Coronation of the King and Queen of Angleter

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    3PM, 5TH SEPTEMBER, 2016

    The Cathedral of St Gregory the Great, New Birmingham

    Hundreds of dignitaries, including no fewer than thirty-six foreign representatives from twelve countries* and the European Commission, will join HRAM King George V and HRH Queen Theodora for their coronation in the Cathedral of St Gregory the Great, New Birmingham. The coronation, which falls exactly six months to the day that the King ascended the throne, formally invests the King before God with the power, and duty, of the Apostolic Crown of Angleter. The coronation itself will be followed by a ball held at Elkhand Palace.

    * @Sitanova, @The-United-Kingdom, @Inimicus, @LycanBlack, @Rosebourg, @Turkmenbaycan, @Pravoslaviya, @Australia, @Inquista, @Duxburian-Union, @Icholasen, @Aalen, @SpaceX, @Marrakechia, @Fremet

    ((OOC: Feel free to RP yourselves arriving. Don't sit on the throne. Anyone who wants to attend but hasn't signed up can still do so here if they want.))

  • The SpaceX delegation arrives without notice at 2:30, and Sean Davar hands the invitation to the nearest person who seems to work here. "We're here for the coronation in 30 minutes, here are our requirements, thanks, we'll be in the Cathedral for the start." He and Mr Musk walk toward the enterance.

  • "I say, this is exciting."

    "Just try to behave, Barrington. Don't set everyone up against the Strathclydes. Or the Cocxes, for that matter."

    "You know me, Artie."

    "That's why I'm telling you."

    Artabanos hadn't seen the Angleteric Royals - or any of the European ruler class - for a long while; He had been extremely happy at receiving the invitation to this auspicious event. But of course, He had had to take someone with Him. He couldn't've taken Richard - not just for obvious reasons, but also because He thought Richard was just, well, not quite suited to such occasions, or to almost any occasion. So, there had been the choice. Christopher Strathclyde? No, no, his appearance would have encouraged European nations to start bombing Inimicus two minutes after the Inimician delegation had appeared. Sarah Gladwell, the Foreign Officer? She would have disappeared into a chamber with Archbishop Craticus after an hour, perhaps enhancing Inimician-Inquistan relations, but at what cost? So, the choice had been a simple one: Imperial Consul Marquis Maximillian de Barrington would have to accompany Emperor Artabanos. He was okay, Artabanos supposed. But was he capable of standing up to the creme of the region? Was he capable of behaving, well, like people behaved at this sort of occasions? Artabanos would see.

    At the very least, De Barrington seemed to be used to the formalwear. Dressed in military costume Himself, Artabanos looked at His counterpart in the armoured car, who was fiddling with the array of medals on his chest. "They're like bruises", the Emperor explained, "Don't touch them and hope for the best." De Barrington looked confused, and in a flash Artabanos could finally see the likeness Max had to his much older brother, Sir Augustus Barrington. He hoped no one at the coronation would notice His Consul looked like a famous right-wing climate change denier and anti-immigrationist - who was still serving on the National Imperial Council, yes, but only because he voted for everything Artabanos told him to vote for. That was his only use. Both fortunately and unfortunately, Maximillian was a lot more unpredictable. Artabanos had known him for years, even before He had taken over, first behind the scenes in 2011, then publically in 2014; Maximillian had been a vital ally. He had become powerful. Too powerful for Artabanos's liking, but there had not been a way to somehow get rid of him. Yet.

    Although, looking on the bright side, Artabanos realised that if His Consul somehow messed up tonight, that may at the very least provide a reason to oust him. Thoughts were raging through his head as the limo pulled to a halt in front of the rather spectacular venue. Marquis de Barrington managed to disembark from the car without dropping the many pounds of metal decorations on his uniform, and together the two entered the Cathedral of St Gregory the Great, where a welcoming delegation awaited them. Upon gazing on the Angleteric Throne, Artabanos was extremely tempted, but decided against taking a quick seat...

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    The delegation of misfits

    (L to R: Premier Anja Emerett, Bp. Karinn Lallana, Abp. Paul Craticus)

    If you told Archbishop Craticus that he would sitting side-by-side to Bishop Lallana in an Angleteric Cathedral just weeks ago, he probably would of tendered his resignation as the Inquistan head of church and state right then and there, but alas, this awkward occasion totally took him by surprise. Apparently nobody had informed him that Bishop Lallana would be attending the coronation as a special envoy. "How did she even get her name on the RSVP?", Craticus thought to himself. Brad the Intern must have put her name down on purpose to get back at his boss after the whole Adele incident. Craticus flew to Angleter using the Archbishop's private jet, while Bishop Lallana, in her ever so humble style, flew economy on a charter flight, so the two didn't cross paths until they awkwardly seated next to each other. Craticus had a sunken feeling that this trip wouldn't pan-out like he thought it would. Craticus was really hoping for a nice get-away from the recent drama unfolding in Inquista, but it looks like the drama will follow him here to the coronation. Craticus was actually looking forward to getting drunk at this point. "Please be one of those coronations", he whispered to himself. Bishop Lallana, on the other hand, knew very well that this encounter would happen, and took the liberty to break the ice as the two seated themselves.

    "Good to see you, Your Holiness", greeted Bishop Lallana.

    "What a pleasant surprise. I didn't take royal coronations as your type of thing?" replied Craticus.

    "Oh, they're my type of thing", smirked Bishop Lallana, as she pulled out a placard out of her coat. Craticus squinted as he gazed at the small placard. It read, 'END MONARCHY NOW - FULFILL DEMOCRACY'.

    Craticus immediately snatched the placard, and threw it directly behind him. "We already have Inquistans disrupting EuroVoice contests, we don't need to make trouble everywhere we go. Don't be an embarrassment", Craticus said scornfully.

    "It's because Inqusitans have a sense of morality - you wouldn't know a thing about it. We need to make a statement here. We need to stand up for democracy. You're supposed to be a man of conviction."

