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  • Premier Shinzo Abe Adresses Prime Minister Theresa May

    The Premier called the Prime Minister's remarks "an unfortunate stumbling block to stability in the European Union."

    BEIJING - Premier Shinzo Abe has lamented what he calls "an unfortunate stumbling block to stability in the European Union" while calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to "approach the gestures of the First Empire as a head-of-government, not as a politician seeking re-election. The facts are not on the Prime Minister's side," Mr. Abe said following a session of the Imperial Diet. "Furukawa has clarified its mutual understanding regarding its relations with all the nations present in the EU. Furukawa has long since the Second Great Patriotic War and reinstatement of the Imperial Throne in 1991, pursued peaceful relations with its global neighbors and while it may disagree with the domestic policies of other countries from time to time, such disagreements are not a prelude to Furukawan military action against the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the prospects of Furukawa taking any form of military action against the United Kingdom are even further diminished to the point where such notions border upon irrational fear mongering."

    "In the Joint Statement Empress Michiko stated in clear words that ' It is also our hopes that this understanding may extend to the United Kingdom, a nation with which the First Empire has no desire for hostilities nor any further discord.' The word of the Empress, and now the Premier, confirms that Furukawa has no desire of military confrontation with the United Kingdom, nor any desire to impart harm upon the People of the United Kingdom."

    "If so much time was not being consumed by this affair think of the progress which could be made," the Premier continued. "While the Prime Minister clings to a conflict of words and spectres of threats which do not exist, we have the continued commitment of the First Empire to its traditional policies in the EU: supporting her neighbors, supporting native-led initiatives and endeavouring for the expansion of peace and greater understanding in the region."

    "Furukawa has not pursued hostility with any EU state, the United Kingdom included," the Premier continued. "Furukawa has offered only a hand of friendship, one which has been swatted away by the Prime Minister. Despite this, Furukawa shall continue to work towards understanding and shall not fall into a trap of increasing escalation with the United Kingdom. Should we be engaged in friendship we shall respond in kind; and we shall never act in hostility towards the United Kingdom. Which is why the Empress has decided that a visit to Nr. 10 Downing Street might be in order and hopefully any misunderstanding will finally, once and for all, be cleared up!" The Forbidden City had no comment on the Premier's remarks at press time.

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