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    New embassy of Conch Kingdom

  • Hello I am Balan Bar,

    the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Conch Kingdom. Acid Rap was banned from running in the last election, so as his Lead Diplomat I stood up and ran for the position. I well be sending my Lead Diplomat here shortly to run the day to day operations of the embassy. I request that the EU send an ambassador to our forum at http://conchkingdom.bbforum.co/forum7.html?sid=454... to open an embassy as well.

  • Conch Kindom

    On February 23, 2017, the region of Conch Kingdom turned 1 year old! Over that past year, CK has been through a lot before getting to its 1st birthday. The government has had its up and down, but with new and developing reforms we hope to make our government a better servant the people it represents. The Conch Kingdom Naval Reserves (CKNR) have had made a strong present, working on many operations with many different regions. The CKNR has been absorbed into the newly formed Joint Task Force (JTF) of the Austin Alliance, but will still serve the region as its predecessor. Lessons have been learned over this past year and Conch Kingdom and our regions kinship will be stronger for it.

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