Derectan Government - Dispatches

  • Regarding the tragic incident in the Caspian Sea

    Minister Veronica Schultz

    "I personally wanted to transmit my ministry's will to help any Kaasian refugee find a better life in our country, Derecta. As a country that was once ravaged by a civil war, we know very well what it is to fear for our own lives. After an extraordinary sitting in both parliamentary chambers and an emergency cabinet meeting, our government has decided to take in 1.000.000 Kaasian refugees during the next three months. This quota will be increased throughout the year. Our defence minister, Col. Arturo Bellandini has also been deeply concerned by this deplorable event and has already started contacting our closest allies in order to take actions against Pravoslaviya. Finally, I urge all the governments in the E.U. to follow Derecta's path and give shelter to any Kaasian refugee that requires so"

  • Minister Alfredo Valero

    Press Statement of the Derectan Foreign Affairs Minister

    "I truly believe Europe is ill. And you'll ask, what is it suffering from? And I'm going to answer that question: Europe's diseases are populisms and lack of determination. We have witnessed over the past few days all sorts of attacks, both to civilians and to countries' honours. The desperate action of the Pravoslaviyan government justifying their vicious attack on those poor men, women and children by classifying them all as "Sithians" is complete and utterly disgraceful and should make every Pravoslaviyan ashamed of having chosen these so-called 'beacons of hope to patriots across the region' as their leaders."

    "To be a patriot doesn't mean you can kill another human-being. I myself am a patriot, and I have decided to serve my country by helping it become closer to its neighbouring nations. This is what being a patriot means, being capable to adapt to inevitable changes in life and society, maintaining always traditional customs dearly. We live in a world that is globalised, and those nations who resist to adapt to the new era that has arrived will perish on its own"

    "The refugees my country has started to take in have been qualified as 'a terminal cancer' and 'Trojan Horses'. The true cancer is within these politicians' minds and Pravoslaviya's own Trojan Horses now roam their government and sit on its Parliament's chairs. They say, by torpedoing that boat, they have saved thousands of lifes. It is true, as we are here to save those poor people from a disgraceful life in Pravoslaviya, where they would be bullied by the very institutions that are supposed to protect the average citizen, no matter what his or her nationality, race, religion, sexuality or political ideals are."

    "We have been called 'sanctionists' by the Pravoslaviyan government. We agree with them. Our sanctions will be unprecedented. This is not something we will forget in a year's time. This is an attack against the ideals our ancestors fought to establish, and no populist wacko will destroy them by making a show out of this. They say they're the 'shining light to the world', but to me, a world that is guided by men and women like this, is nothing but pitch black, a place where I wouldn't like my grandchildren to live"

    "The E.U. isn't doing enough to face this deplorable event. This isn't the European Union I thought it was. It seems as our very own Constitution is nothing but paper tiger. Our communitary institutions should have put an end to this since day one. And here we are, facing a massive migratory issue, a nation torn by civil war for the past five years and some megalomaniacs running a country and deciding the fate of human beings like they were playing chess."

    "Basic biology doesn't understand feelings like fear, hunger and loss of all hope. Neither does it help understand what people feel and think when they witness such barbaric acts. And I hate to break it to them, but Pravoslaviyans have less of pure blood than a mutt, and so do the rest of European nations, included my very own. Anyone that has 'basic biology notions' knows that human beings are a mix of races and bloods that are the result of thousands of years of contacts between different kinds of human species. Nationalities are just something we created a very long time ago to separate ourselves of our foes."

    "I sincerely just hope this crisis ends as soon as possible and that those who believe themselves to be 'messiahs' of liberty an purity recapacitate and reconsider their positions over some issues, this will be all for today, thank you for being here."

  • Emergency Press Release by P.M. de la Torre-Ferrándiz

    "Derectans, fellow Europeans, our former E.U. Councillor and current ECoJ Justice, Mr. François Beaufort, has died in hospital an hour ago, after having been the victim of a terrorist attack when he was exiting the Plaza Hotel in Dikaíoma in his way to Europolis, to participate in the Gallambria v. Pravoslaviya case. Our Intelligence agency had been sent to protect Mr. Beaufort, but a car runned him over and fled when the government official came out of the building. Minutes later, the attackers were shot down by Dikaíoma police officers in front of the Angleteric embassy "

    "The competent authorities are investigating the terrorists' origins and carrying out investigations and analysis of the vehicle for DNA, fingerprints and other traces."

