Confirmation of Mr. Baakre for Commissioner for Foreign Affairs

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    In accordance with the European Union's Constitution and with great expedience, I nominate Mr. Charley Baakre for Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

    All relevant information for those in the Council who would like to review the credentials of Mr. Baakre can be found here.

    Mr. Speaker, I ask that the confirmation proceedings begin urgently.

  • I, Speaker John Oliver, do open the nomination for Mr. Charley Baarke for the position of Commissioner of Foreign Affairs.

    Questioning begins now and lasts until 01:04 GMT November 5th.

    Then voting on Confirmation begins and lasts until 1:04 GMT November 8th.

    Please remain respectful to the best of your ability, I now invite Mr. Baarke to make an opening statement before we begin questioning.

  • I am personally disheartened by the Commissioner-Elects lack of an openning statement for which to allow this chamber to begin debating merits of their appointment. I will begin voting now, and it will last three days (Ends on 14 November 21:44).

    I vote to CONFIRM, Mr. Baarke as Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

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    I vote to CONFIRM Mr Baakre

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    OOC: Many apologies for getting this out so late, a lot happened. I request a Speaker extension on the voting phase.

    "I'd like to thank the Speaker for the hearing and the Premier for the nomination.

    So, why should you vote for me as your Foreign Affairs Commissioner? A typical FA commissioner manages our embassies, recruits new nations, and sends updates to embassy regions once a month. That's not going to work like it did in the past. Our region has come under assault. Europeia, a region we had diplomatic relations with, conspired to invade us. The North Pacific, a region we had diplomatic relations with, a region that once helped defend us, conspired to invade us and then pathetically tried to cover it up. Contemporary threats are more experienced, more cunning, better networked, and far more numerous than ever before. We need to re-evaluate the importance of this often-neglected office and overhaul our external relations.

    As your Foreign Commissioner, I would propose changes that can be grouped into two main categories, outreach and security. There is, however, quite a bit of overlap between these concepts.

    Under outreach, I'd like to enable embassy posts on our RMB. This would enable our foreign friends to engage with us directly. I'd like to assemble a team of ambassadors to cover our existing relations. It would be embarressing if we are unable to staff them properly. Instead of just monthly updates, ambassadors should feel free to post updates whenever there's news. I would also like to introduce "featured nations" in our more significant updates. If your nation is selected, you get some space to tell your story to another region!

    Under security, we need to have much better defensive strategies in place than "bury our collective heads in the sand and hope no one comes". I would propose that we establish a European Army (OOC: Gameplay military, no RP function) and train, so our nations are prepared for the next real attack on our soil. After training, we could then assist our foreign friends on operations, becoming a more valuable ally. I would also propose that we sign the CAIN Treaty (Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism). We are extremely isolated in a world that is quickly networking. We need to have more partners and friends. OOC: I'd also like to establish a "masking" system in our Discord chat, which would extend varying permissions levels to external representatives.

    If you like these ideas, please vote to confirm me as your next Foreign Affairs Commissioner. If you don't, or have questions, by all means fire away."

  • Voting phase will be extended 2 more days.

  • I, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, vote FOR Mr. Baakre

    David Leyonhjelm

    Councillor for the Commonwealth of Australia

  • On behalfof the Kindom of the Democratic Republic of Sitanova, I vote For Mr. Baakre

    Marie-Therese Charlaix

    Councillor of the Kingdom of the Democratic Republic of Sitanova

  • The State Turkmenbaijan votes FOR Mr. Baakre

  • I can confirm that Mr. Baakre was unanimously confirmed to be Commissioner for Foreign Affairs; congratulations now GET TO WORK!

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