Embassy of Portugal

  • A warm welcome to our Portugese friends. Please use this thread to post information and updates about your region.

    Foreign Affairs Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • *the Portuguese flag is hoisted as the Chief-Ambassador descends the steps of the new embassy, towards the throng of journalists eagerly waiting*

    Good night to you all,

    As of today, the 27th of September, I hereby declare Portugal's first embassy to the European Union officially open. This is a most important day both for us and for all European nations, as this allows us to be closer to our European partners, both culturally and socially. Let this day be remembered as a day of joy!

    All matters regarding Euro-Portuguese relations can be addressed here, or on the European embassy back in Portugal, which we are thrilled to receive. We also hope to establish a hotline, its process having been already started.

    *opens a bottle of vintage Port wine*

    I, and the people of Portugal, hope this to but the first chapter of our common history.

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