[Gallambria] Office of Press Secretary to the Prime Minister and Cabinet



    The 2016/7 Budget is part of the Gallambrian Government's plane to build a strong, safe and prosperous future for all Gallambrians.

    The integrity of Gallambria's Refugee and Humanitarian Programme will be restored over the review mid year estimates of the 2016/17 Budget with the ongoing success of our various programs and operations.

    After reducing the stem of irregular maritime arrivals (IMA) into Gallambria through government funded transportation programs, such as Operation Sealift I & Sealift II, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, has approved the continued financing of the Op Sealift program.

    After a review of our Humanitarian Intake Programs, the government has decided to increase the intake levels for various intake programs over the next 3 years.

    Intakes under the Special Humanitarian Program (SHP) will increase from 15,000 to 18,000 for the remainder of the 2016/17 fiscal year, 18,000 to 25,000 over the 2017/18 fiscal year, and 25,000 to 35,000
    over the 2018/19 fiscal year. A further 15,000 intakes have been set aside for the immediate processing of Kaasian refugees.

    Intakes under the Women at Risk Program (WatRP) will increase from 5,000 to 15,000 immediately, and intakes under the Orphaned Children Program (OCP) will increase from 10,000 to 15,000 immediately.

    Intakes under the Permanent Migration Program (PMP) will increase from 125,000 to 150,000 for skilled migration, 50,000 to 75,000 for family migration and 1,000 to 1,500 for Special Eligibility Stream.

    Our Migration and Humanitarian programs will continue to benefit Gallambria with these decisions balancing the Government's economic, social and humanitarian responsibilities.



    Exercise Red Cobra has wrapped up its last week of activity with an exercise to recover two "downed" pilots in a training scenario at RGAF Base Brunswick Mills, on Friday 28th January 2017.

    Red Cobra is a Initial Capabilities Training and Assessment activity for 16 Squadron, which includes training for combat crews, pararescue crews, battle managers and joint search and rescue centre personnel.

    The Exercise Director, Group Captain Peter Allenby AFC, said the week has been a great opportunity for the Gallambrian Defence Force to challenge its personnel in the use of tactics, techniques and procedures with international partners and external agencies.

    "So far we have successfully completed the mission objectives in the four training serials we have ran during this first week."

    A diverse range of capabilities were operating throughout the exercise including the P-8A Poseidon conducting an Air Sea Rescue Kit drop and personnel search; HH-60 Pave Hawk; and elements from 2 Squadron, RAF Regiment (United Kingdom).

    Exercise Red Cobra provides an opportunity to build inter-operability and cultivate ties with the United Kingdom and civilian agencies, and helps to promote security and stability within the region.

    "16 Squadron has now achieved full CSAR capabilities, and also combined operations certification with 2 Squadron RAF Regiment (UK). This last two weeks has shown that the Air Force is an agile and potent combat force that can operate in an integrated battle space with multiple partners, at relatively short notice, to achieve this, the Air Force has applied advanced capabilities and technology from a range of services in innovative ways." Group Captain Allenby said.

    Exercise Red Cobra will officially wrap up on the 1st of February 2017, with the graduation parade of the Air Forces' first Pararescue Operators.

    Pararescue trainee, Corporal 'X' provides cover for a "injured soldier" during a Ex Red Cobra training serial.



    The 2016/17 Budget provides £9.2 million over two years for intensified Gallambrian efforts to strengthen nuclear non-proliferation and advance nuclear disarmament effrots.

    The funding will enable the important work being undertaken by the Gallambrian Safeguards & Non-Proliferation Office to fulfil the Government's commitment to strengthen Gallambria's leadership role on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament issues.

    The Office's work will contribute significantly to Gallambria's active middle power diplomacy on these regional and global security concerns.

    In addition, the Government will provide a further £3 million over two years for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and GSNO to partner with relative inter-departmental agencies and organisations to continue to build regional capabilities in the areas of nuclear safeguards, nuclear security and export controls for nuclear-related items.

    On Monday, 30th January 2017, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Sir Anthony Greenwald, announced the establishment of the Gallambrian Nuclear Safety Intelligence Commission, a division of the GSNO, who's mission will be to provide independent inspectors, and provide nuclear safety related intelligence to partner governments and intra-government agencies. GNSIC will work directly with its partner organisations such as the Gallambrian Secret Intelligence Service, Gallambrian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and the Defence Intelligence and Security Organisation.

