National Government Offices of the Kingdom of Auben


    It has come to our attention that the State of Turkmenbaijan has banned the Kyrzbek Minority Party, or KTP. The Kingdom of Auben condemns this move as an undemocratic suppression of minority and political rights. We criticize the State of Turkmenbaijan for being an authoritarian nation, pretending to be a multi-party democracy. We urge the State of Turkmenbaijan to un-ban the KTP if they truly care about minority rights in their country.

    Our security measures in our embassy in the State of Turkmenbaijan will be increased to prevent any Turkmenbaijani citizen to enter and plea for asylum. As much as we care for minorities and freedoms, we do not want to cause an incident in where the State of Turkmenbaijan might shut down our embassy there.

    We also urge the State of Turkmenbaijan to better control its citizens, as they are crossing onto the Commonwealth of Australia in an illegal manner. We stand by the Australian government in its efforts to enforce the rule of law in its own border, which many countries take for granted these days.

    We will add that we condemn the Turkmenbaijani state broadcaster, Radio ve Televizyon Türkmenbaycan. Foreign media, especially biased, state media, should not influence another country's elections and/or democratic process overall, including a neighbour's election. This vile behaviour is unacceptable if the state broadcaster tries to influence any upcoming elections in the Provinces and/or States of the Kingdom of Auben.

    Finally, we will deport any Turkmenbaijani without a visa, in solidarity with the Commonwealth of Australia. Despite travel between our two countries being nil, we enact this move in protest to the violation of the rule of law in the Australian-Turkmenbaijani border. Usually, those whose visas have expired have a month to either apply to renew their visa or leave the country, but, unless the person contributes to our economy, any Turkmenbaijani citizen without a visa shall be deported immediately in the Kingdom of Auben.


    The Kingdom of Auben welcomes with hope the collapse of the Turkmenbaijani government, and the subsequent celebration of elections.

    It is in our interest to send electoral observers to determine if the upcoming vote is free and fair. If the election results into a truly democratic one, we will gladly help the new, elected government of the State of Turkmenbaijan. We will send troops to help them to ensure a peaceful transition of power and with the recent violent events with their minorities, if they so wish. We will also terminate the immediate deportation of Turkmenbaijani citizens without a visa, and offer to improve diplomatic relations.

    However, if the government results similar to or worse than the previous government (for example, if the vote is not free or fair, there is a violent takeover, etc.), then we would act as before. If the situation reaches a level of crisis (ex. Genocide of minorities, more political oppression than before, etc.), we will impose sanctions to the State of Turkmenbaijan, and, if there is no positive reaction, we will consider a blockade of the State of Turkmenbaijan's coast, which we believe is small enough to fulfill such task.


    The Kingdom of Auben sees the constructive efforts of the provisional government of the State of Turkmenbaijan as positive.

    Therefore, we request a meeting between our two leaders, in order to help arrange elections and when electoral observers can arrive to do their tasks. We will gladly provide military and any other assistance, only if the provisional government promises the elections are fair.

    We also invite the world to send electoral observers to ensure these elections are free and fair.


    We gladly accept the invitation of the State of Turkmenbaijan. Prime Minister Maria Antostesha Varianus is able to attend, along with the newly-appointed Foreign Minister Mark Schulzan. We hope for fruitful collaboration with the State of Turkmenbaijan.

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