    "Nope, nope, nope, I'm not engaging with you. I've done well so far, staying away from what you say and I will continue to do so here", Craticus said turning to his left and hoping to see a different face to talk to. Just as Craticus turned, Premier Anja Emerett walked into the Cathedral. Premier Emerett walked down the aisle, and then made her way down one of the pews, and seated herself right next to Craticus. "Why me?" Craticus questioned as Premier Emerett made herself comfortable.

    "Hello", Premier Emerett said sweetly. This is the woman that Craticus had sacked from her ministerial position, and the two had fought bitterly in the College of Bishops.

    Craticus was now sandwhiched between Premier Emerett and Bishop Lallana. The two women gave each other a look and they smiled as they recognised the unfortunate akwardness for the Archbishop.

    "Your Holiness, you're sweating profusely, do want to borrow a handkerchief?", offered Premier Emerett.

    "Thank you very much, Premier, but I am fine. It's just hot in here", Craticus said as he pulled out his cellphone, blatantly making himself unsociable, trying to wait for the proceedings to begin.

    "He usually sweats in Church", Bishop Lallana said aloud. She then cupped her hands, and whispered over Archbishop Craticus to Premier Emerett, "He knows a Higher Power is watching him. Makes him very nervous."

    Craticus shook his head in disbelief. "Do you remember when I had to go on state visits along with Mikaela Kligenberg as a special envoy? I miss those days."

  • The Pravoslaviyan delegation had arrived at New Birmingham International Airport, and were waiting for their driver to arrive and take them to the Cathedral. Apostol Tsrvenovski was not happy.

    "This is a total waste of time. We could be there by now. We look like idiots."

    Dragan Trympov replied: "The real waste of time here is Mr. Apostol Tsrvenovski. Whose government organised this? What a mistake! Next time contract out to Trympov!"

    "Your service is no better, Dragan. That's why every business you ever have goes bankrupt."

    "Hey! That's not true, and at least I've never had a country go bankrupt!"

    "What? The country isn't ba-"

    King Dzvinomir rarely spoke, but when he did, he did so with a deep, gravelly, quiet voice. The sort that made everyone else shut up instantly. And so it was this time.

    "You are both embarrassing our country. Please stop embarrassing our country."

    Trympov waited a few seconds, then continued the debate. "Look, you know, I don't often agree with either of you, but I try to get along with everybody. It's only when people like Apost-"

    "People like me? People like me? I swear! This whole visit is all about getting respect for our country. Why are you even here? Nobody respects you!"

    "I'm here-"

    Apostol tried to continue, but was shut down by Dragan.

    "Excuse me! I'M HERE, because we need BUSINESS, we need GREAT DEALS, and we need JOBS. I alone can solve those things. That's how you get respect. We don't need bad deals from weak leaders like you. That's why His Majesty invited me. Isn't that right? Isn't that right?"

    The King remained silent. They all went silent for at least thirty seconds. Then the King finally spoke.

    "Driver's here. Let's go. I'm in front, right?"

    King Dzvinomir took off. Dragan and Apostol hurried behind the surprisingly quick 87-year-old, mumbling "right" under their breath.

  • "Retire!" yelled Liam inside the car that was transporting them from their hotel that they stayed out for the days preceding the ceremony. After being chosen by the College of Peers as the new successor to Ryker, a compromise as Aalenic Law would dictate Ryker be cast down as First Prefect due to Liam's blood relations to Aaron the Righteous. Itching to remove a person who he viewed as a fossil, Liam had grown fed up with Ryker's slights over the last few days, such as dying him a spot at the Great Council, which ran the government of the Second Serene Republic. Even Liam's appointment as Consul of the High Towers was a slight, often viewed as effectively the official librarian of the Southern Men, it was a place for book worms to most. Something Liam was not.

    "No, and I will tell you once again. You, and 'Lady' Elsa here will remain absolutely silent from now on. I brought you to this ceremony as a formal courtesy, pretext for training I can tell the College of Peers. Both of you can rot in hell, you both might be legitimized, but you are bastards at your core. Remain silent, so that I may get something good out of this. I have had thirty years as First Prefect go perfectly well, I had my son in line for my position, however the two of you came into the picture. Since both of you love getting into pictures, smile for the ones to be taken today," retorted Ryker.

    Liam noticed he was getting on Ryker's nerves, a favorite pastime of his, he looked over to his wife who nodded in approval that he remain silent. At least for now. Arriving at the Cathedral, Ryker exited first. Flashes of light hit the group, Ryker smiled and waved, however once Lord and Lady Killian exited the car all eyes shifted towards them. Lady Elsa was of Angleterric-Inquistan descent, as such her marriage to Liam was an interesting one, Liam's family having connections to the First City of Killstock and even Aachen for centuries since its founding.

    "Beautiful palace is it not love?" asked Lady Elsa.

    "Yes, but not quite as beautiful as you. Now, I know what you are going to ask," continued Liam as they moved to walked into the Cathedral following Ryker.

    "You mean, sending our friends our confirmation for the evening's main course?"

    "Yes, and tell them to make it a large supper. Also text Allister, make sure to remind him about the Sword of Grey Cliff, I want it pristine when I present it to the new King," answered Liam. Elsa took out her iPhone 7, special contact in the Duxburian Union got her early access to the new phone. Elsa made sure to take some selfies instead the cathedral, sitting next to the Inquistan Delegation she made sure to get some which showcased the extremely awkward Archbishop. Ryker gave her an evil eye, Aalen was already paying for some of the harsh actions some Inquistans faced when they rioted over some song results.

    "Put that blasted phone down, we are in a place of God," snarled Ryker.

    "You said for us to smile for some pictures, and that is what I am doing," countered Elsa who proceeded to begin to upload her pictures to Instagram, under the caption #CoronateAngleter2k16. Elsa had hundreds of thousands of followers in Aalen, as well as across the EU, this allowed her to export much of her personal business products in the fashion and music industry. Being related to the Inquistan Kligenbergs, gave her a direct contact to make of the industries' top people.

