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  • Derecta's Prime Minister's New Year message

    "Derectans, fellow European nations, I address you for the first time from Eleutheria Palace, place that the beloved figure of my Predecessor made familiar to countless people throughout our nation.

    This year 2016 has been marked by many significant events; our entry in the E.U., the death of PM Entrialgo and my investiture as the new Head of State and Government.

    Nevertheless, 2017 is to be an outstanding year for our country, as I am pleased to announce that the next Derectan general elections will be celebrated in two weeks time, as the Senate and Congress have decided this week.

    I would also like to personally address the Caspian Sea incident; I consider this is an act of war.

    But not a war against countries, armies or individuals. This is a war against our very own values, ideals and moralities.

    Pravoslaviyan authorities had no right to take those people's lives and this shall not be forgotten by the Derectan people.

    Our government has decided to cut any possible future economic trades with Pravoslaviya and its allies, and it urges other CIVILISED European countries to follow our example and establish an economic embargo against Pravoslaviya.

    As Minister Schultz has already informed, we shall be taking in Kaasian refugees over the next year. This shall become effective next Monday, when our Humanitarian Aid Service Agency will send its first round of transport aircraft to the Angleteric camps which are the most over-populated. The HASA will also provide the camps with food, essential goods, new medical equipment and materials to establish new camps throughout Dromund Kaas, as well as 10 billion Draats to help finance the refugee camps program.

    It is already being planned to build shelters all across Derecta to host these refugees until they can live independently. These homes will be top quality and will ensure a proper lifestyle for all of these men, women and children. We're also starting to recruit the remaining Kaasian teachers in order to establish schools that give both Derectan and Kaasian education.

    We will also offer them, given the time, the option to become full Derectan citizens, with all the safety our nationality guarantees.

    Last, but not least, my nation, along with Gallambria, Sitanova and Fremet, has decided to establish the North European States Treaty Organisation (NESTO), an economic and military alliance between our countries. This will develop stronger ties between our populations and cultures and will result in the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of our great nation.

    This is all I have to say, my fellow citizens; and remember, together we're all stronger.

    Pride, Homeland, LIBERTY!"

  • 23rd of April, mid-day:

    "Derecta, this weekend you have decided in which direction you want our country to walk for the next 4 years, and you have chosen right, as you have given the Derectan Popular Alliance the power to continue making the difference in Europe and our nation by handling it majority in the Senate. But not not all that glitters is gold.

    Your votes have certainly given us power in the Lower House, but in Congress, they have left us with less than the absolute majority that we need to ensure stability and progress. I have taken this election as a vote of confidence on my term, on my party's actions over the past legislature, and it seems not all of you are satisfied by all our hard work.

    This is why, on this evening's vote to elect our country's prime minister, under an agreement we have settled with the Derectan Democratic Confluence, my party and I will vote for Violet Leandros. Derecta's government will now be formed by a coalition of our two parties, and we hope, this way, he maximum number of you Derectans feel and believe that what your leaders are doing is right.

    I can only say that these five months as your prime minister have been a true honour for me and that I will be eternally grateful for all of your support and kindness."

  • "Derectans, Europe, this is my first speech as prime minister and I didn't want to come here and say what everyone says their first time. I didn't want to come and say that, even though my party isn't the most voted, we will work really hard with the DPA to improve our nation. I didn't want to promise great changes in advance, without even knowing what our current political situation will become. And, above all, I didn't want to speak before you all and falsely state that I have everything under control. Nothing is 100% under control every single second of the day.

    I am honoured by the decision the Derectan Popular Alliance has made, and glad they chose us to form a coalition. But this does not mean I won't do everything I can to materialise every single campaign promise I made. This position my party has been given means stability, prosperity and social changes. The path won't be free of obstacles, but I do believe that this is the dawn of a new era in our political system.

    Derecta has been traditionally bipartisan, we all know that, but this decision you all have made, this power you have given us, constitutes the very source, the very foundations, of our role in the Derectan society. It may have been enlarged by the DPA, but it doesn't mean we will become its cadet party. We have our differences in many subjects, but the common ideal off a stronger, more competitive Derecta brings us closer.

    The European Union faces a new epoch too. Instability is doing nothing but rise and we are witnessing both prominent and promising governments are plummeting to their demise, leaving their place to regimes issued from "coups". I do celebrate some of the recent events that have occurred in the Union. Australia couldn't have chosen a better President, our Constitution is finally adapting to our concerns, but this is not enough. We must face our common and uncertain future hand by hand and walking in the same direction.

