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    Update on the ERF and Europolis Security (EuroSec)

    Attention all,

    I want to make you all aware that the current ERF roster has been updated. The roster can be found here. Personnel and vehicles provided by inactive nations have been released. New volunteers and vehicles have been accommodated in their place. Hopefully this refreshed ERF will be in good shape to be deployed if ever needed be in the near future.

    In addition to arming our ERF, we will continued to have our equipment produced and supplied by Silverdunes Security, which will also be arming EuroSec. With the help of Silverdunes Security, it can be guaranteed that the ERF and EuroSec will be armed with the highest quality equipment to keep us all safe.

    Please also be aware of the new safety and security procedures in Europolis.

    Thank you,

    Premier Commissioner

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