    GNSIC is currently working directly with the United Kingdom Nuclear Safety Board and the European Nuclear Applications Authority, to develop policy to present to the European Commission in regards to the undeclared stockpiling of nuclear weapons by the Furukawanese Government.



    The Gallambrian Federal Police, the Gallambrian Security Intelligence Organisation (GSIO), the Gallambrian Secret Intelligence Service (GSIS), and other agencies which form part of the Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force (JCTTF) have conducted an operation in Bromwich.

    Operation Castlemaine resulted in the arrest of six men and a women and the execution of five warrants in the South West Metro Region last night.

    Five men remain in custody.

    • A 18-year-old male from Bromley
    • A 21-year-old male from Dartford
    • A 32-year-old male from Croydon
    • A 19-year-old male from Goldsmiths
    • A 42-year-old male from Kempton Park

    A 20-year-old female and a 16-year-old male, both from Weybridge, have been released without charge.

    It will be alleged that four of the men arrested were involved in undertaking preparations for planning a terrorist act in Bromwich, and with one of the men involved with providing material and financial support.

    The operation is ongoing and further information will be made available at the appropriate time.

    The Gallambrian Federal Police would like to reassure the community that the threat has been contained and there is no on-going threat.

    Gallambria has well tested, cooperative, counter-terrorism and emergency management plans in place and constantly monitor and assess our preparedness to respond to a range of emergencies.



    Defence Headquarters, Bostwick

    The GDF's Joint Over-The-Horizon Radar Network (JOTHRN) has achieved a final operational capability (FOC), Defence Minister Sir John Allingham has announced.

    The Minister said the successful delivery of Project 4011 has significantly increased the RGAF's surveillance capabilities, and was integrated in the wider Defence command and control, and intelligence networks seamlessly.

    "The Joint Over-The-Horizon Radar Network contributes to Gallambria's security environment by providing wide area surveillance of Gallambria's southern approaches," the Minister said. "Achieving FOC means the system's components are now fully operational and fully developed and they meet the final standards by Defence to operate effectively. FOC takes into account all elements required to sustain and operate a capability with the necessary support, maintenance, training, personnel and operational arrangements in place."

    JOTHRN comprises four radar sites located around Gallambria, and is operated by 1 Radar Surveillance Unit based at RGAF Woking.




    Assistant Minister of Defence for Personnel, Jane Hemsley, today, met with heads of the Defence Material Organisation, Defence Personnel Management Office, and the Vice Chief of Defence Force and the Warrant Officers of each service, to discuss ongoing personnel, infrastructure and support issues and concerns.

    On the agenda, was the issue of bases and personnel levels. As a result, the Minister advised that the government has allocated $30 Billion for the construction of new bases, and the upgrade of infrastructure of bases around the country. On the recommendation of the Director-General of the Defence Personnel Management Office, the Minister has agreed to suspend Conscription until infrastructure is in place that can support the growing number of personnel.

    The budget allocations for infrastructure has earmarked for the following developments:

    • Construction of 3 new army garrisons
    • Construction of 2 new air force stations
    • Refurbishment of all existing army installations
    • Refurbishment of all existing air force installations
    • Construction of new facilities for Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC)

    In a statement made to various media outlets during a doorstop after the media, Minister Hemsley stated "Gallambrians can be confident that the Government will continue to deliver on its most important task - defending our nation and protecting and promoting our national interests".




    (Bromwich, 12 MAY 17)

    Today, the presiding justices of the European Court of Justice, handed down their findings and opinions in our case against the Government of Pravoslaviya.

    In the opinion of the majority, the Justices indicated that the Court is "hesitant on its universal applications by the means that the Gallambrian party seek" - we ask the Justice's - Why have a Universal Declaration of Human Rights when you do not intended to uphold the universality of the declaration. We are of the belief, that Human Rights are there to be enjoyed and exercised by all people, regardless of nationality, race, sex, creed or religion.

