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    Robert Iger wins Presidential Election; DCC looks to House of Delegate elections in December

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    Sunday, November 27th 2016

    Aachen, Aalen- Today, the Board of Elections (Chaired by Samantha Iger (DCC)), certified that Robert Iger of the Disney Corporate Coalition (Registered as the Disney Alternative formally) won the Aalenic Presidential Election with 52.8% of the vote in the first round.The nearest competitor for Iger was Alice Thorndike( Green-Progressive Coalition), who placed 2nd, with 23.1% of the vote. This comes after a heated chairmanship battle for the DCC earlier this year after investors and party elites questioned Iger’s leadership. Iger secured his chairmanship easily with 84.% support of those with voting power, shortly before the general reforms that transitioned Aalen from its pseudo-feudal system, to a presidential republic seen now.

    The DCC saw the largest growth of any non-governmental organization in the nation since then. With many signing unto its volunteer programs, which allowed it to enter the fray of local and national politics. Earning a majority of local town elections, the DCC sought to establish its policies that removed various corporate restrictions on them, allowing them to throw their billions in Marks into the Presidential Election which sought to elect the first, elected President of Aalen. While the system was designed to be a two-round system, DCC CEO, and Chairmen won in the first round.

    Polling had Iger consistently near 50%, however a win in the first round was considered improbable by most, with most independent analysts highlighting how the DCC owns most news outlets in Aalen, or at least has a majority stake in the company through other investments. The primary local investor in The Guardian (Aalen) is ABC News, part of the DCC Corporate group. The consistent domination of the DCC in the electoral process so far has sparked concerns of a potential one party state forming, due to the vast influence the DCC yields. Critics to this theory argue that even independent polling found the DCC at similar levels of polling, and that it would take far more than media influence to hold a one party state in the Aalenic democracy.

    Robert Iger began his career after studying at the University of Aachen for his undergraduates in Media and Communication, before studying Film at King’s College London for a graduates degree. He later was hired into the corporate regime at Walt Disney Studios in the 1980s, and helped lay the foundations for the so-called Disney Comeback of the 1990s. After these successes, he was promoted to the president of the ABC Television Group, allowing him to set the foundations to succeed John Peppers as CEO of the DCC. Since that time in 2008, Iger has had the DCC’s profits nearly triple, and has allowed the DCC to incorporate various other media outlets such as Lucasfilms, and Marvel Entertainment. Iger also has lead efforts to spearhead more Disney control of voting stock in Apple inc.

    Iger has stated he will remain on as CEO of the DCC, and will also become President of the new Disney National Committee, which will be the political focused arm of the DCC. Having espoused the idea of Waltism, Iger hopes to lay the foundations for a nation that follows the ideas of the DCC founder, Walt Disney, which were to follow the traditions of the Aalenic Community, as well as seek to treat all people equally. Humanism being a core part of Waltism, however some critics have noted certain sections of Iger’s platforms which seek to align Aalen with only culturally similar nations such as the United Kingdom or Angleter.

    Iger was elected on a platform of abolishing abortion within Aalen, furthering the Universal healthcare system, seeking to limit the amount of government regulation in certain sections especially media. As well as abolishing the Cannabis Regulation Act 2015, with further interest in banning tobacco as well as possibly alcohol except in certain establishments. Iger also maintains a plan for a free market, except in termed “Essential industries” an example being healthcare, whose effects are evident on all Aalenites. Iger’s tax plan calls for a flat income tax, with corporate taxes being simplified to three brackets, and a VAT tax added to most nonessential goods.

    Iger’s goals however will need to have the support of the House of Delegates, the unicameral chamber of the Aalenic Legislature. Currently only a few select seats were elected on the first round of voting, most going to to the DCC, with others electing their competitors in the Unionist Alliance, the Republicans, and finally the Green-Progressive Union. Most other parties did not make into the second round, bar a few minor regional parties such as the Valentinian Alliance for Classical Music, or the Webbe Domination Party.

    With the Presidential election, now certified to be over, all the money saved for the second round will surely be funneled into the House of Delegates election, whose results will decide the fate of Aalen for the next three years.

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