Introduction of Eric Whiteford to the Council

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm Eric Whiteford, newly elected Councillor for Icholasen. In Icholasen, I worked as an Onion Tycoon, gaining riches growing and selling the brown/purple gold that is Onions. But, I found my true calling was public service, and I started work as a lobbyist in the Senate in 2000, where, I met my wife Eilidh. In 2010, I went back to work in the Onion business again, but now I have returned to public service, inspired by the immense drive of my wife, working in this Union of States that is the European Union. I hope to serve Icholasen and the European people. Thank you very much, and thanks for your welcome.

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    Julia Hartley-Brewer had no words for the man that stood in the Council chamber.

    "What an unfortunate man....looks like a wet damp rag that the Marxist Book Club wiped their arse with..." she said, not knowing her microphone was on. "Oh! I mean, welcome to this esteemed house."

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