At this point Mantern began to speak,

    "That is jolly good news sir, I can confirm that the government has no idea what is going on here. We should be able to put our plan into effect almost immediately sir."

    "Very well, begin phase 1 as instructed, one unit used to persuade the government away from its course of pacifism and weakness"

    At this point Mantern walked over to a telephone, picked it up and dialed a number.

    "Allo Allo this is nighthawk, the sparrow has left the nest"

    A reply of "understood" came down the line before the officer hung up.

    "I think it is time for a celebration sir. A toast, to a greater Davishire!"

    The three officers gave the toast, and a lone aircraft took off from an abandoned airfield in the north of Davishire, headed toward the Teutonic State with a unit on board...

  • The mission the aircraft was on was totally unofficial, the government new nothing of what was going on. Being members of the establishment allowed the generals to finish research and development on a weapon Davishire had never seen before. Taking place in secret with support from the original Prime Minister David Cameron it was bankrolled by the treasury and several high level Davishirian investors.

    The aircraft was flying low over the sea to avoid radar having already flown west to prevent tracking what was about to happen to Davishire. He opened his procedure book which was in a tamper proof sealed bag, he validated the launch code with which he was issued.. The pilot, checking his GPS saw that his target was now only 100 miles away, approaching from the southwest he removed the yellow and black switch from the firing button, and pushed it....

    With a jolt the weapon was away, hugging the ground at huge speeds, the deed was done. With the missile hurtling towards its target, unstoppable there was nothing at this point anyone could do. Once it hit Europe would never be the same...