Safety and Security Procedures in Europolis

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    Attention everyone,

    I would like to notify you all that security measures and procedures concerning the EU’s institutions in Europolis will now be mostly normalized, and will be returning primarily to their previous state. Most of the changes made by Commissioner Asquith-Robinson will be over-turned, save for a few that will be kept/modified.

    First and foremost, the Defence Commissioner will no longer have the power to decide who can enter the Council building, or any building in which he/she does not have direct jurisdiction. As before, this privilege will be at discretion of that building’s primary authority/and or its public relations policies. As such, the Speaker will once again be charged with the task of deciding who is allowed on and off the Council floor, and will have limited say concerning the public viewing galleries. Again, this jurisdiction has to comply with lawful public relations practices.

    Security screening will continue to take place as a precaution in all of the EU’s institutions. However, exceptions will be made for esteemed figures of importance, who will be able to skip this process provided they notify the appropriate person of jurisdiction with their visit beforehand (i.e. notify the Speaker if visiting the Council).

    EuroSec armed guards shall also continue to be stationed at all of the necessary entrances and exits, within institution buildings, as well in the areas where people are being searched.

    Security will also continue to be extra vigilant concerning crimes and possible acts of terrorism.

    Thank you,

    Premier Commissioner

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