The following is a message from the President of the Repubblica-Monarchia.

    Good people of Nazione Italiana. Today, around 8:00 am, Cardinal Alessandro Da Cieli was performing mass in the Vatican City. Terrorists of Allah attacked, set off a car bomb just outside of the Vatican, and posing as church go-ers the men shot and killed several Swiss guards and Italian Police men. They sedated the Cardinal and his whearabouts are unknown. The Pope, King, Vice President, the Royal Family, and myself are all in safe locations. All schools are under lockdown with police on scene, and you can trust your children are safe. We ask that everyone remain safe, and in your homes, in possible. We will begin dismissing children from ALL schools starting at 1:00. You, or an allowed guardian may pick up your child. The boarders are closed. No travel in and out, besides government emeregncies. Please call 321 emergency lines with proper discression. Remain safe, and remember that this is a test of our courage. An attack on catholism will not be tolerated, and we must make sure that our nation as a whole doesn't fall victim. Pray for the lost souls, and for the life of the good Cardinal.
    Now back to your regular programing. _


    Il seguente ? un messaggio di Regino Cristoforo Vincenzo I, il Re della Monarchia-Repubblica. (The following is a message from Regino Cristoforo Vincenzo I, the king of the Monarchy-Republic.)

    **Voi, mie italiani, parlo a voi con uno cuore malinconico. **
    **My Italian people, I speak to you with a heavy heart. I wish I had better news to deliver to you, alas, the corpse of Cardinal Cieli has been found in a box in the port of Genova. I hope that you all pray for his soul, and for those of his killers. This CRIME will not go unpunished, that much I can say for sure. Other than that, most of my words are those of compassion and hope... and faith. Keep your faith in your God, compassion for the innocent, and hope that this will all end soon. We will be part of an international effort to end this epidemic as best as we can. Keep faith in your government. We are doing all we can to keep you and your family safe. The nation will remain under lock down for the time being. But, we ask you to remain calm, and go about your lifes as normal as possible. We must not let these men see our fear, and they MUST NOT dictate our lives. Stay safe, and keep faith.

    I love you all, and I beg you again to stay safe. **


    La data - 18 Marzo
    La ora - 13:00

    Questa ? Italiatele

    _Il Presidente ? morto! Questo ?..._the story we are hearing from officials in Roma; again, President Ugoino is dead. While the news hasn't officially come out from the government yet, we have several eye wittnesses and police who are confirming the story for us. As you are well aware, since the war, the Forza Italia party, well known as the non-radical social political party of Nazione Italiana, has been growing in strength. Wait... ok, I am now getting reports staight from the parlimentary office live, where the leader of the Forza Italia party is calling to be allowed to succeed Ugoino, and keep the presidency out of the hands of the conservatives to bring an end to the war. Let's go to our live feed in the Riunirsi...

    Signora Linda Chiara Moro speaks to the gathered Riunirsi Parliament, the King and Vice-President's seats are vacant.

    ...We can go on no longer, Italian against Italian. The Conservatives will have to realize that they can no longer monopolize the government, and their reign is over. Bringing slight social changes to Nazione Italiana will bring about the end of this three month war. I have been informed that the President is dead, and that the King and Vice-President are in hiding. Are we all not in danger? Their cowerdice proves how badly left-centre leadership is needed in Nazione Italiana. We need not make peace with and condol the actions of the rebels. They must learn their lesson. However, the truth is that we are in an age with social medicine, welfare, and a partly social economic system are key to survival. We can take this opportunity to pounce on the conservatives and set up a government to survive in this modern age.

    Roaring applause follows, and within the hour Moro becomes the next president of the Republic. By the 19th of March, the King has been replaced by the newly elected Riunirsi.

    A message appears in place of the news anchor.

    Your previously scheduled programs have been replaced by the new administrations programs. Please stay tuned to Italiatele.

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    (OOC : Play the broadcast and use this to keep track of what is said. It is fun because he has such an Italian accent, so you might need the transcript to understand)

    Questa ? Italiatele This is Italiatele. This is our first broadcast to the European Community since the new Government of the Forza Italia Party has been established. This news broadcast is run by the government of Nazione Italiana. Viva la Regina!

    My name is Ricardo d'Apezzo and here is the latest from Nazione Italiana.

    Recent improvements to the military have led to a growing sence of national pride, a feeling thought lost after the Civil War. The new Riunirsi supported draft will take effect this summer, grandfathering in all between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five, and drafting for a year of service all turning eighteen this year. Those turning eighteen in two thousand nine have a choice to serve either in their eighteenth or nineteenth year. This was a response to a report issued by the World Assembly labeling Nazione Italiana as a weak military power. Problems between nations like Triera and the Soviet Union have made Italians uneasy and wanting strong defense at home.

  • Questa ? Italiatele
    See this broadcast here.

    Questo e Italiatele, Attenzione! Ultime notizie!

    Cristoforo Vincenzo, the former king of Nazione Italiana has made his presence known to the Italian Government and European Union. He has been in hiding since being overthrown by the Riunirsi. He says that he and the Royal family will not be returning to Nazione Italiana while the Forza Italia party is in power, and their hiding place is still unknown. He has expressed a feeling of betrayal over his realitive, la Regina Celestina Elisa II, taking the throne. He has called for the replacement of the Presidenta Linda Moro with someone elected directly by the people and not by a fooled Riunirsi. The Nazione Italiana Government has formally denounced the statement and claims made in it. La Presidenta has warned, that should the former monarch set foot on Italian soil, he shall be arrested and tried for attempted government overthrow.

