Mr. Entrialgo's State Funeral

  • Good evening, this is Monica Castejón and this is Derectan National News, offered to you by the Derectan Broadcasting & Communications Agency.

  • Today Mr. Entrialgo's State Funeral is taking place in the Dikaíoma State Pantheon.

    Government officials, foreign mandataries and citizens from every region in the nation have come to Dikaíoma to pay their last respects to the former Prime Minister, considered by many as the new founder of the nation.

  • We are in front of the pantheon and, as you can see, the coffin is arriving.

  • The Deputy Prime Minister is paying his respects to Mr. Entrialgo. Everyone knows that their relationship was not only professional, as they were best friends

  • Now we can see P.M. de la Torre-Ferrándiz, sitting beside the Minister of Economy, Commerce and Industry, Mr. Tressler (right), and the Secretary of State of Public Administration, Mr. Warner (left).

  • Now, his brother-in-law, Mr. Stuart-Trefusis, Minister of Tourism, is paying his last respects.

  • The coffin is being taken to the funeral chapel, where people will be able to salute the late P.M. until next week.

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