Thank You for Accepting our Gracious Nation

  • My name is Senator Hugh Jass DR (Direct Representative), and on behalf of the Directly Direct Democratic Democracy of Arrsol I wish to thank you for accepting our gracious nation.

    I will be acting on behalf of our nation as representative to the European Union. Please note that, as this post is directly elected by all citizens each week, and as any citizen of the country can stand in this election, this post is likely to switch hands week to week. Votes occur each Saturday, along with all other laws, elections and petitions put forward to the public for that week. Therefore, our views may take between one week to a month to reach the EU (depending on the obligatory notice period). However, urgent votes can be called via a Spiele (SPecial Intermediate ELEction) if required.

    Again, on behalf of 91.5% of the 78% of electors who voted for union, I thank you.

    Sen Hugh Jass DR

    PS. 12% of the 22% of electors who voted for ARRSOUT also thank you.