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    National: 31 houses raided as Auben declares LGBT-shaming child abuse, plus a further 7 for abandonment

    Kingdom of Auben- As soon as Auben passed the Protection of LGBT Children Act, 31 houses were raided by police officers on the orders of the Children’s Welfare Ministry.

    These 31 houses had been raided after it was suspected that LGBT children had been abused and/or generally punished for “coming out of the closet”. The CWM has warned that more raids are upcoming as it investigates more cases.

    These raids happened mainly in the conservative south of the country, and some parents even punched their children as police came in. One woman got a knife and severely injured her son as police officers entered the house. He is recovering in the hospital, CWM officials say.

    A further 7 raids were carried out against parents who abandoned and/or kicked out their LGBT kids. All kids currently removed will receive psychological treatment if so needed.

    The act will be expanded to include transgender and other gender children as well, officials say, as it prepares a separate bill to protect them.

    Hessen: Hessen First Minister signs Needle Exchange Programme Act

    State of Hessen, Kingdom of Auben- Hessen's First Minister, Antonio Von Hassalinne, has signed a new law enabiling needle exchange programmes in the Social Democratic stronghold.

    This is historic in Auben, as it is the first needle exchange programme in history.

    Hessen has no dramatic drugs addiction surge. But the number of addicts has increased, but only gradually. Among these, HIV and other illnesses rates are higher than normal in Hessen, and in Auben as a whole.

    The government expects a drop in HIV cases among the addicted, and will now push for lower prison sentences and more effective and mandatory rehabilitation programmes for drug addicts. It will also try to eliminate drug addiction convictions from criminal records, in order to better re-integrate these into society.

    Conservatives already are protesting the new law, campaigning for religious hospitals in Hessen to boycott the programme. However, this might be ineffective, as all hospitals are obliged to have such programmes. If they cannot afford it, the government will fund theirs instead.

    Lusstarg: Lusstarg to expand current metro system

    State of Lusstarg, Kingdom of Auben- The Statversamlung of Lusstarg has approved budget increases for the Lusstarg Public Transportation State Ministry and an ambitious expansion of the current metro system in the city.

    Activists have criticized the state of public transportation in the city, especially the metro. The average delay is ~10-20 minutes, something unacceptable in many other states, and it does not cover all of the districts of the metropolitan area. Some businesses support it as well, believing that their employees can get to work faster in the largest city in the Kingdom by population.

    Construction will begin on May 4, 2017, and an expansion of the bus system will also be implemented. Lusstarg and Hessen will also negotiate a light rail system passing through both states. If it succeeds, people who work in Hessen but are residents of Lusstarg and viceversa can get to work faster, and Lusstargites can go to Hessen to shop and enjoy another city, and Hessenites can also do the same.

    Sevonia: Sevonia State Government sues the port city of Danzig

    Autonomous City of Danzig, State of Sevonia, Kingdom of Auben- Sevonia has sued one of it's own cities: Danzig.

    The State Government alledges that a loan from the Sevonia State Bank to the autonomous city was not paid in due time. Danzig denies this, saying that the loan can be paid in the coming months if the money is not ready yet.

    Wait, a State can sue one of it's own cities?

    Normally, no, as cities are bound to the State's and/or Province's control. They don't even have the ability to apply for a loan from the State in some of them. However, Danzig is an autonomous city, having it's own government, police force under it's control, and even having control of state and municipal tax policy within the city. Danzig does not belong to any province, as it acts as it's own de facto province as an autonomous city.

    Recently, the new Conservative government slashed taxes in order to make Danzig competitive, at the cost of not having enough money for the annual budget.

    These tax cuts have not worked. Instead, municipal services have less money, and the city has less money to pay off the state loan. Sevonia has warned it will cut state aid for Danzig if it does not pay.

    Danzig has asked for more time, as, according to them, the loan contract gives them more time than the due date if they don't have the necessary capital to pay. Sevonia says this is only if municipal services are underfunded and/or in desperate need of attention, which they are technically not.

    Bulstarg: Bulstarg State Police given a boost in funding

    State of Bulstarg, Kingdom of Auben- The Statversamlung of Bulstarg has approved an increase in police funding, as citizens demand more security.

    For some time, the Bulstarg State Government and the Bulstarg State Police Force have been at odds with each other. It has been that way since 2015, when the BSPF arrested dozens of government officials for corruption. Lawmakers sympathetic to the accused voted to cut spending thereafter, despite massive protests against this move. In response, the BSPF refused to serve as security for the Statversamlung, and arrested even more officials for corruption. Since then, crime has soared, as police officers have been layed off, and there is less money for the BSPF to function.

    Why did this happen?

    Bulstarg, despite being the capital of Auben as a whole, is known as one of the most corrupt states as of recent history. The only reason the Statversamlung increased funding is because the National Anti-Corruption Department of the National Police Force began investigating the state, and the National Government threatened to slash federal aid to Bulstarg.

