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  • Protest Erupts in Kleinhaven City Over Controversial Regime of Prince Karl

    KLEINHAVEN CITY (KBC) - Today on the 24th of September 2016, a massive protest erupted this morning started with thousands protesters shutting down city traffic out of outrage of Prince Karl's recent controversial actions in his regime. The protest started when they crowded the streets and marched over the Wilhelm Bridge which caused law enforcement officers attempting to order protesters to disperse peacefully but was to no avail due to public transportation and automobiles being completely stuck in still traffic and under strict orders of the police department chief to not attempt any aggressive movements. This protest have erupted due to outrage over Prince Karl recently cutting social spending by 50% and appointing a controversial anti-LGBT and pro-life former preacher named Jens Röthke as Minister of Social Affairs which protesters have described he have no progressive comprehension of transgender bathroom rights and same-sex marriage.

    Protesters walking over the Wilhelm Bridge.

    Thousands of protesters are also fiercely protesting in Jurgen Square right outside the block radius around the Palace of Kleinhaven blocked off to the public due to concern of the Prince's well being. It have been reported that political activities have been occurring in Jurgen Square with Alois Schulze, leader of the National Liberal Party and Speaker of the Landtag giving a speech to protesters denouncing the recent actions of Prince Karl and asking him to abdicate or limit his role from head of government to a ceremonial head of state. Other parties have been conducting similar activities such as the Communist Party singing the Internationale in German. Prince Karl have not yet made any statement on Alois's denouncing him or the suggestion of abdicating and changing the government. It have been rumored from an anonymous source that the Landtag is planning a protest from an unnnamed MP.

    Protesters gathered in Jurgen Square

  • Change of Government and Inquistan State Visit

    Prince Karl addressing his abdication in the Grey Room.

    PALACE OF KLEINHAVEN (KBC) - Today, Prince Karl addressed a crowd of reporters in the Grey Room of the Palace of Kleinhaven amid the controversies arising from his new reign responding with abdicating from executive powers. His reason for giving up executive powers was "I have realized that the recent policies I have implemented did not reflect the will of the people of Kleinhaven and that I do not have the proper experience and abilities to lead this region in the political light" he said. He announced that due to him abdicating from executive powers, he will now be asking Alois Schulze, the speaker of the Landtag to be the first Prime Minister of Kleinhaven and lead a provisional government while the Landtag draft a new constitution. Prince Karl thanked the crowd and stepped off the platform and asked Prime Minister Alois Schulze to address anything he wanted to say to Kleinhaven.

    Prime Minister Alois Schulze addressing the crowd.

    Alois Schulze commended Prince Karl for stepping down saying "If a person do not take long to recognize their mistakes and take the necessary actions to address them, then they are worthy of forgiveness by their fellow citizens" which was seen as a response to citizens who have viciously criticized Prince Karl despite rumours from his friends saying that would be abdicating executive powers. He had a hopeful vision of the future government saying "While some may not see much of a difference in this government change, I deeply disagree with them saying that this government is more free than ever and it won't just be citizens that dictate how laws are legislated, but also executive decisions." On an off-hand notice, he announced that he contacted the government of Inquista and their Archbishop will be on a state visit to Kleinhaven.

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