  • Anastasia boarded the private super-sonic-jet-plane at Saint Regina Airport with her Lady In Waiting, Taylor Swift. After her election defeat, Taylor moved into a new, royalist career. Her job was to organise the life of Queen Anastasia, including transport, accommodation and other services. She commanded a team of several other young women who worked in different jobs. Despite her previous extreme anti-Monarchy stance, Taylor was deemed an appropriate Lady In Waiting for her Majesty. Her 3 BTECs in Health and Social Care, Travel and Tourism and Public Services put her at a huge advantage to all the other candidates, who only had puny A-levels and degrees. The Royal House also didn't deem Taylor's connections with Poppy Carlton Romanov to be an issue when she signed up, either. Taylor and Poppy of course have been in correspondence for over 10 years. Taylor, when she was still a peasant, connected with the Duchess through the "Duchesses Write to the Destitute" Programme, founded to enhance the perception of the Royal Family after the reinstatement of their rule. Since then, Taylor, allegedly helped plan the attempted murder of King Nicholas the Second in 2014. Despite this, Taylor is now on the left hand side of the Queen, and has a position of high influence.

    The plane was luxurious. Fitted out with tax-payer bought leather seats (made from REAL cows), tax-payer bought polar bear fur carpeting, tax-payer bought Bibles, in case the worst should happen, a tax-payer bought drinks trolley, and tax-payer bought jet fuel. Taylor snarled at its extravagance. She was still devoted to starting the revolution and cutting Anastasia's head off, but alas, that would have to wait. She was playing the long game. At any point Taylor could break Anastasia's neck. It'd be over in only a few seconds, but so would she. The plane took off, and went into sonic speed headed for Angleter. The flight was rather uneventful. Champagne was opened and consumed. Chicken nuggets were whipped out. And the pilot even did a barrel roll at sonic speed. Soon enough, they came and landed in New Birmingham.

    "Oh, fucking Christ," sighed Taylor, "As if 'old' Birmingham wasn't terrible enough, there's another one."

    "It's not that bad. I think the new one has slightly less Brutalism, don't you think?" Pondered the Queen.

    "Yeah, yeah whatever." Taylor sighed.

    The luxurious limo sped to the church, as Taylor and Anastasia started to talk.

    "So, how was your coronation?" Asked Taylor.

    "Eventful." She snapped, indicating a small desire to speak about the matter.

    "Ah yes I remember. It was much the same when Paloma Faith was inaugurated as the Minister of Eurovoice. Several people tried to kill her, but she shot them. Shame really, lovely kids."

    "One can imagine what happens in the Ministry of Eurovoice," Anastasia said flatly, "Who do you want to see today? Obviously being a D-List celebrity doesn't get you that far."

    "Urgmmm." Taylor murmured, catching her tongue. "I want to see Craticus. I think we're very similar. Both very attractive and religious."

    "You're religious?!" Anastasia spat out her wine. "Heaven above."

    "See, as a Christian, I am not agreeing with you. In the Bible it says I shouldn't worship idols."

    "But you were on Icholasen Idol, surely your idol was trying to win Icholasen Idol." Anastasia said, with a strained expression on her face.

    "No, but you proving my idol was winning Icholasen idol is your idol right now."

    "See, that's not true. My idol isn't proving your idol was wanting to win Icholasen idol, I don't have an idol, only you had an idol - winning Icholasen idol."

    Before Anastasia could answer - they arrived at their final destination.

  • Resultado de imagen para king albert and queen paola at wedding king guillaumeResultado de imagen para King philip and queen mathilde at wedding

    Left: HRH King Mark and HRH Queen Consort Marianne. Right: Crown Prince Philip and Consort Princess Mathilde

    The Royal Plane Landed at 2:30 pm at Bringham with his majesties on it. The Queen was very excited that after a year she would manage to be with ther favorite son, while the king was very happy of meeting the new King of Angleter. After a time in the luxurious limo that picked up in the airport, the Royal Family finally managed to arrive at the Cathedral.

    When the king entered the cathedral, he recognized some of the heads of state with whom he had recently treated, as its good neighbor Archbishop Paul Cratius and or the Inimician Emperor Artabanos. The Royal Family sat ahead of the delegations of Inquista and Aalen, and greeted them as they sat.

    "My god how happy, a new king, it reminds me so much to our coronation" said Marianne

    "Seemed like yesterday, how quickly time passes, I just hope to have forces by next year govern, because if not .." said King Mark while I sending a hint to Prince Philip

    "Hopefully-I mean, you have been such a good King" Philip said

    "God I believe we have come very early, I can´t wait the ceremony to Begin" Mark said

    "Quiet it will begin at anytime," said Marianne

    "My dear God let this phone, is not the time to chat" Philip said

    "Sorry I was just watching the children, after all whe haven´t left them behind since a long time ago," said Mathilde

    "I'm so excited that we are all together, I propose a selfe" And before the King and Prince refused, the Queen had already drawn her cell and all were posing for the photo, which she rosed to her Twitter account :# AngleterCoronation´16 #finallytogether #Familytime !! 🙂

  • Prime Minister Hillary Clinton, left, husband Bill Clinton, centre, and President Julia Gillard, right

    "I can't believe we've left those two in charge of Australia until we get back," Prime Minister Hillary Clinton murmured as she entered the magnificent Angleteric Cathedral of St. Gregory with her husband, Bill, and Australian President Julia Gillard.

    "Well, Hillary, they have to at least feel like they're doing something. I'm sure Larissa and Kevin will get along fine," President Gillard responded. "Is that aide who sent in our requests fired yet for writing Ms. Gillard instead of The President?"

    "Shut it, Julia," the Prime Minister grumbled. She hadn't heard the end of it from the Office of the President and they kept insisting that the aide who did so was acting in contempt of the high office...blah blah blah.

    "Can't we just enjoy the coronation without you acting like a total and utter..." the Prime Minister began.

    "Careful, honey. We're in a church," Bill responded. "Can't say things like that in a church, you know." He had a big grin on his face while watching his wife stew and contemplate ways she could send both of them out into the outback for community service once she got back to Canberra. Her Blackberry made a ring. One of the security detail walked up to her.

    "Madam Prime Minister, I thought we had asked you to ditch the Blackberry during this whole coronation," the security guard said in a perturbed whisper.

    "For the last time, this is secure! My emails are safe!" the Prime Minister grumbled.

