Elections du Miraco 2016 - Platforms

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    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Bonjour et bienvenue mesdames et monsieurs, c'est Jacques Voisin avec toi. Aujourd’hui c'est Aout 3 et nous allons discuter l'élections. Good morning and welcome to our broadcast today here live from Mertz, today we are covering the upcoming elections and hosting the candidates who are vying to become our next Prime Minister. Joining us today we have Marie La Pen from the National Front, the new and upcoming Alexis Bauge from LPT, Marc Grenouille our current Prime Minister, and we will later host Green Party leader and the Conservative leader in the next upcoming section, so let us begin."

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Première chose, Mr. Grenouille, as our current prime minister you were responsible for a lot of the changes we saw under your administration including remilitarisation of our nation and the controversial Mirexit, Madame Bauge accused you of bowing to pressures from the right wing and says that you have effectively shifted our nation further down the centre than previous Socialist governments, how do you respond to these charges."

    Marc Grenouille: "Excellent question, I would first like to address the charge that these movements were pressures from the right-wing, the Mirexit was a necessary step towards control of our monetary policy, we could not maintain our place in the Eurozone because our own currency would be valued at twice that amount. Staying shackled to the Euro would have prevented us from striking trade deals with similar sized economies and would have adversely affected our population. The Eurozone was also on the brink of collapse and so it was a necessary transition to maintain our economy because the collapse would have been devastating for our country, therefore let us dismiss the charge that this was a move to appease the right-wing."

    Marc Grenouille: "The second thing I wish to address is the re-introduction of the military, despite being a push from our right wing this was an important step that we worked together to achieve, Northern Europe is highly unstable and being a nation that is close in proximity puts us at risk, and so we need a military to be able to hold our waters and our land in case of war spilling over into Western Europe. Miraco is a proud nation that needs a military so that we no longer have to be reliant on anyone else. Our leadership was undermined by these policies but I do believe that during my term as Prime Minister the country was undergoing a transition period and our policies were necessary to help the switch, otherwise we would have seen a complete collapse in our economy and possibly been at risk for action by our rouge nations, we are now a strong economy with more trade deals than ever, and the potential for further growth"

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    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Excellent response, let's move on to Marie La Pen, Marie what are the main points of your platform for this upcoming election"

    Marie La Pen: "Merci pour votre question. My main concern for our nation is the increasingly damaging effects of the Official Language Act which elevated English to an official language in Miraco, providing bilingual services discriminates against thousands of Miracans that are not able to speak English for jobs and I will not stand for it. Our platform is simple: we wish to revoke the Official Language Act, reform the immigration policy to make sure that only skilled migrants of a compatible culture can come into our country, we cannot simply admit those who reject our culture under the guise of tolerance and multiculturalism. We wish to work with other French nations to establish a Francophonie so that we can work together in the fields of media, publication, sports, etc... we will also cut unnecessary spending and maintain a balanced budget. We cannot keep giving out handouts to those who refuse to work, our socialist security net has been exploited far too much and we must reverse that policy if we are to succeed as a nation."

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Thank you again, now let us turn to Madame Bauge, how would the LPT change things if elected?"

    Alexis Bauge: "Thank you, our platform is comprehensive and we have several goals, our agenda starts with massive reform to our governance structure, we intend to abolish the house of lords. It is an outdated and elitist institution that is not elected and costs us far too much and since they are selected by the Prime Minister they are at risk for corruption, instead we advocate for unicameral governance and will ensure that happens under our leadership. With the money we save we will inject it into a new free public transit scheme to ensure freedom of mobility throughout urban areas in our nation and work on creating a minimum income scheme. We advocate for a higher minimum wage which will tie into our mincome scheme. These are the most significant changes we are advocating for, otherwise we are going to work hard to expand environmental protections and expand healthcare and education initiatives which would make it more accessible to people."

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Thank you for that response Madame. Unfortunately the conservative leader and green party leader are having difficulty with the satellite uplink so we must delay their segments until later. Let's take a break now and we will return shortly"

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    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Let us once again turn back to Mr. Grenouille. How would the socialists work in a potential second term?"

    Marc Grenouille: "Thank you for your question, we are going to work to strengthen ties to other European nations, we will set up a commission tasked with studying and auditing the house of lords so that we can make the upper house non-partisan. We would work hard on strengthening national institutions and expanding our social safety net by investing more money into welfare and social assistance programmes, and we would work with the LPT on pushing forth a bill on free public transit"

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "So you agree that public transit should be a guaranteed right in Miraco?"

    Marc Grenouille: "Absolutely the socialist party believes in our charter of rights which guarantees freedom of mobility and so we believe that publicly funded public transit is a step in that direction, and we would be willing to work with the LPT to realise that vision"

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "We managed to get the Green party leader, Elisabeth Mays via uplink, Ms. Mays your opponents are supporting the idea of publicly funded free-to-use public transit, what do you have to say about this?"

    Elisabeth Mays: "It has been a long vision of our party to ensure that this happens, however the proposals put forth by the socialists that they will work with LPT to make this happen are nonsensical, we simply cannot afford it in our current state and raising taxes would not be seen as a favourable move. Instead the Green Party advocates for the creation of a carbon tax to fund this endeavour so that wealthier Miracans who output more carbon can pay their fair share for those who wish to lower their impact. We also advocate for continued investment in our public transit sector and to phase out costly diesel based trains and busses in favour of electric vehicles which would cost us a fraction of the cost to operate and maintain"

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Excellent response Madame Mays. Let's take another break before turning to the conservative party on their views"

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    Jérémie Pierlot: "Thank you, and apologies for the technical difficulties earlier. Let me address Madame Mays regarding the matter of carbon taxes, the conservative party does not support this initiative at all, nor do we support a universal public transit scheme, it is unnecessary and will only burden our tax payers. Instead we we would open up our system to the private sector who can provide much more efficient service at a fraction of the cost which would give us much needed improvements and would result in lower and more affordable public transit schemes. My colleges seem to be living in a world where budgets balance themselves, it is simply not feasible with our current economy, nor is it necessary since no other modern European nation has such a system"

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Thank you for your response, would you care to give us some insight into your platform? We are almost out of time"

    Jérémie Pierlot: "Certainly, the conservative party will work to eliminate wasteful spending by the earlier administrations and would work hard to strengthen our democracy. We fought hard for a referendum on the Mirexit and got a bill through parliament though this did not work out and we believe it is a detriment to the people of Miraco. We promise a referendum on the abolishment of the upper house rather than a bill, and we promise to investigate privatisation options to reduce the tax burden and invest in our infrastructure. We need more efficient and cost effective solutions for our country rather than to invest in these ludicrous tax schemes and national programmes, we will look to the private sectors to take on some of the failings of the government and we believe it will strengthen our country in the long term"

    Jacques Voisin (TVM): "Thank you. We are currently out of time, but we had a chance to hear from the candidates, you can see them again just before we hit the polls on the weekend of August 20th right here on TVM. Thanks again for joining us!"

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