European Union Budget, Fiscal Year 2017-2018

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    In accordance with the European Budget Act, I present a draft budget on behalf of the Premier Commissioner, who is constitutionally obligated to present a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. All figures are presented in Euros. The debate period should begin soon, and we should be able to debate the budget, which would go into effect 1 April 2017 and last the fiscal year.


    EHAC – 13.6 billion EHIC – 1.2 billion EACF – 0.07 billion Highway Numbering Maintenance - 0.008 billion European Heritage – 0.15 billion European Patents – 13.284 billion Relief Fund – 13.9 billion


    European Patents – 13.598 billion EU Member State Contribution – 51.129 billion

    Total Expenditure: 42.212 billion Total Revenue: 64.727 billion

    Surplus: 22.515 billion

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    I, for one, applaud this budget, and thank the Premier Commissioner for putting it together. I move that formal debate begin forthwith.

    Gisela Stuart

  • As it has been over 16 days since the formal motion for debate, I move that we go to the voting phase on the budget.

    David Leyonhjelm

    Councillor for the Commonwealth of Australia

  • We will second the motion.

  • Voting begins now (22:38 GMT, March 12th, 2017)

    and ends (22:38 GMT, March 15th, 2017

  • Mod

    On behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, I vote FOR the 2017-2018 budget,

    Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

  • Representing the Derectan Government's will, I vote FOR the 2017-2018 EU budget,

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Derectan Councillor

  • Admin

    On behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, I, Gisela Stuart, vote FOR this budget.

  • On behalf of His Majesty's government, I vote FOR the EU Budget for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year.

  • On Behalf of Sitanova, I, Marie Therese Charlaix vote FOR this budget

  • On behalf of Turkmenbaijan, I vote AGAINST

  • On behalf of Gallambria, I vote FOR

  • Voting is now closed, unfortunately it seems the Gallambrian cllr. submitted the vote a few hours late.

    Results are as follow:

    FOR: 5

    AGAINST: 1

    ABSTAIN: 0

    The European Union Budget, Fiscal Year 2017-2018 is hereby passed. Congratulations to the Premier on getting the budget passed.

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