    "Until she has a few of those drinks later, then I think for the good of the country, the government, and her dignity, you may want to take her phone back," Bill teased. The Prime Minister looked annoyed to the point of killing with her looks, however she resumed texting her Cabinet Secretary, Tony Burke.

    "Oh God...I think they're going to find some way to screw up on the renewables reform. Come on, I'm the only one missing from Parliament!" the Prime Minister responded. "Is everyone in the Parliament just incompetent?"

    "No; you just run a tight ship, Hillary," the President responded. "I remember having to tell Kevin at least 8 different times that if the leaks continued, he was out of the Cabinet. Needless to say by warning eight, I got a little testy with him."

    The Prime Minister laughed. She could understand the frustration, particularly when dealing with Labour Parliamentary Party leader Kevin Rudd. He seems to always be working as an agent of pure chaos in the Parliament, even when he claimed to be supporting reforms.

    "Good thing I put off superannuation change until after this coronation," the Prime Minister responded.

    "Oh, you're not going to do anything with that, are you?" the President groaned.

    "Julia, I'm going to put back those reforms you fought for because they're absolutely right," the Prime Minister responded. "It's Malcolm Turnbull, Christopher Pyne and those clowns in the Tory Party that just decided to let their rich friends get more money from the government."

    "I appreciate the love, Hillary, but I think Kevin is somehow going to get it into his mind that Labour needs economic conservatism and convince the parliamentary party to vote against it in the House and then Penny will just follow suit in the Senate. It's like they don't listen to me at all," the President sighed as the three sat down in the marked off dignitary seating. They realised they were seated next to the British delegation. "Oh, this won't be awkward at all..."

    "What? They knew a republic was coming. The UK will still be friendly with us, I'm sure. Theresa May seems like a sensible Prime Minister, even if she is on the wrong side of politics," the Prime Minister answered in desperation for a good thing to happen at this event.

  • "Welcome mister President. Did you have a nice flight?" asked the master of ceremonies at the airport.
    Nikola Nikolaj replied: "Yes, thank you. Pleas meet my wife..."
    "Welcome madam. We are happy to welcome you in Angleter. Pleas follow me, the car is waiting on the tarmac."

    The president turned over to his wife... "Well well... Angleter... hmmm... I'm a bit nervous, it is my first time as president a broad."
    "No worries my dear" says the first lady "You will do a great job. I am sure they are happy that you came over from Turkmenbaijan."

    "Oh look my dear! We are arrived at the cathedral."
    "Let's go!" said the president with a nervous smile...

  • As the leaders of Fremet arrived at the coronation, King Gustaf was happy to be in Angleter once again, fulfilling his royal duty as representative of Fremet. He had also made the descision to bring his prime minister, Angela Merkel, along (a rare occurrence for such an event as this). For Angela Merkel, this was her first time in Angleter. She herself hoped that she may form new relationships with other national leaders. She looked across at the height of Fremet's royalty and knew what a privilege she had being there. As the car pulled up, they all exited and made their way to their seats inside, saying little to each other.......

  • "It's been a while since we've gone on a State visit, hasn't it, Herman?" Charles-Xavier commented absent-mindedly as the motorcade rushed past towards the Cathedral of St. Gregory.

    "Indeed, Your Majesty," Royal Councillor Herman Dutroux replied, "It may be time for a new round of European visits, Councillor de Riviere has been exemplary in her interventions as of late."

    "I couldn't agree more..." Charles-Xavier I, was a new sovereign, having been coronated in March of the year, and so he couldn't help but feel quite aware of the excitement, and the anxiety that came with a coronation. Councillor de Riviere, Rosebourg's foreign minister and Councillor for European affairs remained stoic, not allowing any hints of her appreciation for the men's compliments getting to her.

    Charles-Xavier glanced over to his son, one of the most eligible bachelors on the continent and a constant subject of people's magazines, as the police motorcycles' sirens wailed to force traffic to a halt and allow the motorcade throughout without stopping. The group were so used to the proceedings that they didn't notice much of the excitement outside as Angler's citizens waved flags to celebrate the coronation of their King and Queen.

    "I am glad you are here, Alexandre," Queen Marie-Agnes smiled, as she reached out for her son's hand to be able to squeeze it, "I know you'd much rather be with your friends back home, but this is good practice."

    "Don't worry, Maman, I will manage." He smiled

    The Rosebourg royal motorcade pulled in towards the Cathedral's entrance as the police motorcycles continued in a well rehearsed ball.

    "We're arriving your Majesty."

    "Well, let's see how Angleter does a coronation, shall we?"

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    ((OOC: Assume you've all arrived.))

    The King and Queen outside the Cathedral

    As the last of the guests arrived, at 3pm exactly the doors of the cathedral were closed. Cardinal George Evans presided over the singing of the prayers of Nona in Latin. At 3.15pm, the prayers ended, and outside the Cathedral, the King, dressed in ceremonial military uniform, approached the door of the Cathedral. He is flanked by Cardinal Peregrine Myrthorn on his left, and Cardinal Malcolm Sidhu on his right. Following him are the Queen; then Edeva Ziert and Baron Quincy of Oltenia, the Speakers of Parliament, who carry the Apostolic Crown on a cushion. They are followed by the Princes of Vaspuracon and Halibon, who carry the orb and sceptre respectively; and then the Dukes of Gemayel and Neomantua, who carry the ring and sword respectively; and then the Marquesses of Pathlow and Balbeck, who carry the mantle and belt respectively.

    The two Cardinals knock on the door with their staffs simultaneously. The doors are opened. The hymn Veni Creator Spiritus is sung as the procession enters the Cathedral and advances towards the sanctuary. They stop before the altar rail, where they are met by Cardinal Evans, who stands the other side of the rail, in the slightly elevated sanctuary. Cardinals Myrthorn and Sidhu remove their mitres, and the cardinals speak, in an audible voice:

    Card. MYRTHORN: ‘Reverendissime Pater, postulat sancta mater Ecclesia catholica, ut praesentem egregium militem ad dignitatem regiam sublevetis.’ [‘Most Reverend Father, our Holy Mother the Catholic Church proposes that you elevate this illustrious knight to the royal dignity.’]

