ECoJ By-Election, November 2016

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    Due to the election of Helen Smith as Premier Commissioner of the European Union, her compatriot, Justice Brenda Hale, has had to vacate her seat on the ECoJ in accordance with the Constitution. Also, as New Sarai has withdrawn from the European Union, Justice Alan Abela Wadge has also vacated his seat. This leaves us requiring a double by-election to replace these two Justices. Since there are two seats to be filled, the election will be conducted under the Single Transferable Vote system used in normal, full-ECoJ elections.

    Please nominate candidates thus:

    [Candidate photograph or image]
    <p>Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Incumbent? (Y/N): 

    Nominations started at 23.30 GMT last night and will end at 23.30 GMT on 6th November, 2016.

  • Candidate photograph:

    Candidate Name: Mr François Beaufort    
    Home Nation: Federal republic of Derecta
    Incumbent? (Y/N): Yes
    -Senator: 1988/2008
    -Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs: 2012/2016
    -Minister of External Affairs and Collaboration with the E.U.: 2016/Present Day
    -Derectan E.U. Councillor: 2016/Present Day

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    Candidate Name: Ms Jane Elias

    Home Nation: Angleter

    Incumbent? (Y/N): No


    - Born 1949 (Nimrod, Angleter); BA Law 1970 (University of Cernovcy)
    - Private practice 1972-1987
    - Judge, Court of Common Pleas (Diglath) 1987-1996
    - Judge, Court of Exchequer Chamber (Diglath) 1996-2009
    - Professor of Law, University of Cernovcy 2009-2016

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    Forgot to start the election. Voting begins NOW and ends at 20.00 GMT on 17th November. Rank as many or as few candidates as you like in order (but note that both candidates will be elected anyway, since there are two candidates running to fill two offices).

    The candidates are:

    Mr François Beaufort (Derecta)
    Ms Jane Elias (Angleter)

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    The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter votes as follows:

    1. Jane ELIAS
    2. François BEAUFORT

  • The Federal Republic of Derecta votes for:

    1. Jane Elias
    2. François Beaufort

  • The State Turkmenbaijan votes as follows:

    1. François BEAUFORT
    2. Jane ELIAS

  • The Democratic Republic of Sitanova votes as follows:

    1. Jane ELIAS
    2. François BEAUFORT

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    Voting is over and the results are as follows:

    Jane ELIAS - 3
    Francois BEAUFORT - 1

    Both candidates are elected to the ECoJ. Congratulations to them.

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