    In fact, it is so corrupt and hated, that a mob lynched a member of the Statversamlung to death because he was suspected of corruption. The BSPF refused to arrest the mob, so the NPF took over this case instead and fined the BSPF. A recall motion is difficult in Bulstarg, as you need half plus three of all voters to sign your petition, but there is a campaign to obtain the necessary signatures for a recall anyway. They say they have ~60% of the signatures as of now.

    The National Government has promised retaliatory actions if Bulstarg does not comply with any of it's further federal rulings, but the State Government has vowed to defy it "if we feel like it".

    Saxonia: Saxonia State Teachers Union strike, paralyzing the education system

    State of Saxonia, Kingdom of Auben- Saxonian teachers have striked for better pay and better conditions, paralyzing the state's schools and even some universities, as university professors can join the Teachers Union.

    The coalition of public and private teachers has left a wide array of schools paralyzed, from poor public schools to even the most prestigious private school in Saxonia, the Auslovite Saxonia School. Even universities were not safe, with 15 completely closing due to the protests, and a further 25 being affected.

    Saxonian State Police Force have fired tear gas upon the teachers, demanding their immediate dispersal. The National Government says this is illegal, but Saxonia justifies the action in order to not cause an education crisis. A draft bill in Saxonia's Statversamlung would prevent teachers from striking, promising sanctions if they do in the future.

    Teachers have fought back, throwing rocks, bottles, and cans against police officers, refusing to disperse. SSPF Calvary is being sent in to assist police, and, in of it all, the National Government's Saxonia Department of the States Ministry has called for calm and for teachers to return to work "for the children", and that the government will sort something out. It also condemned the SSPF's excessive force against mainly peaceful protesters, threatening to suggest to the NPF that the event is a police riot.

    Prussia: Arms manufacturers workers strike for more benefits

    State of Prussia, Kingdom of Auben- Hundreds of workers in the Prussian arms manufacturing industry have begun to strike for more benefits.

    Currently, workers in Prussia don't have as much free days as the rest of Auben. They have a maximum of 8 days per year, excluding national and state holidays. And bosses in Prussia can easily lay off workers compared to the rest of Auben. Permanency is non-existant, as it is not required by law, and most Prussian businesses work on a merit system: the hardest-working, most producing workers get more pay, whilst the least producing workers get less pay. There is no official minimum wage in Prussia, as it is assumed that unions and syndicates will negotiate with companies instead to arrange wages.

    Unlike Saxonia, where the SSPF fired tear gas and ordered the immediate dispersal of protesters, Prussian State Police Force units have just vigilated the protest, nothing more. If anything, some PSPF officers have been sympathetic to the workers, even cheering on as they marched. This is as PSPF employees may face proposed cuts on their wages by the Prussian government.

    Russan: Russan Farmers' Association report an increase on annual output

    State of Russan, Kingdom of Auben- Farmers in Russan cheered the increase on agricultural output in 2016 by a state average of 20%.

    Some provinces of this rural state even reported a median 60% increase on output compared to 2015.

    This, according to the Russan State Government, is because the wave of agricultural infrastructure investments in 2013 till today have finally paid off.

    Russan is called Auben's Bread Basket, producing ~20%-35% of the nation's domestic agricultural products, including food. Therefore, it is crucial for Bulstarg to take Russan's rural economy seriously and make agriculture profitable, or it may lose an essential food source to emigration from Russan, economists and Russan itself say. Climate change is also a concern, albeit less than the fear of Russan youth emigrating from the nation’s bread basket, so the government must invest in Russan’s infrastructure, or so the narrative goes.

    Leonor; Frankssen and Freidenssen: Snowfall hits Eastern Leonor, Northern Frankssen and Northeastern Freidenssen

    States of Leonor, Frankssen and Freidenssen, Kingdom of Auben- Heavy snow has hit three states in Auben: Leonor, Frankssen and Freidenssen.

    This is as a snowstorm is passing through the states, and its course suggests it’s going to the rest of Freidenssen before collapsing.

    Authorities in the three states have co-ordinated to protect their civilians, and the army is being sent to rescue trapped residents due to excessive snow. Around ~8,000 troops have been deployed, and shelters have been set up in public and private schools. All classes are cancelled until further notice in this area, and the three states have issued an order supported by Bulstarg ordering the private sector to not count the following days as vacation or sick days if their employees can’t make it to their places of work.

    Lussian: Deving Centrals win against Lainvel Capitals 3-2

    State of Lussian, Kingdom of Auben- The Deving Centrals have won against the Lainvel Capitals 3-2.

    Fabian Valk Austrodi hit the scoring goal for the Centrals 5 minutes before the game ended, breaking a 40 minute-long intense tie.

    The Centrals will now face the Yavion Lions next week, fighting for the State Football Championship title at February 13, 2017, at 8:00 PM/20:00.

    Spagna: Killings in Ralago: Spagnan nationalists kill 6 ethnic Aubenians

    State of Spagna, Kingdom of Auben- Spagnan nationalists have killed 6 ethnic Aubenians and injured another 4 at the Ralago Royal University, Spagnan State Police Force say.