    Card. EVANS: ‘Scitis illum esse dignum, et utilem ad hanc dignitatem?’ [‘Do you know him to be worthy, and fit for this dignity?’]

    Card. SIDHU: ‘Et novimus, et credimus eum esse dignum, et utilem Ecclesiae Dei; et ad regimen hujus regni.’ [‘We both believe and know that he is worthy, a person useful to the Church of God, and fit for this dignity.’]

    Card. EVANS: ‘Deo gratias.’ [‘Thanks be to God.’]

    The procession, except for the King, file away to either side, and are seated in the front row. Baron Quincy keeps hold of the crown, since the Chamber of the Nobility is the upper house of Parliament. Cardinal Evans then speaks to the congregation:

    Card. EVANS: ‘Accipiunt hunc militem sicut regem vestrorum?’ [‘Do you accept this knight as your king’]

    The congregation shout ‘ACCIPIMUS! FIAT! VIVAT REX!’ [‘We accept him! Let it be done! Long live the King!’]

    Cardinal Evans inside the Cathedral, before the coronation began

    The Cardinal then receives from an altar server a monstrance, containing the consecrated Blessed Sacrament, and holds it before the King, who kneels. Another altar server kneels by the King and holds a copy of the Bible before him, on which the King places his right hand. The cardinal asks the King three questions:

    Card. EVANS: ‘Das fidem, ante Deum omnipotentem, et omnes angelos et sanctos, ut protegas et defendas fidem sanctam, catholicam, et apostolicam?’ [‘Do you give your faith, before Almighty God, and all the angels and saints, that you will protect and defend the holy Catholic and Apostolic faith?’]

    The KING: ‘Do fidem.’ [‘I give my faith.’]

    Card. EVANS: ‘Das fidem, ante Deum omnipotentem, et omnes angelos et sanctos, ut protegas et defendas ecclesiam sanctam, catholicam, et apostolicam?’ [‘Do you give your faith, before Almighty God, and all the angels and saints, that you will protect and defend the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?’]

    The KING: ‘Do fidem.’ [‘I give my faith.’]

    Card EVANS: ‘Das fidem, ante Deum omnipotentem, et omnes angelos et sanctos, ut protegas et defendas regnum apostolicum Angleteriensis?’ [‘Do you give your faith, before Almighty God, and all the angels and saints, that you will protect and defend the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter?’]

    The KING: ‘Do fidem.’ [‘I give my faith.’]

    Baron Quincy and Edeva Ziert move to stand either side of the King, holding the Crown on its cushion between him and Cardinal Evans. They speak to the Cardinal, in English:

    Baron QUINCY: ‘Your Eminence, the Angleteric Nation accepts this knight as King, and we propose that you bestow upon him the Apostolic Crown.’

    Card. EVANS: ‘Then let it be done.’

    Edeva ZIERT: ‘We only ask that he accept the Angleteric Nation as his subjects.’

    Card. EVANS [to the KING]: ‘Do you, then, give your faith that you will accept the Angleteric Nation as your subjects, and that you will enact and uphold the Constitution of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, for all time?’

    The KING: ‘I give my faith.’

    The Cathedral, full of dignitaries, before the ceremony began

    The Bible and monstrance are removed, and Cardinal Evans takes the Crown on its cushion, and places it upon the high altar. The King stands and turns to face the people as the Te Deum is sung. The appropriate members of the procession invest the King with the mantle, then the belt, and then the sword. The king brandishes the sword, to the applause of the congregation, before placing it in his belt and turning back around to face Cardinal Evans. He kneels and kisses the Cardinal’s hand. The Cardinal then says the following prayer:

    Card. EVANS [in Latin]: ‘Almighty and everlasting God, Creator of all things, Commander of angels, King of kings and Lord of lords, who caused your faithful servant Abraham to triumph over his enemies, gave many victories to Moses and Joshua, the leaders of your people, exalted your humble servant David to the eminence of kingship, enriched Solomon with the ineffable gifts of wisdom and peace. Hear our humble prayers and multiply your blessings upon your servant, whom in prayerful devotion we consecrate our king; that he, being strengthened with the faith of Abraham, endowed with the meekness of Moses, armed with the courage of Joshua, exalted with the humility of David and distinguished with the wisdom of Solomon, may please you in all things and always walk without offence in the way of justice. May he nourish and teach, defend and instruct your Church and people and as a powerful king administer a vigorous regimen against all visible and invisible powers and, with your aid, restore their souls to the concord of true faith and peace; that, supported by the ready obedience and glorified by the due love of these, his people, he may by your mercy ascend to the position of his forefathers and, defended by the helmet of your protection, covered with your invincible shield and completely clothed with heavenly armour, he may in total victoriously triumph and by his power intimidate the unfaithful and bring peace to those who fight for you, through our Lord, who by the vigour of his Cross has destroyed Hell, overcame the Devil, ascended into heaven, in whom subsists all power, kingship and victory, who is the glory of the humble and the life and salvation of his people, he who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.’

    Cardinal Evans is seated, and the King approaches the altar, unbuttons his uniform to bear his shoulders and the upper part of his chest, and prostrates himself before it, as the Litany of the Saints is sung. He then rises, retreats back the other side of the altar rail, and kneels, before Cardinal Evans anoints him with chrism (holy oil) in the form of a cross, on the top of the head, over the heart, on both shoulders, and over his throat, saying:

    Card. EVANS [in Latin]: ‘God, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was anointed by his Father with the oil of gladness above his fellows, through this present sacred anointing pour over your head the blessing of the Spirit Paraclete to penetrate into your innermost heart that you may receive invisible grace and that having justly governed a temporal kingdom, you may reign with him eternally, he who alone is without sin, the King of king, living and glorified with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.’

    The King, Cardinal Evans, and some of the bishops and servers all exit to the right. There is a brief interlude as preparations are made for Mass. Cardinal Evans re-enters, wearing a thirty-foot-long red cape in addition to the normal red dress of a cardinal. He is followed by a couple of servers. Cardinal Evans’ red clothes are stripped from him by the servers, who then vest him in the liturgical vestments for Mass. He exits once more, followed by the servers.