    This is Ricardo d'Apezzo with Italiatele News. Viva la Regina!!

  • Questa ? Italiatele


    Ultime notizie!

    The Presidenta has closed the boarders of Nazione Italiana. Citizens outside of Italian boarders are asked to return immediately. Foreigners inside of Nazione Italiana must remain inside of Nazione Italiana for the time being and may request financial or other necessary assistance, should it be necessary, at a local police office. Citizens who were anywhere inside of Grande Germania during the time of the bombings are not permitted entrance back into N.I. at this time and are asked to call the government hotline number which can be found on the last page of Italian passports. The hotline will give further information involving a collection in an Italian stronghold of the Reich.

    All international flights have been canceled. Please do not travel to the airport. The Government of Nazione Italiana, via this broadcast, makes it hereby known to all nations that any and all foreign aircraft in Italian air space will be shot down, in such a manner which ensures the complete destruction of the plane, death of said, hypothetical aircraft's crew and liquidation of onboard cargo.

    Please place 321 emergency calls with larger discretion, as lines need to stay open in case of an attack. Please use cell phones sparingly, especially if landlines go out, so government and military officials have better chances of staying in contact.

    It is virtually impossible for anything or anyone that was in the Reich at the time of the attacks, and therefore was possible in contact with the biological agent used by Spain, so called Animortus, to enter Nazione Italiana. However, should something come to your attention, the government asks you to call 321 immediately and to distance yourself that those around you as much as possible from said person/object.

    It is requested that citizens calmly and orderly prepare for emergencies. This means fueling cars and buying extra food, water and medical supplies. The government insists that there is no rush to do so, but such simple things are often forgotten and could mean survival should something ever happen, now or anytime in the future.

    All in all, Italians are asked to go about their day as usual, with widened caution. Schools are open.

    Reserve soldiers and draft candidates are asked to contact their local organizational office and inquire about possible duty.

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    Questa ? Italiatele

    Good evening, Nazione Italiana. Our top story tonight is on the report released by the World Assembly concerning the Political Openness of states. The report, which gave states a grade out of 100 for the amount of political freedoms citizens have. Italians are embarrassed and discouraged, but are not surprised at this poor showing of 67 out of 100 points. This lands N.I. withing the bottom 50% of all EU states.

    "We all know this is a problem. When we go to the polling locations, the common joke among people is that it is all for nothing; whatever the richest in the country want to happen is what the outcome is going to be," commented Andrea Decante (28).

    However, while opinion about the government and the election system are low, public opinion on individual politicians are at all-time highs. What does this mean?

    "We see a change coming in Italian politics: much more openness and transparency. I expect that this Parliament will take it upon itself to finally bring about changes in N.I. that follow public opinion. The people want the power to directly elect the President and their Senators once again, instead of just being able to elect representatives to the Circular House, as they were able to under the Constitution of the First Republic," is the opinion of political analyst Dr. Marco Zitto. "Because of the Civil War and political instability theretofore and thereafter, direct election was not really feasible. Nazione Italiana has, however, grown much in the past few years. If it wishes to legitimize itself and have its processes respected by its peers, it must work to minimize corruption and amend these antiquated election systems."

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    Questa ? Italiatele

    Good evening, Nazione Italiana. Italians were disgusted to find out today in an official report just how awful the status of natural environments are across the state. Many damages can be attributed to the recent conflicts and civil war, but many Italians feel like the government is using these incidents as an excuse not to invest man hours, time and money into researching how to improve Eco-life across N.I. The World Assembly's report places Nazione Italiana among the worst in the union.

    "Certainly it is embarrassing. I think all Italians share this shame today," Ella Bartista (50), Chairwoman of the Council of Environmental Protection states. "The question is, what are we going to do about it? Acres and acres of N.I. are left damaged by the conflicts of the last five years and are uninhabitable for animal life, let alone human settlement. We must commit to cleaning up, restoring and preserving natural areas and smarter energy consumption. The government has been quick to pump energy into tourist areas, making N.I. look like its old self to the untrained eye. Take a step outside the city and you'll see a piece of N.I. that no one wants to photograph. We cannot let this go on any longer."

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    Questa ? Italiatele

    Good evening, Nazione Italiana. Our report tonight comes directly from Roma, as the World Assembly released another report on ranking global corruption. This time, unlike recent reports, N.I. comes out smelling like a rose. According to the Inverse Mugabe Relatively Rating, Nazione Italiana has earned a score of 50; well above the average global score of -20. While reports earlier in the month showed that N.I. was not as politically free, the new government has taken it upon itself to be as transparent as possible.

    "We can certainly tell a difference in how this government functions," Paolo Cartolina (35), states. "After months of Civil War and deception, this past year has been one of necessary clarity and reason in Nazione Italiana. We can be proud of our government and how efficiently it functions."

    What specifically has changed in N.I. to allow this to happen? For answers on policy we turn to political correspondent Ana Totti-Valle.

    "Nazione Italiana has arrived at a place where the public interest trumps that of the individual politicians. Term limits have been set in stone; we shall see in the next round of elections if they are indeed respected. If they are, and I expect them to be, then we can be even more assured that corruption will continue to go down in N.I. This administration has increased the punishments for bribery and nepotism, specifically in the legislative processes."

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