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    A House of the People?

    By Jared Edgar

    AACHEN, AALEN- Typically, whenever people in Aalen speak of people of great change, they normally look to the Great Houses; the Stonehearts, Windsors, Kligenbergs, De Illians, etc. however, I say instead of promoting conservative, consistent, lackluster houses whose aims are only to limit the power of the common people, we as a nation recognize House Killian of the Red Waters. Lead by the young Lord Liam, House Killian is a relatively minor house of the plains of central Aalen; while obviously older than the richest house in Aalen, the Kligenbergs, they possess something unique in all houses that still stand today. A lineage to Aaron the Righteous. For those of you unsure of the Aalenic political system, please bare with me while I attempt to describe to you, one of the most ridiculous things that Europe has seen and still stands today. I know that is saying a lot, but stay with me.

    The apex of Aalenic political culture and power is the First Prefect, who effectively is the Head of State and Government. The position has existed since James the Valiant declared Aaron the Righteous his successor as leader of the Aalanites, how succession worked there after was that the College of Peers (formerly Watchmen) would elect one of Aaron's descendants to fulfill the role. Making it somewhat hereditary, as the position was for life. The role would constantly switch between various branches of Aaron's House (House Gardener). However, around 1453, the last known living and recognized descendant of Aaron, John the Weak, was killed by a private mercenary sent by what is now to be believe House Stoneheart of the North Harbour. This completely destroyed the process which had worked for about two centuries worked fairly well was removed, this marked the beginning of the War of the Dusk, in which the First Cities fought amongst themselves for supremacy, the central plains of Aalen being key to this war. A notable event during this war, was the Battle of the Red Waters in which a certain knight, James Killian, lead an assault against a host of Natives which resulted in the deaths of over 5,000 Natives in the Plains of Aalen. Ending their last remaining large settlement, in a massacre that left no native alive. The First City of Killstock, granted KIllian the lands of the Red Water as a reward of his valiant service. Fast forward to 1897, at this point the First Cities peacefully under terms organized by House Kligenberg, reform into the Second Serene Republic of Aalen. The First Prefect's role effectively remained the same, however the position would simply shift between the various major houses. Currently it is held by Ryker the Just of House Stoneheart.

    Modern Aalenic politics focuses around family holdings, seats on the College of Peers are hereditary for the most part, save a few seats in The Citadel who holds no nobility. All 341 members of the College are nobles, or so important to be elected into the college, a difficult task since the position is for life. Before any European Lawyers get any idea, Aalen fulfills its UDoHR obligations by having annual town and county council elections. Effectively, fulfilling the right to direct representatives. While the College of Peers is not obligated to follow the First Prefect's decisions, it is a consistent move. To do so, could easily result in being stripped of titles and lands, as such most Lords and Ladies follow the First Prefect so that their children may hold onto what they have gathered. This is where Lord Liam comes into play, the College of Peers is obligated however, to choose a First Prefect who is related to Aaron the Righteous. Any descendant must not be recognized as being born in wedlock, so the knightly house from which House Killian began as effectively matters. As researchers at The Citadel have discovered that House Killian has direct lines to Aaron the Righteous through a bastard of his Great-Grandson, Jason the Strong. This bastard was known as Theon Killian (the Bastard surname of Killstock), Theon would later be knighted for service to the city of KIllstock, allowing him to form his own knightly house. While he hid his origins in order to garner a future without the stain of bastardry, his descendant in that of Liam might have use of it.

    Aalenic law makes no mention of the First Prefect has to be a true heir to Aaron, just a heir. This loophole effectively requires the College of Peers to elect Liam to the Freehold of the First Prefect. Hell, in my opinion they should appoint him now, and use their recall powers on Ryker. Now why is Liam so amazing? Why is his house the House of the People? Let me tell you why. Liam has grown up as a regular person, House Killian is not a major house, at best it is an upper middle class family if they lived in the United Kingdom. Every member of the house hold grew up normally, they do not even have a holdfast, rather their lands come from the water where blood ran centuries ago, Lord Liam has a history, and a college thesis, on commenting on why the Aalenic system of government is ineffective, unfair, and does not allow for proper change. He would push for a similar more similar to the Duxburian Union, keeping the College of Peers as a Foreign Affairs council, and creating an Assembly of Wardens who would represent the common people.

    This would only be the initial stages of his plan obviously, and would eventually work to remove the idea of nobility completely from Aalen. A total change in Aalenic social hierarchy, HIs system would allow the people of Aalen who are not the Top 2% to have a say, be able to push past their social sature, and remove ineffectual leaders from power. According to a study published by the University of Oxford, Aalen's College of Peers is the most ineffective legislature in the European Union, and it's members typically have the least amount of experience. This needs change, and Liam Killian can bring it.

    A brief history on Liam Killian will be posted later, as I try to collect records from The Citadel on his education, as well as recent practices in the College of Peers. However, this is the man Aalen needs, this is a person of great change. Liam the Great.

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