    In a press release recently sent out by the British Prime Minister, The Honourable Theresa May, she stated, "It is very much the case that the institution charged with upholding the Constitution, our region's founding principles, fails us." The European Union, and its relative bodies, have not only failed us, but they have set out to fail the people of Dromund Kaas from the out set. We believe that the EU et al, should have provided the necessary protection to the refugees, civilians, and other displaced peoples, so as they would not have had to endure the actions of those responsible for the tragedy we saw at the hands of the Pravoslaviyan Government. As a result of the EU's failure to protect those vulnerable to such actions, has resulted in them essentially being declared "state-less" and therefore provided no protection under the auspices of the Constitution of the European Union and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Over the coming weeks, the GHRC and the Office of the Attorney General shall be working together to present draft legislation to the Council of the European Union, that would aid in the prevention of such grose miscarriages of justice happening again.



    It is with great pleasure to announce the appointment of Ms. Devayani Chakpram as the Councillor Pro Tem, to represent Gallambria at the European Council, while our Councillor Ordinary takes her position as the Deputy Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

    Before entering into politics, Ms. Chakpram had served in a number of positions within the Department as well as the Gallambrian Diplomatic Service. She is a graduate of the Royal College at the University of Bromwich with a Masters in International Relations and Political Science.



    (Bromwich Defence Offices, 21 APR 2017)

    Firstly, I would like to thank Admiral Sir Allan Chapman-Moore KCTM DSO MG, RN for his service to his Country, the Gallambrian Defence Force and the Royal Gallambrian Navy, and we wish him well during his retirement.

    Secondly, Following the retirement of Admiral Chapman-Moore, I had found it prudent to adapt our Defence Force for the future, and the changes I will announce today, come as we see an ever changing Defence Force. With the rise of women within our ranks, we need to start banking in on their talent, utilising their skills and abilities to further improve our capabilities. As such I am happy to announce today, that the Royal Gallambrian Air Force will make history today as they promote their first female Air Officer. Air Commodore Kelly Ridges, will be promoted to the rank of Air Vice Marshal, and appointed to the position of Deputy Commander, Joint Forces Command. Air Commodore Ridges, has served in a number of roles within the Air Force Logistics field. She currently is the Commanding Officer, Air Force Logistics and Movements Coordination Centre.

    With effect from today, the following changes have been made

    • Chief of Defence Force has been renamed Chief of the Defence Staff
    • Vice Chief of Defence Force has been renamed, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
    • Chief of Navy has been renamed Chief of Navy Staff
      • Deputy Chief of Navy has been renamed, Vice Chief of Navy Staff
      • Warrant of the Navy has been renamed, Chief of Navy Staff's Warrant Officer
    • Chief of Army has been renamed, Chief of General Staff
      • Deputy Chief of Army has been renamed, Vice Chief of General Staff
      • Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army has been renamed, Army Sergeant Major
    • Chief of the Air Force has been renamed, Chief of Air Staff
      • Deputy Chief of Air Force has been renamed, Vice Chief of Air Staff
      • Warrant Officer of the Air Force has been renamed, Chief of Air Staff's Warrant Officer
    • Chief of Joint Operations has been renamed Commander, Joint Forces Command
      • The position of Deputy Commander, Joint Forces Command has been established

    As a result, the following promotions and appointments have been nominated to, and approved by the Prime Minister.

    • Lt Gen Sir Nate Perry-Marsh KCR DSO OG PROMOTED TO General, APPOINTED AS Chief of Defence Staff
    • AVM Sir Nick Palmer KCR DSO DFC PROMOTED TO Air Marshal, APPOINTED AS Vice Chief of Defence Staff
    • RAdm Sir William Hennesey KCR DSO PROMOTED TO Vice Admiral, APPOINTED AS Chief of Naval Staff
    • Cdre Ean Bridges CR OG PROMOTED TO Rear Admiral, APPOINTED AS Vice Chief of Naval Staff
    • Maj Gen Sir Stirling Chetwold-Talbot KCR DSO PROMOTED TO Lieutenant General, APPOINTED AS Chief of General Staff
    • Brig Anthony Stephens CR OG PROMOTED TO Major General, APPOINTED AS Vice Chief of General Staff
    • AVM Thomas Massey-Park CTM AFC PROMOTED TO Air Marshal, APPOINTED AS Chief of Air Staff
    • Air Cdre Peter Ward CR OG PROMOTED TO Air Vice Marshal, APPOINTED AS Vice Chief of Air Staff
    • Maj Gen Simon Hemingway CR OG PROMOTED TO Lieutenant General, APPOINTED AS Commander, Joint Forces Command
    • Air Cdre Kelly Ridges CR OG PROMOTED TO Air Vice Marshal, APPOINTED AS Deputy Commander, Joint Forces Command