    "The identity of the terrorists is still unknown, but we will not stop until these criminals are found and prosecuted"

    "François was a very dear friend of mine and he will never be forgotten by our people. His job as a civil servant was remarkable and he made this country a bit better with his actions"

    "My government has decided to declare three days of national mourning and has agreed to name a street in his memory."

    P.M. Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz

  • New information concerning the "Beaufort case"

    Image result for coronel zamorano

    Col. Arturo Bellandini

    "I am here to inform about the recent discovery our Homeland Security Agency has made. Apparently, Mr. Beaufort was killed by a group of mercenaries coming all the way from Pravoslaviya and sent by one of the country's mafia bosses."

    "The two individuals, identified as Miroslav Boyanov and Radomir Vulovich, have connections with Vulovich Bratstvo, a criminal organisation led by Trifon Vulovich, one of the killers' cousin, and vaguely related to Apostol Trsvenovski's regime"

    "It has also been discovered that Mr. Beaufort had been collaborating with this group by allowing drugs to be introduced into Port Scheria alleging it was merchandise coming from a bussiness he had abroad. We still don't know why he was a part of this scheme, but we will discover in the end"

    Col. Arturo Bellandini,

    Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs

  • Recently, the European Court of Justice has transmitted its verdict on the "Gallambria v Pravoslaviya" case. The organism has decided to declare the Pravoslaviyan government as "Non guilty".

    I, personally, am discouraged by this decision, as it represents the indifference we are showing towards the current political climate in our region. We cannot turn a blind eye tothis situation anymore.

    Nevertheless, this is not all about criticising our institutions, as I am aware that my fellow European counterparts are praising the diligence the court has shown. I too thank the ECoJ for their service.

    These are not the values that the we believed were omnipresent in the European Union when we joined it, and I'm referring to those that certain nations hold as sacrosanct, as essential in order to preserve an archaic, isolationist, way of life. No barriers, real or imaginary, should be created so foreigners are denied entry. We have to forget the concept of "race" and start believing in what we all are: A unique species. Violating this principle is the first step to destroying our most crucial laws and charts. Derecta shall never cease responding against the attack to what we hold the dearest: Human Rights.

    Changes are coming to the European Union. Elections have been or will be celebrated in some member states, Turkmenbaijan has finally opened its borders to unity and a new commission is about to be elected.

    Europe, let's just hope these changes help solve our issues.

    Prime Minister Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz

  • I, High Consul Anna Schuttenbach, Speaker of the Senate, announce that the Cabinet of the XLVI legislature of the Federal Republic of Derecta has been proposed to and approved by this chamber:


    -Violet Leandros (DDC): Prime Minister
    -Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz (DPA): Deputy P.M.
    -Natalya Rodchenko (DPA): Minister of Education, Culture and Sport
    -Martin Deschamps (DPA): Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs
    -Friedrich Tressler (DPA): Minister of Economy, Commerce and Industry
    -Harold Stuart-Trefusis (DPA): Minister of Tourism
    -Henry Madden (DDC): Minister of Development, Infrastructure and Transport
    -Alexandros Metaxas (DDC): Minister of Justice
    -Susana Vaquerizo (DDC): Minister of Employment
    -Sebastián Trujillo (DDC): Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs
    -Veronica Schultz (DPA): Minister of Immigration, Social Affairs and Integration
    -Alfredo Valero (DPA): Minister of Foreign Affairs
    -Arnau Carbonell (DPA): Minister of Science and R&D
    -Sarah Carter-Hamilton (DPA): Minister of Treasury
    -Juliet Smith (DDC): Minister of Health and Public Services
    -Adolfo Jiménez (DDC): Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

    The results of the voting have been as follows:

    FOR: 238 DPA; 64 DDC > 302

    AGAINST: 92 SPD; 56 The Libs > 148

  • Derectan Embassy in Arkhamnamabad

    This is a message for all Derectans living in the Turkmenbaijani capital of Arkhamnamabad. During the protests set up for today, we advise you to stay at home or seek refuge at your embassy.

    We shall also be setting up safe-houses all around our embassy's properties all over Turkmenbaijan in case the current situation aggravates.

    This does not mean we want to cut all connections with the Turkmenbaijani state, but that we seek to protect all our citizens currently living in the country.

    Bianca Van Althuis,

    Derectan Ambassador

  • We have all witnessed the recent events occurred in Turkmenbaijan. Although the direction the country was going to take in terms of foreign policy revitalised Derecta's interest on the country, the latest decisions made and the coalition formed to outnumber the SDH just seems like a desperate last resort the AIP had to remain in power. I myself am Prime Minister thanks to a coalition, but one that involves the most voted political force in Derecta. Mrs. Baknezarayowa, the solution to obtain stability doesn't reside in the rallying with extremists. I would never dare to interfere in any foreign country's policies, but let me just say that a government based on the conditional support of the opposition will eventually collapse. I hope the people of Turkmenbaijan are affected as least as possible by this situation.

