Helgonic Armed Forces

  • Official Nation name: Free Republic of Helgoheim

    Conventional Nation name(s): Helgoheim


    Army (personnel): 35.000 (0 reserves)

    Air Force (planes): 30 (0 reserves)

    Navy (ships): 4 (0 reserves)

    Total military personnel: 37.160

    Total upkeep cost:

    Total IC's available: 582

    Total IC's used: 576


    Motorised Infantry: 1

    Mechanised Infantry: 3

    Airborne: 0

    Special Forces: 1

    Armour: 1

    Artillery: 1

    Fighter: 1

    Fighter-Bomber: 0

    Attack Helicopter: 0

    AWACS: 0

    Tanker: 0

    Transport: 0

    Bomber: 0

    Strategic Bomber*: 0

    Patrol Boat: 0

    Corvette: 0

    Frigate: 4

    Destroyer: 0

    Cruiser*: 0

    Transport Ship: 0

    Amphibious Assault Carrier: 0

    Helicarrier: 0

    Aircraft Carrier, Light: 0

    Aircraft Carrier, Standard: 0

    Supercarrier*: 0

    Attack Submarine, Diesel (SSK): 0

    Attack Submarine, Nuclear* (SSN): 0

    Cruise Missile Submarine, Nuclear* (SSGN): 0

    Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear* (SSBN): 0

    ICBM silo*: 0

    Mobile ICBM launcher*: 0

    Strategic Nuclear Warheads: 0

    Strategic Biological Warheads: 0

    Strategic Chemical Warheads: 0


    Satellites*: no

    Military Satellite Network*: no

    Space programme: no

    Space research programme*: no

    Nuclear technology*: no

    Nuclear weapons*: no

    Biological weapons*: no

    Chemical weapons*: no

  • Structure of the Helgonic Armed Forces

    The Helgonic Division consists of the Army Tactical Staff and does not have brigades or support troops directly under its command. The two brigades only has command over combat battalions, as combat support and logistic support units are grouped under various support centers. 1st Brigade consists of four combat battalions and is tasked with providing troops for regional deployments. 2nd Brigade consists of five battalions and is tasked with the defense of Helgonic territory. Support Centers contain the Army's combat support, combat logistic and general support units, and in some cases perform also tasks for the entire Helgonic Defense structure: i.e. the Logistic Regiment, Army Logistics Center and Defense Military Police Center provides operational units for the Army and overall logistic services to Army and Military Police units and functions for all of the Heelgonic defense establishment.

    Army Staff in Thousandbar

    • Helgonic Division - Army Tactical Staff in Farmarby
    • 1st Brigade - Army International Center in Farmarby
      • I Armored Battalion, Skjaldregiment
      • II Armored Infantry Battalion, Skjaldregiment
      • III Reconnaissance Battalion, Vikingrhusarregiment
      • V Training Battalion, Skjaldregiment
    • 2nd Brigade - Army Combat Center in Vellir
      • I Armored Infantry Battalion, Vikingrhusarregiment
      • I Armored Infantry Battalion, Vikingr Regiment
      • II Armored Infantry (Cadre) Battalion, Vikingrhusarregiment
      • II Armored Infantry (Cadre) Battalion, Vikingr Regiment
      • V Training Battalion, Vikingrhusarregiment
    • Service Branch Centers:
      • Army Combat and Fire Support Center in Vagranam
        • Army Combined Operations Training Center
        • 1st Helgonic Artillery Battalion
      • Engineer Regiment, Defense Engineering and CBRN Center in Vagranam
        • 1st Armored Engineer Battalion
        • 2nd EOD Battalion (includes two training companies)
        • 3rd Defense Construction Battalion
        • Driving School Southland
      • Signal Regiment, Defense Command Support Center in Farmarby
        • 1st HQ Battalion (includes one training company) in Farmarby
        • 2nd CIS Battalion
      • Logistic Regiment, Army Logistics Center and Defense Military Police Center in Vellir
        • 1st Logistic Battalion (includes two training companies)
        • 2nd Logistic Battalion
        • 3rd Maintenance Battalion
        • 4th National Support Battalion in Vellir (includes one training company)
        • 5th Military Police Battalion
        • Driving School North
      • Army Intelligence Center in Austrislev
        • 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (includes one training company)
        • 2nd Military Intelligence Battalion
        • Electronic Warfare Company in Farmarby (Part of 1st MIBTN)
    • Schools:
      • Army NCO School in Drangsnes
      • Helgonic Military Academy in Thousandbar administrative HQ
    • Other units:
      • Skjaldregiment administrative HQ in Farmarby
      • Vikingrhusarregiment administrative HQ in Vagranam
        • Mounted Squadron
      • Vikingr Regiment administrative HQ in Drangsnes
        • Vikingr Guard Company in Thousandbar
    • III Training Battalion, Vikingr Regiment

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