Gallambrian Embassy Program - Application to establish an Diplomatic Mission in Gallambria


    On behalf of His Majesty King Albert II, the Government of Gallambria, wishes to extend an invitation to all nations
    within the European Union to establish a Diplomatic Mission in Bromwich, our nations capital city.

    If you wish to apply, please visit the following link and complete the application form:

    Embassies Located in Gallambria

    1. Embassy of the Federal Republic of Derecta
    Ambassador: Duke Bernard de Sauveterre

    2. Embassy of the State of Turkmenbaijan
    Ambassador: Mr. Gurban Mamayev

    3. Embassy of the Kingdom of the Democratic Republic of Sitanovia
    Ambassador: Marquise Roberta Hausmann

    Henrietta Fordham-Lewis
    Director, Diplomatic Affairs Office

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