    ((OOC: Talk amongst yourselves. Yes, there are two hours left. No, you cannot go to the toilet.))

  • Admin

    "I enjoy Litany of the Saints enough to tolerate all of this popery", Craticus said, trying really hard to make conversation with Premier Emerett.

    "Yeah it's beautiful. As far as Catholic hymns go, I'm more of an Tantum Ergo Sacramentum kinda girl - reminds me of my school days. My super strict Headmistress, Mother Claire, despite denouncing anything Catholic, made us recite it individually after every Sacrament of the Altar", Premier Emerett sighed, reflecting on her childhood years.

    "St. Thomas Aquinas was the man. O Salutaris Hostia, anybody?"

    "Classic", Premier Emerett replied trying to hold back a laugh. Anybody that has grown up in Inquista knows of the endless fun that comes with having to memorise and sing endless amount of hymns - which where sung every single day, whether it be at Church or at school. "I'm totally over Latin though. Glad everything is done in the common language in Inquista".

    "Really?" Craticus questioned. "How much Latin do you still understand?"

    "Like only 60%. I've forgotten so much of it already. I did hold Mass in Latin once or twice though a few years back when I was still a Bishop."

    "I have to ask", Craticus said, adjusting himself closer to Premier Emerett. "When was even the last time you attended Mass in Inquista?"

    "I attended Mass the last time I was there, which was, uhhh, about 5 months ago?"

    "So have you been going in Europolis?"

    "Oh, yeah, there's small albeit amazing Inquistan Orthodox community there. All of the Inquistans working at our EU institutions and in Europolis kind of congregate together. They recently just finished building a proper new Inquistan Orthodox basilica."

    "Yeah I heard about that basilica - that's great."

    "It's still not quite the same as Inquista. Inquista has by far the most beautiful Cathedrals, with the most gorgeous pieces of art and decorations, and of course, the best church communities. They're like your second family"

    "And female bishops, don't forget the female bishops. None of this patriarchal nonsense", Bishop Lallana said, abruptly joining in the conversation.

    "That too", Premier Emerett said laughing as Craticus shook his head.

    "Well, I am glad you're still thinking of home", Craticus said, trying to be warm.

    "Well, if you had it your way, I'm sure you want me there and out of Europolis very quickly", Premier Emerett said with a bit of cheeck.

    "No, not at all. I have to admit, truthfully, I was apprehensive of your tenure at first. You've proven to be be good negotiator, and someone that seems to be keen to create dialogue and get everyone's opinions. You're what the Commission needs, honestly."

    "Haha, well thank you. But yeah, I do miss home. I mean, even this Cathedral is quite spectacular, but it's nothing compared to what you'd see in Inquista."

    "Will you two shush? It's continuing", Bishop Lallana snapped.

  • Apostol Tsrvenovski had nobody to talk to. He had an aisle seat, so the only person next to him was Dragan Trympov, whom he hated. The defection of one of his MPs, Rydolf Dzhulyani, to Trympov's party had made things even more awkward between them than normal. After trying to look like he was praying for a few minutes, Tsrvenovski started looking around the foreign delegations, to see who was here. Suddenly his head swivelled back round and he tapped Trympov on the shoulder.

    "Dragan!", he whispered sharply.

    "Dragan, your woman's here!"

    Trympov turned his head slowly and stared down his nose at the Prime Minister.

    "What woman? I have lots of women. Ask my press officer, Ivan Miler."

    "You know," replied Apostol, "the Inquistan one. Blonde."

    "What Inquistan woman? I don't know anyone from those countries."

    "No, the old politician woman. You know, plastic surgery."

    "I always pay for the plastic surgery, you're not narrowing this down."

    "No, no, no. The woman who had the plastic surgery because she wanted to look like that Fake Taylor Swift in Icholasen."

    Nicoleizian Taylor Swift, sitting two rows ahead, turned her head round upon, thinking she'd heard her name. She didn't notice the Pravoslaviyans and turned back round.

    Trympov exclaimed, slightly too loudly: "OH HER! OH MY GAWWWWRRRRGHHD! What is she doing here anyway? This is a classy event!"

    "Quiet, quiet, you'll draw attention to yourself! What are you doing here, though? Neither of you should be here. Anyway, it's starting again now, I think."

  • Admin

    The bell rings to begin the Mass, and the procession enters, including Cardinal Evans, the King, Cardinals Myrthorn and Sidhu, and various servers. The hymn The Lord is a Sun and a Shield is sung. The King is seated in his throne, on the right-hand side of the sanctuary. The seat immediately next to the King’s is left empty, but servers sit in some other seats.

    Cardinal Evans advances to the altar and begins saying Mass (in Latin). The congregation kneel. The choir sing the Kyrie and then, as the congregation sit again, the Gloria. One of the servers chants a reading. Some congregation members follow the English translation offered in the service pamphlet. The choir continues singing until Cardinal Evans chants the Gospel reading, again in Latin. For this, the congregation stand.

    Cardinal Evans giving his sermon

    They remain standing while the Cardinal ascends to the pulpit and repeats the reading in English. And then they sit again. Cardinal Evans begins his sermon:

    Card. EVANS: ‘What is a coronation for? You’d easily be mistaken for thinking that it’s all to aggrandise the new King. Almost three hours long, almost all in Latin, in these beautiful surroundings, and they involve the King receiving all these glittering antiques. It’s all about him, right?’

    ‘Not really, no. This is all about God. Not our monarch, and certainly not me. When His Royal Apostolic Majesty isn’t sat off to one side while I go about Mass, he’s usually kneeling, or prostrating himself, flat in front of the altar. This whole ceremony is a reminder that there is something greater than yourself. There are many things, in fact, greater than yourself. The office of King, with its awesome power and duty. That is why you have to take four oaths, kneeling before the Living God Himself, really present in that Blessed Sacrament, to receive even some of the trappings of that office. It’s why you have to go through the test of the congregation, of the bishops, of the nation itself, before you assume those trappings’

    ‘And what trappings! Things that were made and used centuries before any of us were made. And which will still, God willing, be in use centuries after all of us turn to dust. Truly, the coronation reminds a King of the big clothes that he must fill. The tight grip of the belt around his life. And the weight that lies upon his head.’

