Terrorist Strike On European Union

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    My Fellow Europeans,

    In the past several days, our region has been fundamentally shaken by an enemy who knows no bounds, and has no borders. In the most devastating attack in the region in recent history, the nations of Aesop Rocks, Belarum, and Triera were attacked by a group known as ?The Brotherhood?. This group, in an effort to strike at the values of not West or East, but those precious things valued by all regional citizens, detonated explosions in transportation hubs, public places, and packed business areas in these nations.

    These attacks can be considered monstrous in the very least. These terrorists, who have so far been confirmed as Alikhi nationals and proponents of fundamental Islam, have sought to do one thing: strike fear into the hearts of we Europeans who respect the cultures, morals, and beliefs of all peoples. Now, it is true that nations in our Union have squabbled over ideology. It cannot be denied that even I have held my personal biases in international politics, however well I tried to hide them and act in a fair manner. However, things have changed.

    Today is a day much different than the ones that have come before it. We in the West have been shown that we are not indestructible; there is no foolproof defense against all threats. But we must always affirm, and never forget, that the ideals we hold so dear to our hearts cannot be sacrificed for artificial protection from these enemies. In the words of great men past, ?the only thing we have to fear is fear itself?.

    Our days of squabbling amongst ourselves must end as well. It is why I call upon all nations of the EU to put aside their differences in order to work towards the defeat of this terrorist threat. I ask nations to share intelligence collected in the field, as well as coordinate with one another to apprehend any man or woman who poses a threat to not only a national population, but to any European in our esteemed Union.

    We can defeat this enemy, but it will take time, patience, and the greatest virtue attainable to mortal man. We must work together in our Parliament and Commission to bind the ties of the European Union, and we must not turn against each other in attempts to grab power or prestige. If we can do these things, and if we can work together in a spirit of brotherhood, than we are destined to succeed in our righteous fight in this new War on Terrorism.

    Thank you all for your time, and I want to extend to you all the deepest of gratitude for the grace exhibited by our entire region.


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