    • WO Joseph Thompson OG, APPOINTED AS Chief of Naval Staff's Warrant Officer
    • WO1 Kevin Pilsbury OG, APPOINTED AS Army Sergeant Major
    • WO Steven Holbrook OG AFC, APPOINTED AS Chief of Air Staff's Warrant Officer

    While these changes so far, have affected the command of the Defence Force, over the next 3 months changes will be made Defence-wide to improve our capabilities, and strengthen areas that are necessary for our continuing professional development.




    (Bromwich, 26 APR 2017)

    Today, the Turkmenbaijani President, Asuman Baknezarayowa, announced that she will dissolve the democratically elected government.

    While, we do not lend ourselves to dictate to other nations how to run elections, we will however, when a democratic process has been molested, it is our duty as a partner in this region to remind them of the ideals of democracy. Democracy is the very foundation that this region was built on. Democracy is the absolute value that makes for human dignity, as well as the only road to sustained economic development and social justice.

    We show our concern to the greater European Community, and hope they will join with my nation in expressing our deepest concerns for the current state of Turkmenbaijan.



    This morning, the Gallambrian Federal Police along with other elements of the Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force conducted further raids as part of the ongoing investigations into the foiled plans to mount terror attacks across the Capital in March.

    Operation Tongeren resulted in the arrest of 16 people across the Greater Bromwich Area. The 16 suspects, are still in custody, and will be charged with offences including, "Plan or Prepare for a Terrorist Act", "Provide Material or Financial Support", "Provided or Receive training connected with Terrorist Acts", "Possess things, documents, or materials, connected with Terrorist Acts", "Collect or make documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts."



    Recently, His Majesty The King, signed into law the Federated States Act (2017), a constitutional amendment, which will give passage for the establishment of five federated states, and single federal territory.

    The introduction of this law would give legislative autonomy to the newly formed states through the decentralisation of certain powers at the federal level. Certain powers and capabilities will be given to the governments of
    the newly formed states, which will be outlined below.

    The Federal Government will be responsible for the conducting of initial elections to establish the relevant governments for the four federated states, and the introduction of their individual state constitutions.

    The powers and authorities to be decentralised from the federal government, either fully or limited, to the relevant states include:

    • Attorney-General (Limited)
    • Justice (Limited)
    • Police (Limited)
    • Emergency Services (Total)
    • Treasury (Limited)
    • Industrial Relations (Limited)
    • Roads and Transport Infrastructure (Total)
    • Health (Limited)
    • Regional Development (Total)
    • Primary Industry (Total)
    • Environment (Limited)
    • Education (Limited)
    • Local Government (Total)

    The states and territory to be formed will be derived from the current dependent regions (Northern, Southern, Lowlands, Spatfordshire and the Humberland, Greater Bromwich). The new territory and states to be formed are:

    • State of North Albemarle (Northern Region)
    • State of South Albemarle (Southern Region)
    • State of Renfrew (Lowlands)
    • State of Spatford
    • State of Humberland
    • Federal Territory of Greater Bromwich

    // END



    Travellers are to be advised that it is our strong advice that Gallambrians should not travel to Turkmenbaijan because of the on-going public unrest and violence. It is illegal under Gallambrian law for Gallambiran citizens, including dual citizens, to provide any kind of support to any armed groups within Turkmenbaijan.


    • We strongly advise Gallambrians not to travel to Turkmenbaijan
      because of the on-going public unrest and violence.
    • The Gallambrian Government has recommended, that Gallambrians in
      Turkmenbaijan depart immediately while it is possible to do so. Travel arrangements will
      be made, with all costs beared by the Gallambrian Government.
    • Gallambrian does not have an embassy or consulate in Turkmenbaijan. As such,
      any requests for consular assistance are to be made through the Embassy of the United Kingdom.
    • Due to the security environment, should you travel to, or remain in, Turkmenbaijan you should register your presence
      with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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