    Last, but not least, we'd like to leave things clear. We do not think this government is ideal, but a majority of Turkmenbaijani Congressmen and women have elected it, which gives it the sole legitimacy it needs.

    If there were to be any serious conflicts due to this decision, we would be the first to ask the Turkmenbaijani government to withdraw and call for an election. Let's just hope an understanding can be reached...

    Prime Minister Violet Leandros

  • Derectan Embassy in Arkhamnamabad

    This is an emergency message for all Derectans living in Turkmenbaijan. Our government has activated the maximum threat alert in the country. We advise you all return to Derecta as soon as possible, due to the current Turkmenbaijani unstable political climate .

    Derectan Airways will be setting up free flights all week so you can leave the country.

    Lock down your houses, ask for a leave at work and leave your personal affairs arranged. For those who do not possess a house in Derecta, the government will provide them with the basics.

    We in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs want to ensure our citizens security all around Europe, and this is the only option we have.

    Bianca Van Althuis,

    Derectan Ambassador

  • The Federal Republic of Derecta will cease its commercial exchanges with the State of Turkmenbaijan until the current political climate in the country has stabilised.

    We have received reports of our vessels and aircraft being hijacked upon arrival at the southern European country and, as no security measures are enough, we will be sending all exportations to the neighbouring Australian Federation.

    We urge the Turkmenbaijani government to end this civil war as soon as possible, for its own interest and the interest of all of Europe.

    Minister Friedrich Tressler

  • The Derectan Chamber of Commerce and the Government of the Federal Republic of Derecta have reached an agreement concerning the current commercial blockade in Turkmenbaijan.

    This deal, sponsored by the Consortium and Augustine Industries, two of the nation's biggest companies, sets up a plan to pursue Derectan commercial relations with the southern European country.

    The Derectan Government asks the State of Turkmenbaijan to permit the landing of Derectan aircraft in government facilities or military bases. This way, goods and products will arrive directly at Turkmenbaijani soil, thus not depending on third countries, and boycotts will be prevented.

    Access to the Port Scheria Naval and Air base will be granted to the Turkmenbaijani armed forces if it accepts this proposal.

    Derecta's economical ties with Turkmenbaijan are strong, and its businessmen/women would not want to cut them permanently.

    Medical supplies and food shipments will be sent as soon as this deal is accepted by Turkmenbaijan.

    HE Friedrich Tressler,

    Minister of Economy, Commerce and Industry

    HE Sebastián Trujillo,

    Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs

    Lord Norman Hartswick,

    President of the Derectan Chamber of Commerce

  • Following the approval of the seven Regional Assemblies and the National Parliament, the 2017-387Jn law, concerning territorial denominations, has become effective throughout the nation. This follows the debate on the connotations of the Regions' names, having been introduced during the Targan Kingdom.

    The changes this law will bring are the following:

    -Modification of the Regions' names:

    • Landivion (Capital: Dikaíoma) becomes Dytikós (name given by the first Greek colons)
    • Asdan (Capital: Iasium) becomes New England (historical denomination originating from the Provinces of Derecta, under British ruling)
    • Nettonia (Capital: Dexia) becomes Williamsborough (historical denomination originating from the Provinces of Derecta, under British ruling)
    • Sumanem (Capital Syricus) becomes San Marcos (historical denomination originating from the time as a Hispanic colony)
    • Oldenstar (Capital: Olyria) becomes Labrada  (historical denomination originating from the time as a Hispanic colony)
    • Cardissio (Capital: Abikon) becomes Kingston (historical denomination originating from the Provinces of Derecta, under British ruling)
    • Medorin (Capital:Marina) becomes Scheria (name of the ruling family of Greek colons)

  • As part of the refurbishing of the National Transport Grid planned by the MDIT and sanctioned by Parliament, Government and the Regional Assemblies, the Trans-Regional Railway Network will be reconverted to high-speed during the next 6 years. 

    The new trains will be able to reach speeds of 350 km/h, thus managing to make the Abikon/Iasium journey, the longest in the current network, in just 40 minutes.

