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    Hi all,

    Just to say that a new Transport Central subforum has been created under Economics, in order to house all the airlines, airports, train stations/networks/companies, and anything else related to mass transit. This is because airlines and airports in particular had come to form almost half the threads in the World Stock Exchange subforum, so they've now been got their own.

    Also, a general note - a former player recently contacted me asking that I expunge all references to one of their characters, since they'd taken the name from one of their friends, who'd since found out about this and taken exception to it on privacy grounds. I complied, but it took up a few precious minutes of my weekend, and it's precisely the sort of ham-fisted retconning I usually try to avoid. So please, if you're intent on using a friend's (uncommon) full name for a major RP character, get their permission first.