    The killing started in the afternoon, when 1 student and 2 outsiders took out knives and went on a rampage, stabbing 10 ethnic Aubenian students. Security detail at the University managed to arrest them after shooting them with rubber bullets and pepper spray.

    SpSPF is cataloging the event as a hate crime, as, according to witnesses, the student involved in the killing harassed some of the 10 stabbed, telling them to “speak Angapsi or get lost”. They refused, as they did not know Angapsi, the native language of Spagna.

    Some Spagnan radical nationalists have celebrated the massacre, whilst more moderate nationalists have expressed solidarity with the families of the dead.

    Svissa: Svissan voters reject a new State Constitution

    State of Svissa, Kingdom of Auben- Voters in Svissa have rejected a proposed constitution by 63.8%.

    The new state constitution would’ve given a more absolute veto power to the First Minister, and would’ve made the position elected by the people, not by Svissa’s Stadperselem, and created voter districts, changing the electoral system from Proportional Representation to STV.

    Supporters of the proposal have admitted defeat, but that they would try “another time”. Opponents have celebrated in Svissa’s streets.

    Austria: Austria increases funding for the arts

    State of Austria, Kingdom of Auben- Austria has, yet again, increased funding for the arts.

    Austria is known throughout Auben for its opera and impressive art museums. Austria values art, as it is part of their culture.

    Some sectors also received boosts, like healthcare and education, but less proportionally than the arts have.

    Rivassan: Rivassan freshwater fish output decreases by 2%

    State of Rivassan, Kingdom of Auben- Freshwater fish production has decreased by 2% in 2016, state officials say.

    Rivassan is known for its freshwater fish, and it uses them a lot on their food. Fried or Cooked Fish is never in short supply.

    Fish companies attribute this to recent overfishing, so they will deliberately decrease production this year too, as the government has promised temporary subsidies to compensate for losses.

    Hamssan: Research shows that Hamssaners are less likely to go to college than the national average

    State of Hamssan, Kingdom of Auben- The State Education Ministry of Hamssan, the Hamssan Department of the States Ministry and the National Government have expressed a “collective grave concern” over the state of education in Hamssan.

    This is as studies find that Hamssaners are less likely to go to college and, to a lesser extent, drop or flunk out.

    The National Government has promised urgent funding for Hamssan’s Education System, as the Conservative-led coalition in Hamssan has refused to increase taxes to fund basic services, saying that it will harm businesses. Even so, there are voices of opposition inside the coalition. The Christian Democratic Party has urged for the coalition to increase taxes, and the Monarchist Party has threatened to leave it and go to the opposition if basic services are not funded in due time.

    Assun and Bavaria: Assun and Bavaria State Police Forces move in officers across the national border with Pravoslaviya

    States of Assun and Bavaria, Kingdom of Auben- The states of Assun and Bavaria have jointly moved in police officers across the Aubenian-Pravoslaviyan Border.

    This is as both conservative-leaning states worry about Kaasian migrants crossing the border, due to the recent case in the European Court of Justice.

    Both states initially pleaded to the government to send troops to guard the border, but the Social Democratic-led government refused. After this, they took it to send reinforcements to the border themselves.

    Some average units have been mobilized, but most of the officers sent to the border were the states' Militara-Polizai, sparking fears in Bulstarg that Assun and Bavaria are prepared to shoot any Kaasian migrants who might cross the border. The National Government has accused both states of being paranoid, and both states have counter-attacked, accusing the government of being lax on protecting national borders.

    Under Aubenian law, even if a migrant/refugee comes from a visa-free area, they will be deported to the country they came from if they are not fleeing a neighbor of Auben. Bulstarg says it is okay to let them in, considering how they're treated in Pravoslaviya, but Assun and Bavaria argue that they should stay in Pravoslaviya.

    Both Assun and Bavaria have launched legal challenges to the government's official policy to the Aubenian Royal High Court, the highest national court in Auben. Bulstarg has reacted, preparing its own legal defense.

    Fime: Fime will recognize any gender under the Fime Gender Freedom Act

    State of Fime, Kingdom of Auben- Ever heard of a third gender?

    Why not take it further like Fime and recognize any gender?

    Yes, Fime has passed a law that will recognize any gender any citizen so chooses. You could even identify as a helicopter if you wanna go crazy, and you would be recognized in this state as a helicopter by the law, speaking in terms of gender, that is.

    Hundreds have rushed to identify as another gender, with a long line in Fime’s capital, Fime-Astalaten.

    What is so curious is that Fime is viewed as a traditionally conservative state. Thousands of protesters are already at the streets, demanding that the new Social Democratic-led coalition stand down for “indecency”. Supporters of the government have also gone to the streets, as these rallies and counter-rallies signal a turning point in Fime.

    Many analysts say that Fime is becoming a swing state, as the younger generations are more liberal than their ancestors before them. Fime’s recent 2016 October election showed how the state is so divided, as the ruling coalition literally has 50% plus one seats (or 91 out of 180 seats).

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