    ‘And what of the oaths that the King must take? The faith. The Church. The kingdom. The nation. The Constitution. All of these things are way older than our King, and, again, God willing, they will endure until the end of time. Indeed, we know that the faith and the Church shall never die. But keeping those most ancient and precious flames alive is now our King’s responsibility. Yes, there are many things greater than yourself.’

    ‘And the greatest of all those is God. He is greater than us all. It is to Him that, regardless of our earthly responsibilities, we will all be accountable, when we close our eyes for that final time. That’s why the coronation takes place here, in a Church, with a Mass. It’s why His Royal Apostolic Majesty made those oaths with his hand on the Scripture, and with his eyes transfixed on the Blessed Sacrament.’

    ‘Not everyone here, or watching this on TV, or listening on radio, or whatever, will have quite the burden of His Royal Apostolic Majesty. Most of us don’t get coronations, that’s for sure. But we all have responsibilities. We all have things that are greater than ourselves. It’s easy today to fall into the trap of ‘it’s all about me’. But it’s not. Consider our work. Our family or lineage. Our local community, our nation, our world. And most of all, our faith and our God. Today His Royal Apostolic Majesty has been reminded of those things that are greater than himself. And today, I think, is an opportune day for us all to remind ourselves that some things are greater than ourselves. That we are not the centre of the Universe. And that we have duty and responsibility to those things. Most of all, God himself.’

    The Apostolic Crown of Angleter

    Cardinal Evans descends from the pulpit and returns to the sanctuary. The King returns to his earlier position beyond the altar rail, and faces the congregation. Cardinal Evans retrieves the crown and stands behind the King. The princes stand either side of the King. As the Prince of Halibon gives the King the sceptre, Cardinal Evans says:

    Card. EVANS [in Latin]: ‘Accept the Rod of virtue and equity. Learn to respect the pious and to intimidate the proud; guide the straying; lend a hand to the fallen; repress the proud and raise the humble, that our Lord Jesus Christ may open to you the door, he who said of himself, "I am the Door, whoever enters by me, bu me shall be saved," and let he who is the Key of David and the Scepter of the House of Israel, be your helper, he who opens and no one may shut, who shuts and no one may open; who brings the captive out of prison, where he sits in darkness and the shadow of death, that in all things you may imitate him, of whom the Prophet David said, "Your seat, O God, endures forever; a rod of righteousness is the rod of your kingdom. You justice and hate iniquity, therefore, God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows," Jesus Christ, our Lord, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever.’’

    The KING: ‘Amen.’

    As the Prince of Vaspuracon gives the King the orb, Cardinal Evans says:

    Card. EVANS [in Latin]: ‘Be steadfast and hold fast to that place of which you have become heir by succession from your forefathers, now delegated to you by the authority of Almighty God and transmitted to you by us and all the bishops and servants of God and when you see the clergy draw near to the holy altar, remember to give them appropriate honour that the Mediator between God and humanity may confirm you in this royal position as the mediator between clergy and laity and that you may be able to reign with Jesus Christ, our Lord, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever.’

    The KING: ‘Amen.’

    And finally, Cardinal Evans lays the Apostolic Crown of Angleter upon the King’s head, saying:

    Card. EVANS [in Latin]: ‘Receive the crown of the king, which is placed on your head by our hands - unworthy hands, but yet the hands of Bishops. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May you understand it to signify the glory of holiness, honour and the work of bravery, and may you know that through it you are a participant in our ministry, so that, as we are understood to be pastors in interior matters and the guiders of souls, so you in external matters may assist us as a worshipper of God and a strenuous defender of the Church of Christ against all adversity; and that you may always serve as a useful governor and a profitable ruler of the realm that has been given to you by God and committed to your rule through the office of the blessings of us who act in the place of the Apostles and all the Saints; so that, adorned with the jewels of virtue among the glorious heroes, and crowned with the prize of eternal happiness, you may glory for ever with our Redeemer and Saviour Jesus Christ, whose name and authority we believe you bear, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever.’

    The KING: ‘Amen.’


    The CONGREGATION: ‘VIVAT! VIVAT! VIVAT REX!’ [‘Long live, long live, long live the King!’]

    Servers move the throne out of the sanctuary and place it in front of the altar rail, and the King sits upon it. The Laudes Regiae is sung. The clergy leave the sanctuary and, led by Cardinal Evans, line up and pay homage to the King, one by one. They are followed by the royal family, led by the Queen; then by the princes, led by the Prince of Vaspuracon; then by the dukes, led by the Duke of Gemayel; then by the marquesses, led by the Marquess of Pathlow; then by the counts, led by the Count of Hotspring; then by the barons, led by Baron Quincy. Edeva Ziert follows, representing the Plebeians of the Nation. Then the Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Sam Courtenay. Then representatives of the Orthodox, Miaphysite, Nestorian, Protestant, Sikh, and Muslim faiths. All pay homage by kneeling before the King, saying (in Latin): ‘I, [Name], [Office], give my faith that I shall be faithful and true to you, my sovereign Lord, King of this Realm. So help me God.’ They then kiss the King’s ring as the King replies, ‘Amen.’

    After the homage is complete, the throne is moved back to the sanctuary and the King takes his seat there again. The Queen now kneels before the altar rail, where she is anointed with chrism, by Cardinal Evans, on her forehead and between her shoulders. She then stands and turns to face the congregation, and Cardinal Evans lays the queen consort’s tiara upon her head, saying:

    Card. EVANS [in Latin]: ‘Receive the crown of the queen consort, which is placed on your head by our hands - unworthy hands, but yet the hands of Bishops. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.’

    The QUEEN: ‘Amen.’


    The CONGREGATION: ‘VIVAT! VIVAT! VIVAT REGINA!’ [‘Long live, long live, long live the Queen!’]