    The costs will be, during the next 12 months, of 1,537,000,000.00₯, being:

    • 342,000,000.00₯ in the purchase of 9 "Aktína" locomotives (Augustine Industries, Derecta)
    • 45,000,000.00₯ in the purchase of 180 wagons (20 x locomotive) (Bombardier Transportation, United Kingdom)
    • 1,200,000,000.00₯ in the conversion of existing conventional speed rails (Ferroway Inc, Derecta)

    Then, 6,000,000,000.00₯ will be invested during the next 5 years in order to cover the costs of future improvements and extensions of the network.

    In 2020, the Derectan Trans-regional HST Network will be composed by the following lines:

    As of 2017, the following lines are currently functioning and will only need to be reconverted:

    • Eastern Line (red): Dikaíoma (Dytikós) <> Port Scheria (Scheria) <> Marina (Scheria) <> Mesonion (Scheria) <> Syricus (San Marcos) <> Erethylos (Dytikós) <> Celon (Dytikós) <> Dikaíoma (Dytikós)
    • Northern Line (yellow): Olyria (Labrada) <> Thoramos (Labrada) <> Sidelea (San Marcos) <> Olynthorion (San Marcos) <> Syricus (San Marcos) <> Laodacia (San Marcos) <> Abikon (Kingston) <> Olyria (Labrada)
    • Western Line (purple): Abikon (Kingston) <> Olympaseia (Kingston) <> Askaphos (Kingston) <> Kamachlea (Kingston) <> Aetherna (Williamsborough) <> Epidopolis (Williamsborough) <>  Dexia (Williamsborough) <> Dymera (Williamsborough) <> Ambyrion (New England) <> Iasium (New England)

    The Central Line (green) is planned to be inaugurated in 2020, and will connect the three Western Capitals with Dikaíoma (Dytikós).

    (Regional capitals highlighted)

  • [Emergency Report]

    Varicella outburst in the Derectan Territory

    A large number of cases of Varicella zoster virus (VZV) infections, which cause the disease commonly known as "Chickenpox", have recently been detected in hospitals in:

    • Dikaíoma (Dytikós)
    • Erethylos (Dytikós)
    • Celon (Dytikós)
    • Acorion (Dytikós)
    • Port Scheria (Scheria)
    • Marina (Scheria) 
    • Poseidarnassus (Scheria)
    • Aurora (Scheria)
    • Syricus (San Marcos)
    • Laodacia (San Marcos)
    • Remkar (San Marcos)
    • Sidelea (San Marcos)
    • Olynthorion (San Marcos)
    • Abikon (Kingston),
    • Olympaseia (Kingston
    • Dymetra (Kingston)
    • Aetherna (Williamsborough)
    • Dymera (Williamsborough)

    Even though chickenpox has a low mortality rate, those who have never been infected risk suffering complications due to the disease, especially adults and the elderly.

    We eagerly recommend vaccination and strict medical control. Those who are already infected should attend their hospitals at once for further examination and therapy, due to the disease's high infectivity.

    Embassies in the United Kingdom, Icholasen Turkmenbaijan, Gallambria, Fremet, Angleter and Inquista have been briefed on the situation and will begin collaborating with their hospitals and clinics in order to control a possible spreading of the infection.

    While the causes of this outburst are still being investigated, it is believed to have started in a recent musical festival celebrated in Laodacia (San Marcos).

    We ask the population remain calm, there is no significant threat to their usual ways of life.

    The Hon. Helen Smith,

    MInister of Health and Public Services

  • [Emergency Report]

    Varicella cases have hit the 7,500,000 mark over the past 22 hours. Therefore, the extraordinary Council of Ministers celebrated this afternoon has approved the establishment of a State of Emergency, which shall be ratified by Parliament in an hour's time. All exits of the Derectan Territory are formally interrupted, quarantine zones will be established in every major city, imports and exports shall be checked and sterilised by the Derectan Disease Management Agency and citizens shall be requested to remain at home past 20:00.

    We strongly discourage any attempts to enter the Derectan Territory from abroad. Any foreign citizen that decides to do so may be forced to remain within our borders until the State of Exception is lifted.

    The Hon. Sebastián Trujillo,

    Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs

  • [Message to all Derectans]

    Derecta, this is Field Marshal Marcus Douglas. Following the current state of confusion and the recent riots occurred in our capital, Dikaíoma, the Admiral of the Fleet Requena-Utiel, the Marshal of the Air Force Kourakis and myself have decided to take action unilaterally and establish troops in every regional capital and major city in order to protect you from the catastrophe chaos could bring. Martial Law, however, will not be implemented.

