Helgon Airlines Group

  • Helgon Airlines Group

    Founded: 1 August 1976
    Hubs: Thousandbar Airport
    Airport lounge:

    • Gold Lounge
    • Lounge
    • Café Lounge
    • City Lounge

    Headquaters: Austrislev

    To request routes to your airports

    Nation name:


    From Thousandbar to (Airport and city name):

  • Nation name: Turkmenbaijan

    Airline: Qaviatsiya

    From Thousandbar to (Airport and city name): Airport Hava International, city of Arkhamnamabad

  • Nation Name: Sitanova

    Airline: National Airline

    From Thousandbar to (Airport and city name): George Lloyd International Airport, Saint Peter and Saint Paul City

  • Nation name: Federal Republic of Derecta

    Airline: Derectan Airways

    From Thousandbar to (Airport and city name):

    • Dikaíoma International Airport: Dikaíoma
    • Medorin Regional Airport: Marina
    • Sumanem Regional Airport: Abikon
    • Asdan Regional Airport: Iasium
    • Nettonia Regional Airport: Dexia
    • Oldenstar Regional Airport: Olyria
    • Cardissio Regional Airport: Syricus

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