Reports of Nuclear Explosion

  • The Davishirian Councillor entered the chamber,

    "Fellow councillors, I wish to report a grave matter to you. I shall read a very brief prepared statement. Today in the Teutonic States the Davishirian Armed Forces were engaging a shore battery which had fired upon a Davishirian/Femetion convoy carrying the final parts to the new Davishirian missile defence system. Ground troops were deployed to destroy the treat. It has been reported that the Davishirian Forces were attacked with a small nuclear warhead, initial reports that the explosion was in the range of 10 to 20 kiloton, although this is an estimation and is not fact. This report is currently being investigated but the evidence is said to be substantial. As I am sure you appreciate the Davishirian Government has requested I advise the council of this matter.

    The Davishirian Government has asked me to assure the council that the Government of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks is not involved in the incident and we are investigating the reports. We will be sending more forces to the area to assess the situation and at this time we do not need significant international assistance"

  • ((((OOC: HI y'all, so after discussing this with the head of our war system, and after a few have privately voiced complaints over how fast this happened, with little Out of Character Discussion, the fact the last time this project was mentioned before recently was rightly about two-three years ago with little RP (That can be found) since then. So for now there will be an OOC discussion, since its unlikely such a project would occur in such secrecy and succeed. With no real life equal to this situation there must be a discussion, or else we might risk blowing up Europe and retconning it anyways. If you wish to join the discussion come join the skype chat. Finally, so for now this discussion will be closed pending some further notice shortly. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience to all parties.))))

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