    The Queen, crowned

    The Queen then goes into the sanctuary and sits on her throne, next to her husband’s. The Mass now continues. The people stand to be incensed by one of the servers, then sit again. Cardinal Evans turns to the congregation and says ‘Dominus vobiscum’ [‘the Lord be with you’], and the congregation stand again. When the choir starts singing the Sanctus, they kneel, and remain kneeling as Cardinal Evans silently consecrates the Body and Blood of Christ. The choir sing Agnus Dei. The King and Queen receive Communion, as do the servers.

    Many in the congregation – baptised Catholics in a state of grace – then go up to the altar rail and kneel to receive Communion. The choir sing Adoro te Devote. After Communion is over, the congregation stand for the final rites, before Cardinal Evans leads the procession, including the King and Queen, out into the sacristy. A few minutes later, the King and Queen return to lead the congregation out of the Cathedral, where they are greeted with rapturous cheering and applause from the thousands gathered outside, who watched the coronation on big screens.

    Those attending the ball are taken in a shuttle service to Elkhand Palace, where they may retire to their rooms for an hour or so before the ball begins at 7.30pm.

    ((OOC: RP amongst yourselves again for a bit.))

  • As their Majesties were taken to their room, theyu decided to relax for 30 minutes, before getting dressed for the ball.

    "Aw how beautiful event, I´m so glad we were able to attend" Said the queen.

    "Yes my dear, now what about if we just relax and see a little of TV before getting dressed" Said the King

    "It sounds great for me" Said the queen.

  • "I'm surprised you managed to get through that without even a sigh."

    "You know me, Barrington. Statesman, through and through. Even when ceremonies of state are actually ceremonies of religion. In my opinion, ---"

    "Shall we not go down this road again?"

    "Fine. Fine, Barrington, fine. Piss orf to your own room then."

    There was just under an hour left before Artabanos would have to spend another few hours with Maximilian de Barrington, who was now scurrying away to the room next doors. He needed a few minutes away from the Consular cretin, who Artabanos was now regretting choosing to accompany Him to this event. Then again, no one would have sufficed. Not even Richard. To clear His mind, Artabanos pulled a silver flask from His bag, but then reminded Himself of tonight's ball. "I really shouldn't", He thought, "There'll be enough of this tonight." He quickly put the flask away and went roaming around the guests' quarters. After awkwardly running into a half-nude Premier Emerett in the corridor, having seemingly forgotten some sort of make-up stuff, which He quickly erased from His mind, He decided there was little interesting to see and returned to his room, emptied His hidden flask, and prepared for the ball ahead.

  • Admin

    "This really is a remarkably beautiful ceremony," Prime Minister Theresa May said to her husband, Philip, having snuck into the coronation just before it began. She was seated one row behind HM King William V and Princess Consort Catherine, both of whom were looking on with admiration.

    "...It's a bit long, isn't it dear?" Philip chuckled. "No, it's quite alright. Don't you think you should have left the Royal Family come by themselves? You have to run the country. I mean, is it wise to let Sajid run the country while you're gone?"

    "It's not like I've been gone for years or some craziness. It's just an evening. By the way, there's an acting Sovereign as well, so the whole Realm hasn't blown up because of it," Mrs. May smiled. She looked to her side to see Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Clinton both enjoying themselves. The Prime Minister felt a rush of joy through her body, for they were old friends (even if their politics had gone downhill since the days of the Howard Government and Bill's hike to the firm left rather than embracing the centre) but there was something underneath that she felt. A sense the fact that she wouldn't see them as often as if Australia had remained a full Commonwealth realm, despite still being a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

    The ties that held Australia and the United Kingdom were now a thing of the past, and a new relationship with the remarkably assured Australians would have to be struck in the future. Mrs. May thought intensely on the subject of her own home, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with great intensity, perhaps so much so that she weaved in and out of paying attention to the ceremony.

    "Don't look so preoccupied with work, Prime Minister," said the Princess Consort, turning around with her glamour and disarming smile. For as long as the Prime Minister could recall in the media and even in passing before the weekly walk in the gardens of Buckingham Palace with the King, she hadn't the sparkle in her eye like this.

    "Oh, sorry; I mustn't be preoccupied with work while I'm here," the Prime Minister responded. "I couldn't help seeing in our Australian friends and Angleteric friends a sense of purpose...their government, their nations confidently assured in the world. Britain has sort of shied away from that spotlight and lost a bit of that self-assured quality."

    "Of course, but your Government can change that, Prime Minister. You can bring about the social justice and reform that you have said the country needs, making it a brighter, freer, more prosperous country. I think that's something to be celebrated and worked towards," the King said. Despite being her junior in years, he seemed sagely in his advice. It spoke to the characteristics that defined his grandmother, who had delivered for the Realm with grace and steadfast duty, and the values she left behind with the Royal Family.

    The service continued, and the Prime Minister regained her focus, only to be handed a note by Prime Minister Hillary Clinton.

    "Lovely, but too stuffy, don't you think Ree?" the Prime Minister read to herself. "I find it lovely."

    "That's why the Australians call us the poms and think we're stuffy," Mr. May responded, giggling a bit while his wife shot him a dirty look.

  • Admin

    At 7.30pm, the first guests made their way to the Old Breakfast Room, where the ball would start. Each guest received a glass of champagne, or an elderflower-based non-alcoholic alternative. The seating plan for the dinner, which would begin at 8pm, was on an easel in the room, next to another easel with the menu and the wine list, which listed the following wines:

    Starter, Fish Course: Empress Zenobia Yavur Balouti-Zeitani 2011 (red); Mar Maron Coelessyria Obeideh 2012 (white)
    Main Course: Castle Soba Nasibini Saperavi 2012 (red); Ziert House Fronteriana Mtsvane 2010 (white)
    Desserts: Iveria Fronteriana Khvanchkara 2013 (red); Kibtuqa Noyan Old Assyria Tvishi 2012 (white)

    After a short period mingling, the guests, led by the King and Queen, entered the Great Hall and stood behind their seats. Cardinal Evans said Grace, and the guests sat down and started to talk to each other. Meanwhile, the staff went around the tables, placing on each table bottles of still and sparkling water, and asking each guest if they would prefer red or white wine (if any).