EPA Chairman Election, November 2016

  • With the withdrawal of our EPA leadership team ((OOC: Inquista, Icholasen), as one of the active Councillors in the EPA caucus, I hereby declare an immediate open election for the leadership of our caucus. We must elect a chairman, and from there we can work on the rest of the team. Those who run for the Chairman position MUST be Councillors in the European Council.

    Candidate Name:

    Photograph of Candidate

    Home Nation: National Party Affiliation: Biography: Describe your vision for the EPA:

  • Name of Candidate: Lady Suzanne Bostwick-Smythe, The Baroness Bostwick-Smythe

    Photo of Candidate

    National Party Affiliation: Gallambrian Labor Party

    Biography: Former Member of Parliament, Served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, served on the Joint Committee on National Security, Joint Defence Committee and the Foreign Trade Appropriation Committee. Resigned from Parliament upon offer of position as Gallambria's Councillor to the European Union.

    Describe your vision for the EPA: To advance our ideologies region-wide, with a focus on fair access to health for all, global warming, open trade with our regional neighbours, and work towards a cooperative Union.

  • Candidate Name: Marie Therese Charlaix
    Home Nation: Sitanova

    Photograph of Candidate

    Resultado de imagen para arantza quiroga vogue

    National Party Affiliation: New National Party

    • Born in 1970 in Saint Peter and Saint Paul city
    • Graduated of Economics and Finance from Oxford University in 1993
    • Female sector leader of the National Alliance Party of Sitanovan in 1996-2003
    • MBA in International Business Economics from the Royal Superior Economics School of Sitanova in 1994
    • Leader of the Majority in the National Parliament 1996-2000
    • MBA in Political Sciences from the Royal Pontificial University of Sitanova in 1999
    • Vice Prime Minister of Sitanova 2000-2003
    • Executive Adviser on Economic and Political Affairs of the National Parliament 2003-2008
    • President of the Saint Therese Provincial Government 2008-2012, 2012-2014
    • Executice Adviser on Internal Affairs of HM´s Government 2014-2016
    • Leader and Co-Founder of the New National Party 2016
    • Member of the Parliament elected by the 3rd District of Saint Therese June 2016-July 2016
    • European Comissioner of Sitanova 2016
    • Treasurer of the European Progressive Alliance 2016
    Describe your vision for the EPA: My vision of the party, 1) To keep our core values and missions we have of Europe 2)More and more laws be promoted in favor of the Member States of the European Union and to the economical, cultural and political progess of the European Union. Also, my vision is to trasnform the EPA into the largest European political group in the region and with larger percentage of members.

  • Candidate name: François Beaufort

    Home nation: Federal Republic of Derecta

    National Party Affiliation: Derectan Popular Alliance


    Born the 12/03/1960 (gregorian calendar) in the capital city of Dikaíoma, he is one of the most prominent Derectan politicians.

    Having studied in the Dikaíoma School of Political Sciences and graduated of International Relations and Political Sciences (PhD), he served as senator for his province from 1988 to 2008(g.c.), then he became Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs under the first Entrialgo cabinet (XLIV legislature). During the XLV legislature, he was transferred to the Ministry of External Affairs and Collaboration with the E.U. and became the Derectan Councillor. Some of his most remarkable actions are the creation of the Homeland Security Agency and the modernisation of the Derectan Federal Army.

    Vision for the EPA:

    "So your asking me what my vision for the future of the EPA is ? Hmmm... Well to begin with, I think we should grant our member states more power in our party. After all, we owe them our very existence as a party, they're our base.

    Second of all, I believe we are the only solution for the multiple crisis that the E.U. is experiencing, culturally, economically and socially. I mean come on now ! We need to redirect our policies and ensure every single E.U. citizen has a proper lifestyle !

    So why do I want to be Chairman ? Well that's an interesting question ! My mother always said: " If you want something done properly, do it yourself !", and that is what I'm going to do, take the E.U. by its hand and guide it to prosperity !"

    François Beaufort: "Good Morning Derecta!"

  • With three candidates running in this four person caucus, I do declare the nomination period over. A period of debate will begin in Europolis for our members to hear the vision for the European Progressive Alliance.

    David Leyonhjelm

    Councillor for the Commonwealth of Australia.

  • Concerning the EPA Chairman Elections celebrated in November 2016

    The Office of Collaboration with the E.U. of the Federal Republic of Derecta is concerned about the stagnation of the EPA Chairman electoral process.

    We hereby ask the competent party authorities to put an end to this situation and restart the elections next month.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Derectan Councillor

  • As representative of the State Turkmenbaijan, I follow the demand of my collegue from the Federal Republic of Derecta, Mrs. Viviane Ricchetti.
    I would like to demand to restart the elections, like Mrs. Ricchetti demands, next month.

    Mrs. Esnith Annayeva,
    Turkmenbaijani Councillor