A listing of major events to help craft better backstories?

  • A question, which I think probably would be of interest to all of us country-builders. I think some may have gathered I'm trying to create as realistic a story as possible for both my country and the region as a whole. On all continents there are defining conflicts resulting from the fluidity of borders in the past, and that shapes how countries view each other, where religions end up being located, etc. etc.

    I was curious whether we had any sort of defining moments in history or whether it was safe to follow the timings of the major European conflicts - like the reformation, the Roman Empire, etc. etc.

    It'd be useful to have a list of those to then be able to build a credible country backstory and I guess others might be in the same boat.

  • I've always supported the idea of a /regional/ history or at least backstory, but there are many who do feel that why should we bother when many such events would need rechecking. Even power houses of nations, who were admins have left the forums over time. So it does create a lot of work many feel, so I think for now we should focus on countries building histories between each other on an individual basis instead of trying to create massive events until people feel comfortable with an idea as such.
    Like who was the Roman Empire in our EU, as multiple states do fit the area/meet the critea. Rosebourg encloses the Holy See, so it can be assumed that Rosebourg is Italy, and geographyically that has been accepted as Not-Italy, as Aalen is Not-Spain geographically. But it does not seem like Rosebourg is roman, unless it is. That is not even mentioning nations like Inquista, or Sitanova who seems more eastern European than german or romantic.

  • I support the idea. but like Aalen is saying, maybe it is better to create histories between individual countries and look wich countries can be compared with the Roman Empire, etc.

  • I support your idea Rosebourg. As many of you have seen i have been re-editing my nation´s story and what i have noticed, is that there isn´t a historical backround of the region, but as i also have notivced and as Aalen says, many nations have left the forum and makes it difficult to have a background. But maybe we could have a general backgroung wihtouht involving too much the present and past nations in this forum

  • Yes, I think the way you get around this is by generally describing the events without necessarily naming the protagonist countries in the central listing. Allow me to give an example, we could say that in our European Union there was a rush to colonise during the 16th to the mid-20th Century, and then countries can decide whether they were a part of that period or not and can then build in their country's lore the impact that that had and has on their country's standing. Similarly we can say that in the early 20th century two major world wars severely crippled Europe leading to the European Union, and we can mention that some of the countries were Allies and other Axis, again without needing to mention the countries. It would need more work of course, but that's my thinking.