Kleinhaven - Factbook

  • Free Principality of Kleinhaven

    National Flag of Kleinhaven

    Motto: With God's Liberty




    Capitol: Kleinhaven

    Biggest City:

    Official Language: German

    Government: Unitary parliamentary absolute principality

    - Prince: Prince Karl

    - Speaker of Parliament: Alois Schulze

    Legislature: Landtag of Kleinhaven

    Establishment: from
    Independence: May 8th, 1217

    Land Area:

    GDP (nominal):

    GDP (nominal) per capita:

    HDI (2016): 9.089 (Very high)

    Currency: Kleinhavener Mark (KM)

    Timezone: UTC (+2)

    Drives on the: right

    Calling code: + 18

    Internet TLD: .kle

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