A Big Announcement From Queen Charlotte

  • Good Day Loyal Subjects, I have called you all here to Valetta Palace to announce that i will be letting go of absolute power in New Sarai, and I will be creating A political system that is representative of everyone in this nation.

    I Will also be Abolishing the monarchy due to the fact that it is not representative of people in the nation.

    The country will have proportional representation using the single transferable vote system. A party which obtains a majority of votes but minority of seats is allocated additional seats to give it an overall majority of one. The House may not sit for longer than five years.

    The President will be the head of state and will be elected for a five-year period of office by the House of Representatives. The incumbent has executive authority but must act on the cabinet’s advice and the position is therefore largely ceremonial. The Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition are both appointed by the President. The cabinet is appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister. All appointees must be members of parliament.

    We will start the transition into a democratic state immediately with immediate effect and this hereby triggers a general election

    I have Selected William Bernard to take over in the interim until the general election has concluded


    Queen Charlotte

  • (OOC)

    Just to clarify the system

    New Sarai Will have a federal parliamentary republic

    Parliament and the President

    The President will be elected separate from the Parliament.

    Parliament will have 256 members, elected by STV

    4 from each of the 64 regions

    The person who commands a majority (129 or more) will be able to form a government by approval of the President

    That person will be Prime Minister

    and the Prime Minister and Cabinet are directly accountable to the Parliament.

    There will also be an opposition who scrutinise the government