Eilidh Whiteford's Nomination of Eric Hitchens

  • Hello to the Council. I hereby nominated Eric HITCHENS to the post of Foreign Affairs Commissioner. I feel as though he is truly the best person for the position of Foreign Affairs, with a massive experience in the sector, having manned this post in the past. Furthermore, I think he will be a great team member, along with Anja and I. Thank you Europe.

  • I, Speaker John Oliver, do formally open up this confirmation hearing for Eric Hitchens for the position of Commissioner of Foreign Affairs. All councillors are invited to take part, and I also invite Commissioner-Candidate Hitchens to make an openning statement at this hearing before we begin questioning them. Discussion starts now (23:00 GMT, OCT 3rd), and Ends (23:00 GMT OCT 7th) whereby voting would comment and end (23:00 GMT OCT 10th). I request all Cllrs. remain respectful towards the Commissioner-Candidate.

    I now give the floor to the commissioner-candidate.

  • Thank you very much, Mr Speaker Oliver, and thanks too to Eilidh, without whom I would obviously not be standing here. We campaigned very strongly together as a team, and evidently successfully.

    I think it would not be boasting to say most of you will know me and my policies rather well by now, having served almost two full terms as your Premier Commissioner, and another in the office of Foreign Affairs. And, although I am presently not standing for the Premier office again - Eilidh is more than capable of managing this - I do want to draw on my experience as Premier and Foreign Commissioner to explain to you my plans and my intentions for the coming term.

    But my focus has to be on the Foreign Affairs Office, as that is my passion and that is why I am here before you today. I daresay the Foreign Office has become like my child. When I was Premier, I have dragged it from a muddy pool in a dark suburban alley homewards; I gave it a thorough wash, a fresh set of clothes, and told it never to dive into muddy pools again. As children - and apparently, Foreign Offices - do, it repeated the same mistake when I was not there to oversee it, so a few months ago I acted firmly, told it off, and completely started its re-education. In concrete terms, this meant I scratched the watery, intransparent embassy relations we had with various nations here and there, and formalised our system. There cannot be a formal understanding without an initial diplomatic probing ((OOC: no forum embassies without NS embassies)), and the Cultural Ambassador scheme, well-intended though it was, had to go.

    Since then, the EU Embassy team has set up excellent relations with a smaller number of nations; we have stopped letting down our friends and started maintaining our friendships once again. I feel we have made real strides towards a fully-functioning, smooth and well-run Foreign Office.

    However, I wouldn't be running for another term if I thought my work had finished. Not only was I unsatisfied with the regional updates the Foreign Office produced, but most of all I think the Foreign Office should be more protective of the European institutions, defending them from those who seek to do our region harm ((OOC: #RaiderScum)). Therefore, I intend to set up some kind of task force made up of experienced defenders and regional delegated who will be tasked with the proper maintaining of our defences. Moreover, I want to continue to expand our systemised embassy programme to incorporate more trustworthy regions.

    I hope you will see fit to grace me with another term as your Foreign Commissioner. If there are any questions I will, of course, be happy to answer them now.

    Commissioner-Elect Eric Hitchens

  • "Thank you for your opening statement, Commissioner-Candidate. I welcome all Councilllors to begin their questioning, I will encourage all Councillors to push forward with tough questions."

  • Admin

    Good afternoon, Commissioner-Candidate Hitchens. As we're all aware, a few weeks ago, our region was subject to an attack - fortunately unsuccessful - by a coalition that included two regions with which your Office for Foreign Affairs maintained relations. My question is simple. What went wrong?

  • Thank you for your question, councillor. You strike at the heart of what should become one of our primary focus points over the coming commission term. I was completely taken aback, as I think we all were, when we found out attackers had come from two regions, namely the North Pacific and Europeia, with whom we had previously had cordial and friendly relations. I myself visited the governments of these regions multiple times, and supported our ambassadors in their important duties, and nothing at all seemed to indicate they were planning to attack us.

    What went wrong? Well, we were taken completely unawares. We were - and are - ill-prepared for attempted invasions from regions who would seek to do us harm, even and especially from who we perceive to be our allies. Now, I do not think this is reason for us to cut all diplomatic ties with other regions. They are too valuable for that. By connecting ourselves with our neighbours we open up to new members, we attract a wide range of co-operative and collaborative projects, and make sure we are visible to the world.

    However, and that is what I initially proposed in my opening statement, I do think we should be more vigilant, so we can avert possible catastrophies in the future. That is why I will try my best to gather some of the most experienced defenders in the region to see what can be done to prevent or sustain further attacks. I cannot promise you we will never be invaded, I am, after all, a realist, but what I can do is try to work with you, Councillors, with national governments of the Union, and with my colleagues in the Commission, to ensure we are as prepared as we can be for what may face us in the future.

    Commissioner-elect Eric Hitchens

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