The London Fall Fashion Show

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    When: October 5-9

    Where: Brewer Street Car Park, Soho, London

    What: High end, couture, and department store fashions

    Who?: The best designers in the UK and Europe (open for entries)

    Event ran and sponsored by Monsoon PR

    Tell them Naomi Campbell will be there. Tell them there's free champagne!

    It will be absolutely fabulous, darling!

    ((OOC: If ever there was a time for silly RP, it would be a t fashion show with free champagne in a fashion capital. Don't go too crazy, but this is a good opportunity to have side RP to the main event.))

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    Country of Origin:
    Do you have a shop in London?:
    Style (couture/high-end/formal/ready to wear/accessories/outerwear):
    Will you use our models? (Y/N):
    Any guest supermodels? Who?:
    Preferred music/DJ: 

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    Signed Designers/Companies/Houses:

    • Renata Kligenberg (RK Limited, RK Boutiques, Tenara Men's Fashion)
    • Burberry
    • Edina Monsoon (Monsoon Accessorise)
    • Gareth Pugh
    • Manish Arora
    • Oliver Spencer
    • Rigby and Peller
    • Alexander McQueen
    • Ozwald Boateng
    • Temperley London
    • Alice Temperley
    • Philip Treacy
    • Vivienne Westwood
    • Crossonau Kuaushmusaulunshesoaussrossonau
    • Eleonor Bosch
    • James Finlayson

  • Application

    Designer: Crossonau Kuaushmusaulunshesoaussrossonau

    House/Company: Crossonau Faushoin

    Country of Origin: Nuwnociluosoaulaunk (Icholasen)

    Do you have a shop in London?: Not yet

    Style (couture/high-end/formal/ready to wear/accessories/outerwear): Formal chique

    Guests: Eugene Horowitz (Governor of Saint Pierre), Morhauol Girlauchez (Governor of Nuwnociluosoaulaunk), and Taylor Swift.

    Will you use our models? (Y/N): Yes.

    Any guest supermodels? Who?: Ilfirkonau Ressoauncimmenosslfirkonau-Ressoauncimmenoss

    Preferred music/DJ: The Music of Dmitri Shostakovich.

    • Designer: James Finlayson
    • House/Company: Finlayson Ltd
    • Country of Origin: The Empire of Inimicus
    • Do you have a shop in London?: Probably
    • Style (couture/high-end/formal/ready to wear/accessories/outerwear): formalwear
    • Guests: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos; His Excellency the Chancellor of the Treasury, Sir Jonathan Barrington (both unbelievably fashionable)
    • Will you use our models? (Y/N) Y
    • Any guest supermodels? Who?: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos Lucy Lynx; Alexandra Hart; Richard Strathclyde
    • Preferred music/DJ: The Inimician delegation enjoys famous classical music. Emperor Artabanos is also a particular fan of the Inimician psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd

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    All three applications have been accepted. Welcome to the London Fashion Show, sweetie darling. Your complimentary champagne is waiting for you!

    Edina Monsoon

    Monsoon PR: We PR Things

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