Discussion: EU Legislation and National Government Enforcement

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    Good morning, my dear colleagues.

    I have a concern that I am raising in regards to European legislation and implementation as a whole. I'd like to wonder what is reasonable to expect Governments across the European Union to change policy. I know in the United Kingdom it takes a couple of months for the Civil Service to read the policy, how it affects current British government regulation and then completely enact legislation. And I'm sure it's different for other Governments across Europe.

    My question to you all is what is the process in which your Governments enforce EU legislation, and how much time does it require on average? Is there anything we can do as Europe to help national governments effectively? The Council could put legislation enforcement into law, but in order to give everyone the fairest and best possible deal, we need to talk about that.

    Do we also need to put dates in more legislation as to when the laws apply?

    Councillor Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

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