Confirmation of Mr. Kilroy-Silk as Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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    In compliance with the European Union's Constitution and with expedience, I nominate Robert Kilroy-Silk from Angleter to be Commissioner for Internal Affairs.

    For those of you who would like further background on Mr. Kilroy-Silk, his relevant information can be found here.

    Mr. Speaker, I ask that the confirmation process begin urgently.

  • I, Speaker John Oliver, do open the nomination for Mr. Robert Kilroy-Silk for the position of Commissioner of Foreign Affairs.

    Questioning begins now and lasts until 01:04 GMT November 5th.

    Then voting on Confirmation begins and lasts until 1:04 GMT November 8th.

    Please remain respectful to the best of your ability, I now invite Mr. Kilroy-Silk to make an opening statement before we begin questioning.

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    "Thank you, Mr Speaker. And thank you, Premier Smith, for nominating me to this Office."

    "Repeated failure to stop wars - and you say Europe's going in the right direction?"

    "The climate change law is ten years old - and you think it's still fit for purpose?"

    "You feel fine about the fact that the EU legislates about cannabis – but not about war crimes?”

    “Of course you don’t. Millions of people across this union are getting less and less satisfied with Europe, because it’s just not delivering for them. Before I was nominated to this position, I served as a leading figure in a pressure group called EFFECTIVE, which was focussed on calling out all these problems, and it was amazing to discover how many people just can’t stand the Commission.”

    “When was the last time, people asked me, the Commission actually helped preserve peace in the region? When was the last time it actually solved a dispute between nations? What steps has it taken in recent times to stop abuses in war; or stop our water and soil being polluted by other countries; or stop foreign dumping or currency manipulation harming our economy?”

    “And why, they ask me, does Europe never talk about those things, but instead talk endlessly about ramming nuclear disarmament, or election of Councillors, or same-sex marriage, or legalised cannabis down our throats? And why does it always sound like we have to decide between that Europe, and no Europe at all?”

    “Well, I’ve been saying to those people that another Europe is possible; and now I’m here to make it a reality. I have three priorities for the next four months – reforming EU law, reforming the ECoJ, and reorienting the Internal Affairs Office.”

    “To reform EU law, firstly, I will work with the Speaker of the European Council to produce an audit into all existing EU legislation, to determine what are the current obligations of EU member states. Secondly, I will take that audit and, after consulting with member states, produce a report detailing what legislation I believe should be repealed; what should be reformed, replaced, or amended; what should stay as it is; and what new legislation should be drawn up. I’m sure you can infer from what I’ve already said what sort of things would go in each category. And then, I will work where possible with Councillors from various member states to get those changes before the Council and make them a reality.”

    “To reform the ECoJ, I will aim to repeat the process of Commission reform with the ECoJ. We need to streamline the judicial process to stop ludicrous delays like the recent BBC/Beech case. We need to clearly define the ECoJ as a Constitutional court. And we need to sort out what it can and can’t do in terms of punishment - realistically. If it involves some kind of military or police force, then it’s not realistic.”

    “Finally, I envisage an Internal Affairs Office that deals with disputes between nations before they develop into armed conflicts. Every single war we’ve seen in recent years – Kalmar, the Teutonic State, Groot-Belgie, even Dromund Kaas – the Internal and Defence Commissions have been slow to act. They’ve only really involved themselves after the war has begun, at which point, it’s too far gone. Likewise, Internal and Defence rarely, if ever, resolve less grave conflicts, like the various blockades we’ve seen in recent years, or the British/Duxburian/Framptonian trade dispute. As your Internal Affairs Commissioner, I pledge to be quick off the mark and to do my utmost to nip conflicts in the bud.”

    “Another Europe is possible, and I believe I have the plan and the drive to make it a reality. Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope for your support.”

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    As the time for questioning has passed, I guess I will begin the voting.

    I vote FOR Mr. Kilroy-Silk to become Commissioner for Internal Affairs

    Councillor Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

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    I vote FOR Mr Kilroy-Silk to become Commissioner for Internal Affairs

    Gisela Stuart

  • I vote FOR Mr Kilroy-Silk to become Commissioner for Internal Affairs

  • I vote FOR Mr. Kilroy-Silk for Commissioner of Internal Affairs


  • I can now confirm that Mr. Kilroy-Silk was confirmed as Commissioner for Internal Affairs by the European Council with unanimous support.

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