Eilidh Whiteford & Team's Campaign '16.

  • Hello Europe!

    Here I and my team will make our bid to be your Commission. We will work tirelessly to promote European Values, promote cultural progress, and to improve our Union, and on this thread we will show you why. Anja, Eric and I will post here about our team's policy and agenda, and our role to play in serving you and ensuring the safe and welcoming future of Europe - if you'll sign our team's name on your ballot. I and my team hope this election is engaging, fun and kind - and we will only engage in positive politics.

    - Signed Eric Hitchens, Anja Emerett, and Eilidh Whiteford.

  • ""A Foreign Policy That Works" to me is not just a cliche slogan without meaning. As your Foreign Affairs Commissioner for the last eight months or so, I daresay I launched the Foreign Office from the depths it was left at to an effective, strategic level. We got rid of the well-intented but failing Cultural Ambassadors scheme; we simplified and codified our embassies with other nations; we made sure our allies in other regions were not left hanging; and we made sure we took rigorous steps against regions which would seek to harm us. However, I cannot claim responsibility for these actions alone, and we are far from finished.

    "My Commission team was vital in supporting strides in the Foreign Affairs Commission, especially during the last term. I know my two ticket colleagues are more than capable of spurring on a capable, fighting Foreign Policy. A Foreign Policy that ensures we maintain friendly relations with our vital allies - as we have started doing during the last term. A Foreign Policy that will keep our region safe from malevolent regions - which is something this Commission team will focus on if elected. An unbiased Foreign Policy, uncoloured by preferences and political creed. In short, a Foreign Policy that works.

    "Our plans are concrete. That is what we value. If we as a team are elected to the Commission for the coming term, I will continue to maintain our embassy system as we have done for the last few months. We will form a select group of diplomats and ambassadors capable of resisting any diplomatic raids or malicious attacks against our region. We will continue the progressive, positive trend of friendly relationships with our neighbours, engaging in their events, participating in discussions, pan-regional conferences, and keep them informed about our beautiful region. "

    Eric Hitchens, Team Whiteford

  • Admin

    ""An Internal Affairs For All", is one that is inclusive, cooperative, and one that benefits us all. We are weak when we are divided, yet strong when we are united. It's time to recognise that Internal Affairs hasn't worked for all. It's time to recognise that hasn't even worked for some - but that it simply hasn't worked at all. However, I think in recent months, this has been changing. As Premier, I think I began to make progress in this area, and as Commissioner for Internal Affairs, I hope to build upon this momentum. I hope to turn this momentum into something tangible.

    First and foremost, Internal Affairs needs to work closely alongside the European Council and the European Court of Justice. The Commission, the Council, and the Court, while separate, have a duty and an obligation to work together. Internal Affairs should be actively implementing and enforcing Council decisions. Laws are laws. I am appalled to see our UDoHR treated like nothing but a symbolic gesture, and I am tired of member states skirting around Council legislation. I would like to hold a discussion with member states to see how they would like to proceed with this, as I would like to hear their thoughts. However, I do have a proposition of my own. If the member states find my plan the most agreeable, or simply find my plan to as the only one, then I would like to proceed with it.

    This plan will begin with the Emerett Report.

    The Commissioner of Internal Affairs ought to perform a general hearing, to see how each member state has complied with our Constitution and our laws. Everything from capital punishment, to yes, cannabis. This hearing will be followed by a period of research. Once the hearing and research phase is completed, a report on findings is to be published. If inadequacies are to be found, then the Commissioner for Internal Affairs should make some recommendations. Should these recommendations fail to be implemented, then the Commissioner should take the member state to the European Court of Justice. That is a constitutional obligation. Once this process has been completed, then it will be up to the Internal Affairs Commissioner to monitor and help facilitate the implementation of new laws. If inadequacies are found, then a similar process ought to be completed. Recommendations, then if no compliance - straight to the European Court of Justice. This isn't tyranny, this is democracy.

    Secondly, Internal Affairs finds itself not only crippled by the lack of law recognition, but also by the the total non-performance of its own institutions. That begs the question, is that really the fault of the office holder, or of our system? The EU has built-up and amassed a great plethora of amazing institutions, each of which I would like to succeed. However, we can no longer micromanage them all. We have some amazing programs - ones that range from art, heritage, healthcare and general safety. Yet, each of these institutions are treated completely separately, and need to be individually micromanaged. This is terribly expensive and quite frankly, totally inefficient. As just one example, our Arts Collaboration Fund is required to have a board of European Councillors to make decisions, while many other institutions require the Council or Commission to appoint a director or manager. It is no wonder why our institutions are stalled or have no leadership. It's time that we streamlined our institutions under a civil service. If a streamlined civil service were to be created, then we could establish a unitary, functioning, and self-sustaining institutional workforce in Europolis. This service will make up the employees accredited to the institutions created by the European Council, Commission and the Court of Justice.

    Thirdly and most importantly, we need an Internal Affairs Commissioner that promotes and consolidates unity and solidarity in the European Union. Where does this begin? With the Commission. If we want a union that is cohesive and productive, then we need a Commission team that is one. There is no better team to lea dby example than the Whiteford team. We work together as a team, act as a team, and strive to make this union work as a team. You won't find our energy, team work or unity in our opponents. We would like to bring our policies, reform ideas and efforts to improve the EU through this same collaborative and democratic manner. This is where the Whiteford Team is truly special. Between Whiteford and myself, we have produced a number of highly productive reform discussions, which have resulted in massive changes in the Europarty and Commission systems. We have looked to not only foster important discussions, but include everyone in them, regardless of their ideas or creeds. I truly believe that some of the best and most innovative ideas come from the quietest of voices. It also resulted in compromises and tough decisions, but ones that were made fairly. It's only when we listen to each other, include each other, and work with each other, that we can truly prosper as a union.

    That's what having an Internal Affairs for all truly means."

    Anja Emerett, Team Whiteford