    Desperate times require desperate measures, and this seem like the only chance our nation has to survive this epidemic. And I'm not talking of Varicella, but of our ineffective politicians, who have become rooted to their chairs at Parliament and Eleutheria Palace.

    Prosperity through Progress!

  • The number of VZV infected patients has fallen to 6,359,648 this evening. Quarantine zones will still be enforced until the epidemic has been defeated, but curfew is being lifted tomorrow. The rest of preventive measures will remain active.

    Patients are being discharged since 18:00 today, all of them showing clear signs of improvement and recovery. All those who are foreign have been directed to their consulates and embassies in order to communicate with their families and friends and their governments.

    It is thanks to our doctors' efforts that this disease is being fought and defeated. This is why I will nominate them all to our Order of the Agathos Star, the highest civil award Parliament can grant. 

    The Derectan Social Security has already begun buying GlaxoSmithKline "Varilvix" vaccines, so that all uninfected Derectans can become immune to VZV.

    Regardless of the result of the motion of confidence to which Prime Minister Leandros will be submitted to, I have already communicated my desire to resign and leave this office once this crisis has ended. I take full responsibility for this outbreak and for our health service's near collapse. 

    The Hon. Helen Smith,

    MInister of Health and Public Services

  • Minister Smith's last press conference

    "The last VZV infected patient was discharged today after month's battle against the disease. Sadly 1,115,573 Derectans have passed away due to complications. My thoughts prayers are with all their families. Now, it is time for me to leave. My service to this country has been ineffective and reckless. We should have known VZV was a critical threat and I'm the one responsible for this tragedy.  I now ask you all try and start resuming your lives and begin overcoming this dark period of our history. As I already announced, our Health Service will receive the Order of the Agathos Star, Knight Class, due to their remarkable service to our nation.

    I have little more to say other that I shall always feel guilty for what has happened this past month. May the rest of your lives be full of joy and fortune. 

    Prosperity through Progress!"

    The Hon. Helen Smith,

    Minister of Health and Public Services

  • The procedures to submit the Most Hon. Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta and member for Dikaíoma, to a Motion of Confidence have begun.

    The plenary sessions which will decide if the Prime Minister remains in office or not are scheduled for next week, starting the 11th of September 2017 and ending the 13th of September 2017.

    The 1901-658-Jy Act on Prime Ministerial Succession determines deputy Prime Minister Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz, member for Dikaíoma, would succeed Prime Minister Leandros if Parliament voted for her dismissal. In the case she would turn down such duties, the next in line would be the Hon. Alfredo Valero, Minister of Foreign Affairs and member for Olympaseia.

    The 2017-788-Sp Act on the entry of the Federal Republic of Derecta in the Commonwealth of Nations has been approved by all of the parties with representation in the Senate and in Congress except the Socialist Party of Derecta. Thus, the treaty signed by the Most Hon. Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta and member for Dikaíoma and the The Right Honourable Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, is ratified and incorporated into the Derectan Law System.

    The British Monarch, however, will not become the Derectan Head of State, as provided in such treaty. 

    The 2017-787-Sp Act on Vaccination Calendars has officially been enforced in every hospital throughout the nation. This law provides new vaccination standards that will ensure a safer environment for our citizens and will help with our doctors' work preventing diseases. Every party has supported and voted for this legislation in the Senate, with the exception of some Derectan Popular Alliance Senators.

  • Government Report: 10th of September 2017

    Today, the new Minister of Health and Public Services has been appointed by Government, after HE Helen Smith, member for Olynthorion, resigned due to the VZV crisis. 

    From now on, the Hon. Benjamin Alistair, member for Aetherna, will run the Health Ministry. Mr. Alistair has been a Senator since 2003, having served in many commissions on social services, health and ecology. He is a member of the Derectan Popular Alliance. 

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to reclassify Turkmebaijan as a safe country to visit, live in and do business with. Its recently elected government is stable enough for the Derectan Government to allow its citizens to return to the country. Charter flights are scheduled for Tuesday the 12th of September and will last until the 20th of September. They will be available for all Derectans who wish to return to their homes in Turkmenbaijan. 

    The Central Line, connecting the three Western capitals to Dikaíoma, has begun to be built. The Iasium-Dikaíoma line will be the first to be completed, in 2019, as this is currently the longest journey citizens have to make by train with the conventional lines.

    From now on, the Federal Patent and Trademarks Agency will be based in Olyria, Labrada, in an effort to decentralise the federal government. It will be located at 562 Smithson Ave.  Also, the Derectan High Education Commission will move to Poseidarnassus, Scheria, and will be at 5 Thalassa Sq.