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    Henreich Elected Governor
    Lifar, APOLLON MUSAGATE - The Democratic State of Apollon Musagete finally has its own leader. After a lengthy election that one would think could only be seen on television, Mr. Mitch Henreich has been elected Territorial Governor by the people of Apollon Musagete.

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    Newly Elected Territorial Governor Mitch Henreich

    Henreich, 43, was educated in Balanvinski's public school system, graduating from Hendrixico High School. At Klein-Schlick University, Henreich earned his bachelor's degree in Political Science. Immediately following, Henreich enrolled at the prestigious University of the Meritocracy and earned a master's degree in Government and Public Policy. In 1979, at age 25, Henreich was elected to Hendrixico City Council, where he served for 16 years, including eight years as Mayor of Hendrixico. In 1995, Henreich was appointed as Secretary of Administrative Affairs in the Balanvinskian president's cabinet. He enjoyed marginal success in this position, and the Balanvinskians were wholeheartedly apathetic about Henreich and his position.

    In 2002, Henreich was sent into exile as a result of (fmr.) Supreme Ruler Domenick Varburn's election and subsequent dismantling of the Balanvinski Democracy. Henreich sought political refuge in Objectivist Chimps, Balanvinski's southern neighbor, where he quite literally, "worked with monkeys." Following the "Slater Revolution," led by current Balanvinskian President Tim Legend, a few months ago, Henreich returned to his native Balanvinski and worked as a lobbyist in the capital of Stravchine.

    Henreich ran on a platform of economic development and protecting the status-quo "Apollons" have grown accustomed to in their native Balanvinski. In a hectic and overly-populated first election, Henreich garnered 33% of the public's support amid a field of some 13 candidates, including a convicted criminal, a known religious reactionary zealot and an adult film star.

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    Prospective Lt. Gov. Maggie Clare

    The runner-up, with 23% of the vote, was Maggie Clare. Ms. Clare, a self-proclaimed, "sensible Christian," is expected to be appointed Lt. Governor by Mr. Henreich. In the run-off election, Mr. Henreich narrowly defeated Ms. Clare by a margin of 52%-48%.

    Reporting by Gunder Kingling, with Veronique Rembrandt in Stravchine