    Thank you all.

    Prosperity through Progress!"

  • Regarding the current political climate in Turkmenbaijan

    Prime Minister Leandros

    "Turkmenbaijan, this is Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta. It was under my orders that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed the Derectan embassy in Arkhamnamabad to summon back our citizens in your country.

    Turkmenbaijan was the first to have an embassy in Dikaíoma, and we consider you as a close ally and friend, nevertheless, we cannot rely on your State security forces any longer.

    My duty as Head of State and Government is to ensure all my citizens are safe and, sadly, we cannot consider Turkmenbaijan as a secure environment any more.

    Troubles and riots must end now. This is not acceptable in a democratic, civilised country. No more citizens and policemen can die. If you are unhappy with your politicians, don't show it by becoming savages. Show your discontent on the elections day, rejecting tyranny, oppression or futility and embracing democracy and progress.

    Derecta and Turkmenbaijan share strong ties. Let's not turn this historical event into the one that'll tear us apart. Rediscover the good your country has to offer.

    Thank you."

  • My fellow Derectans. I speak to you in moments of crisis. Never has our country experienced such epidemic in its entire history, but I assure you, this disease will not kill us, it will make us stronger. Our vaccination program will be overhauled next month, I having signed a Decree Law this very evening to ensure our medical system receives the help it desperately need.

    Now, I understand the State of Exception may not be the best situation you could all live with, but it is the only that will protect us from this virus. I have just received the latest reports on the disease's extension. So far, 10,371,454 people have been infected. That is almost one third of our population. But it doesn't stop there. More than three quarters of a million Derectans have been taken away from us, a blow that will be difficult to overcome. Never had we expected such a catastrophic succession of events, but it has opened our eyes to the bigger picture. Healthcare needs our help, it needs money. There is currently 1 doctor for every 75 citizens, one MRI scanner for every 250,000 Derectans, and one VZV vaccine left in stock for every 500,000 men, women and children. Therefore, the Decree Law will allocate 6,000,000,000 draats to the renovation of our public healthcare.

    I, personally, have decided to submit myself to a motion of confidence, which shall be celebrated once the State of Exception is lifted and shall evaluate my grade of responsibility in the origin of these events. I have already spoken with my 62 Senators and have told them there is no obligation to support me if they consider it unethical. 

    I do hope you, the people, will be able to forgive me.

    The Most Hon. Violet Leandros,

    Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta

  • Derectans, I have just been informed of Field Marshal Douglas' intentions to establish a militarised state in Derecta. Let me be the first to say NO to this pronunciamiento. We are an elected institution, and no guns shall ever deny that. Hereby, as Commander-in-chief, I urge that all troops return to their usual posts and ignore their orders. Failure to do so will imply prosecution under the 1949-007-Ja law concerning High Treason. 

    The Governors have been instructed to deploy Regional Special Police officers in order to take control of the situation. Also, the first reports of the quarantine centres have arrived. It seems as if the disease is being pushed back by our brave doctors and nurses. I myself shall be visiting Saint Philotheos Hospital, here in Dikaíoma, this afternoon, to give them my support.

    I do agree desperate times require desperate measures, but undermining our liberties is intolerable. There are provisions in our Magna Carta to establish a State of Siege, the Derectan equivalent to Martial Law, but always under the approval of the Houses of Parliament. Never through the men and women who are supposed to safeguard the Constitution.

    I am honestly disappointed in Field Marshal Douglas and the other commanders of our Armed Forces. never would I have believed they would betray their country like this.


    The Most Hon. Violet Leandros,

    Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta

  • " Derectans. I have just been informed by our embassy in London that five of our fellow citizens have been killed in the terrorist attacks occurred today in the British capital.

    Their names were Pablo Santana, aged 43, who worked as an economist in HSBC; Teresa de Rodrigo, aged 23, who was visiting her brother at university; and Ioannides Scheriatis, aged 32, his wife Juliet Harrison, aged 31 and their son Alexios Scheriatis, aged 3, who were on holidays in the city.

    I would like to extend my condolences to their families. The whole country is in grief after such a terrible loss. Four days of official national mourning have been decreed.

    Terrorism is not something we should turn a blind eye to. We all need to cooperate in order to prevent massacres like the one we have witnessed today. It is our responsibility, to honour our dead.  Therefore, our government will be collaborating thoroughly with the British investigations.

    My prayers are with Britain and Derecta. Prosperity through Progress!"

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